The Whedon-less ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Reboot Is Officially In Production


In May of 2009 we learned the horrible news that plans were in the works to re-imagine the Buffy the Vampire Slayer saga in an entirely rebooted film that will have nothing to do with Buffy creator Joss Whedon. In December of 2009, Buffy alum Alyson Hannigan went on the record to call plans for a Whedon-less remake a “mistake” … and countless Buffy fans and Whedon faithful agree — me included. Today we learn that the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer script is being written by a woman named Whit Anderson, that the film has been picked up by Warner Bros. Studios and is scheduled for release in 2011 or 2012:

”I didn’t really watch much television at all, [says Whit Anderson], but I always watched ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,’ that was the one show I would watch when I got home. I just loved this character. I was the same age as Buffy and it was so rare to have a female lead character on TV in those days who was strong and capable and smart but also allowed to be feminine.” During its seven-season run, the beloved ”Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series put some fang into high-school melodrama long before “Twilight” made the undead all sparkly, and one big reason was the ability of the show’s creator, Joss Whedon, to put himself in the head of his female fans. Now we’ll find out if that rapport works in the other direction as the 29-year-old Anderson works on the script for a Warner Bros. feature-film “Buffy” reboot that is moving forward without Whedon. Anderson, with a chuckle, said she is ”fighting through” the script right now, but her concept has already engerized some key supporters. Charles Roven, one of the producers of “Batman Begins,” said his Atlas Entertainment signed on after he saw something special in Anderson’s tone and story. “Generally, I wouldn’t have said ‘Let’s revive this,’ but Whit’s take is pretty compelling and a lot of fun, and it’s interesting to see all of this re-imagined. This is a completely new reboot. Tone is extremely important and you want the audience to realize what is at stake and the peril is real, but at the same time what’s going on should be fun and inviting and keep everyone engaged. It needs to be relevant to today, too, and that is what Whit has found a way to do.” Roven added: “There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return…. While this is not your high-school Buffy, she’ll be just as witty, tough and sexy as we all remember her to be.” The project has plenty of hurdles ahead, and there is no announced director, but Roven said hopes to see the film reach theaters in 2012 or perhaps even 2011 … Anderson knows that without Whedon … the most devoted fans of the old series will be keeping a skeptical eye on this nascent revival — and sharpening their wooden stakes. Anderson … said she will take the touchstones of the Whedon world but frame them in “a new story” that is very much of the moment. She cited Christopher Nolan’s revival of Batman as a supreme example of how a familiar character and revered mythology can be brought to the big screen with a vital new vision.

Firstly, I want to say that I do not blame Whit Anderson for taking up the task of writing the new Buffy script … I don’t think many people would turn down a job like that. BUT, I absolutely feel that any Buffy project that does not have any input, association or even blessing from Joss Whedon is just beyond blasphemous. What a slap in the face it must feel like to Joss to see his beloved creation totally taken over by strangers who will reboot his hard work so that they can repackage, sell and profit from it. I honestly couldn’t care less how creative, inventive or revolutionary this new Buffy is promised to be … she will be a pale copy of the already superior original. While I completely understand the need to move forward on a project that the powers that be believe will be a profitable venture, I can honestly say that I personally have ZERO interest in anything having to do with it. I don’t need a new Buffy. I don’t want a new Buffy. Without Joss Whedon’s involvement, this new Buffy will NEVER be Buffy. I normally LOVE reboots and retellings of stories in new, inventive ways … but this feels so wrong. Without Joss, I’m just not interested.

How about you?


  • Magan

    Not only is this a slap in the face to Joss and the cast of Buffy, it is a slap in the face to all the fans of Buffy. I think its a mistake and I plan on not watching it. I would rather see Joss at the helm with all the original cast from the show. That’s the only way I’d see a Buffy movie!

  • Tom

    I completely agree. Buffy without Joss and the Scoobies is an insult to everyone who has worked on Buffy for 7 long years. I feel compelled now to kidnap Joss and all the actors from the show to force them to make an awesome movie that will show this Anderson person what a Buffy movie is really like.


    You know, it really IS Sarah Michelle Gellar’s fault… She was so eager to get out of Buffy, the show that made her a star and extremely famous, because she wanted to move on to movies, and then her movie career tanked after Scooby Doo, and she said she was “open” to the idea of doing a Buffy movie if the script was right, but we all know she is against the idea of reprising her role of Buffy… As much as I love SMG, I blame her for this fuckery! Stop being so stuck up, SMG.

  • Linnea1928


  • Denise

    I felt the same way with the “sequel” of Gone With the Wind – written HORRIBLY by Alexander Ripley. No one should have messed with Margaret Mitchell’s masterpiece. Same theory applies here – it is indeed blasphemous to take over a project without the blessing of the original writer/creator.

  • Tish

    I 100% agree!!! Joss Whedon turned a horrible horrible movie into a piece of brilliant work. So brilliant I bought my first ever comic book just to keep following his amazing storytelling. There is no doubt that a Buffy remake with Joss at the helm and the original cast reunited would be a blockbuster (especially with the HIMYM and Bones fan bases coming in to support Alyson and David).

    I can tell it’s going to be bad by the description of the Buffy character as “sexy”. While Buffy always looked good kicking vamps ass, I don’t recall a single episode where her “sexiness” was an overt character trait. Ugghh … why do I feel like this nu-fakeBuffy character will end up in a bikini within the first 20 minutes?

    I could go on and on … but I’ll leave it with this … if it ain’t broke, DON’T FIX IT.

  • Grace

    No… just no.
    And that’s all I have to say!

  • Josh

    I haven’t seen ONE positive reaction to this movie yet. Shouldn’t that tell the studio something.

    I hope we all agree not to see this movie and to not even let morbid curiosity put us in those theater seats. This is an insult just Joss, to Sarah, to the Scobies, to the other writers like Jane, the directors, to the whole crew and of course to the fans.

  • Yeah, what you said, Trent. It’s just wrong.

  • Kate

    Unless Joss tells us not to, I think all true fans of BtVS should boycott this abomination. We have proven our might with the Can’t Stop the Signal campaign. We are not to be messed with. My support can be bought, however. I’ll see this travesty a dozen times if it means we get a Big Damn Sequel.

  • Kendra

    @Tish – SMG’s Buffy had an understated sexiness, I believe..She was a total badass and super perky and cute, but under it all, you always sensed that sexy vibe she had going..By out and out describing the new Buffy as sexy, it sounds like it’s going to be way more in your face and I am NOT a fan! Bah! So annoying!

  • Kate

    @Tish: “When She Was Bad,” season 2 premiere. But it was hardly portrayed as a positive character trait.

  • brittany_p

    I agree with Linnea…BOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  • A

    She reminds me of Drusilla!

  • J

    No commented on the fact she looks like the talentless f**k Lindsay Lohan?

  • Aylee


  • Aylee

    LOL! Obviously that was meant to be “Boo!” haha

  • Lana

    Buffy without Joss Whedon is not Buffy. It’s Crappy the vampire slayer. The chemistry won’t be right, the writing, the storyline, everything. The BtVS series had a rhythm and flow that gave it heart and able to give viewers a connection. There is no way this movie could even compare to it.
    Without Joss it’s going to be a complete joke of movie that will fail dismally. I am really pissed off.

    @J I totally she looks like LiLo. Like almost identical. I skimmed over the photo and thought that Lindsay had been cast as Buffy and almost threw my macbook out the window.

  • Sara

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I HATE the idea of Buffy without Joss. Buffy IS Joss, and there’s no way they can capture the true spirit of the show without him. I hate greedy asses and their f*ckery!!! I most definitely WILL NOT watch this. Buffy is my favorite show of all time and I refuse to support this Joss-less effort.

  • A

    Whedon-less Buffy?


  • truthyisalways

    mmmm now you know how I feel about the Hollywood remake of The Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo.

  • Haley

    BTVS needs Whedon and the origional cast to suceed.
    And Batman Begins was not THAT great of a remake. Not to mention the Batman saga has been changing actors for years and years…that was hardly an accurate comparison.

  • Kim

    The studio obviously doesn’t understand the fans loyalty to Joss if they think that “There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return…” and that they can just tap in to that without bringing back anyone involved in what made the original series so great.
    I think if Joss’ fans are able to get a movie made out of a cancelled TV show they can probably make a movie they dislike into a box office flop.

  • blue

    it’s simple a BAD IDEA.

    if the fans are not very excited with the direction that season 8 (comic) is going and it’s something Joss is writing and supervising, why they think a reboot to something that isn’t old enough is a good idea?

    Maybe in 20 years i could see the proposition of a reboot, but now? and without Willow, Xander, and the serie’s characters? it’s wrong. Those characters made Buffy what it is, their interaction, their stories.

    such i fucking FAIL

  • blue

    sorry for the grammar…i guess i’m very disturbed about this reboot

  • jAMIE

    Buffy with out Joss is like going parachuting with out the parachute.

  • Bec

    I’m with you Trent! This is a disgrace. There can be no Buffy without Joss. No way will I be watching it, or even acknowledging it as legitimate. I’m disgusted that it is going into production.

  • Hyz

    A big fat NO THANK YOU to this. I’ll happily continue to rewatch my Buffy episodes. They are just trying to capitalize on the Twilight fans and keep the money rolling as the fans get a little older.

  • Lindsay

    Without Joss….there is NO Buffy. Period.

  • Mandy

    This is just another studio trying to capitalize on the vampire hype. I know it will be poorly done and try way too hard to please the masses. What made buffy so great is it’s ability to be outside the mainstream. This is gonna suck.

  • Kath

    i thought that was a picture of Lindsey Lohan when i first read this and i thought ‘if anyone can butcher Buffy, it will be her’. The sentiment still stands. Anyone who’s not part of the Whedon family can’t possibly do the Buffyverse the justice it deserves.

  • landis turner

    It is highly unlikely that the new movie will compare well with what may be the best tv show ever. But it is ridiculous to talk about a boycott. All of Buffy’s fans will watch, if only out of curiosity.

  • It is very unlikely that new movie will compare well with what may be the best tv show ever. But it is silly to talk about a boycott, when all of us fans will see the film, if only out of curiousity.

  • JAde

    Then see it at home, online. Don’t give the studios money to see it :P.

  • Kiara

    If you haven’t already, go and check out some of the casting suggestions for this abomination of a movie. A lot of people are like “Miley for Buffy!” and all those teenybopper Disney actors. I read one today where somebody suggested Justin Long for Angel. Let the rotten fruit and tomato hurtling begin!!!

  • I can’t believe Joss Whedon had nothing to do with this reboot or that he didn’t have the legal rights to put a stop to it.For the time being I will give it the benefit of the doubt until I see who gets casted in this movie. Hopefully Warner Bros. does not screw this up!

  • Alexia

    So basically, the fans don’t want this, the original cast don’t want this and Joss Whedon himself doesn’t want this…. In what universe, did these fucking delusional people think this was a good idea?!? How clear does everybody need to be? WE DON’T WANT THIS! IT’S A MISTAKE!