Christina Aguilera Holds Hands With ‘Friend’ Matthew Rutler


A couple of weeks ago we saw a photo of newly single Christina Aguilera in the close company of a new male friend named Matthew Rutler who is rumored to be her new romantic interest. It was reported that the couple had gone on a double date with friends Nicole Richie and Joel Madden. Over the weekend, Xtina and Matt were spotted coming out of a hotel (!!!) holding hands (!!!). Might this be the first true sign that the couple are romantically involved?

To be honest, I sincerely hope that the couple are really just friends … after all, friends hold hands, right? It just seems way too soon for Xtina to be getting romantically involved with anyone. While it is widely believed that her marriage to Jordan Bratman was over ages ago, she only just filed for divorce only about a month ago. It’s entirely possible that Matt is just providing a supportive shoulder for Xtina to cry on … cuz he’s clearly offering her a warm hand to hold on to. It remains to be seen what other body parts Matt is making available to Xtina but if something is really going on between these two, we’re bound to find out sooner or later.

[Photo credit: Kika; Source]

  • Meghan

    Perhaps there is some truth to the cheating rumors……not cool, Christina. In my experience friends don’t usually hold hands.

  • Jen

    I think we just found out…grown up males and females really don’t casually hold hands.

  • g

    Is the Britney on her shirt?

    • @g — LOL! It’s actually Heidi Klum but, yeah, it does look like our dear Britney :)

  • Panti Christ

    Is she drunk? She looks drunk.

  • Wow I guess she got over her husband fast!
    She always wears TONS of makeup on her face!

  • Ugh Christina……………….. yea, that girl needs to take a break from dating and focus on herself and her son!

  • Kammie

    This makes me feel a little better, there were rumors going around that she was dating Benji Madden….who we all know is mine.

  • lips

    I’m worried about her! Slow down Xtina! I know Jordan was probably boring, but please don’t get side tracked wtih partying and leave your son behind! I wish somebody would intervene

  • krissy

    I think people are over analyzing her. Just because divorce was filed over a month ago doesn’t mean they haven’t been separated for longer. Secondly, I don’t think hand holding is a sign of anything. Adults could hold hands as a show of emotional support, if there is a crowd of people they have to walk through, etc. They could be romatically involved, but it really isn’t a big deal either way, IMO.

  • Mudarling

    I love that shirt

  • Jessica

    @lips I don’t think we have to worry about her leaving her son behind. Remember on halloween everyone was saying how bad of a parent she was because she was out partying and that jordy was clearly a better parent because he was taking care of max. Well after watching letterman and ellen fans saw that she did take max out but she was smart and did it in a gated community. She’s a smart girl and being a mom is the most important thing.

  • Debho

    As usual she looks like a bad Drag Queen. And I don’t go around holding hands with my male friends.

  • g

    hahaha @ Trent thank you! I was like GO Xtina! Get nasty with Brit on your shirt! But Klum is good too:)

  • Dana

    I’ve heard of Actresses falling for there leading man but a crew member that’s new..He’s cute but Christina with Benji Madden that would be Hot…I don’t want to be mean but how did she go from being to skinny at the New Years Eve party to embarrassingly Fat at the AMA’s and tonight she on Dancing with the Stars??I would fake an illness.


    I want the scrape her face with a tongue brush and see how much crap comes along with it. Her makeup is disgusting. She looks like a tranny, y’all.

  • Amanda G

    I like her and all, but she looks awful… I actually think Britney is starting to look better. Eeek!

  • nicole

    i doubt its anything…i mean i hold hands with my male friends all the time even my girlfriends…i cant help it im a hand holder! haha.
    as for it being too soon…well yes they just filed for divorce a month ago…but they both said they were seperated months before that.
    and whoever said she was leaving max behind…your crazy.

  • nicole

    @Dana – its not the first time its happened to her…it happened back during the time of ‘Stripped’. shes just putting weight back on after her movie. IMO she just looks bigger then she is to all of us cause were use to seeing her so thin.
    she’ll back to an average weight…she always does.

  • ella

    what’s the point of waiting some arbitrary length of time after filing for divorce? it seems pretty obvious that her marriage had effectively been over for a long time so she’s probably worked through her issues. if she has something new in her life more power to her (tho hopefully she and jordan are on the same page with this, and this isn’t a shock to him), and i’m sure she’s still a good mom.

    • @ella — Rebounds are called rebounds for a reason. It is not very smart to get out of one relationship and immediately into another one. Those situations rarely work out in the long run.

  • lips

    annnnd its time away from her son……

  • Jessica

    this has nothing to do with this post other than chris is involved with both, but trent did you see her on conan last night? Her trying to teach him how to dance was actually really funny.

  • gigi

    @Kammie and Dana

    LOL. Sorry but Benji is taken…by his taller-than-him girlfriend. If you haven’t seen the pics, it’s funny as hell but at the same time so cute!!!

  • Suzie

    He also happens to be a member of a really awesome band

  • Natt

    Wow.. I didn’t realize so many people were experts on parenting… And I didn’t know that you can tell if someones a good mother or not by looking at a few photos of them…

  • Em

    Wow! I find it interesting how people believe it is their right to pass judgement or speculation about relationships starting or ending. I’m sure regardless of what is happening, this is not an easy situation for anyone involved and sometimes it seems so black and white from the outside looking in.