The 2010 American Music Awards Are Handed Out


Last night the celebs made their way out to the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles, CA last night to attend the 2010 American Music Awards. Tween sensation Justin Bieber was the big winner at the show, taking home 4 awards (including Artist of the Year) but there were plenty of the Lucite trophies to go around for other deserving artists. Here are a few photos from the red carpet arrivals last night:

Look at little Willow Smith showing off her unique fashion sensibilities. Homegirl is only getting started … the little girl is just fabulous. New mama-to-be P!nk was lookin’ fabulous herself … altho she wasn’t bumpin’ out too much on the red carpet, she did have that beautiful glow that all pregnant women have. The pairing of the New Kids on the Block with the Backstreet Boys was just … genius! Separately, the boy bands are just meh … together, they’re actually interesting again. After the jump, check out some photos from the show itself and read some deets about who won what, who sang what and what went down at the American Music Awards last night

Although she was nervous about kicking off Sunday night’s (November 21) American Music Awards, Rihanna took the “challenge” and ran with it. Sporting crimson spirals and a skimpy two-piece, the Barbadian songbird turned out energetic renditions of Loud tracks “What’s My Name?” and “Love the Way You Lie (Part II)” revved up with tropical touches like a drum circle and dancers in fringe-laden outfits. The songstress’ hip-twisting, percussion-heavy set scored a standing ovation from the star-packed crowd. Rihanna’s set established the tone for the rest for the evening, which was marked by similarly epic stage productions. After picking up the award for Pop Music – Favorite Band, Duo or Group, the Black Eyed Peas performed their single from The Beginning, “The Time (Dirty Bit),” hanging out in oscillating Technicolor boxes as dancers sporting cubed headpieces head-banged below … Onetime “American Badass” Kid Rock turned in a low-key, acoustic performance of “Times Like These,” a tribute to his hometown of Detroit … Although most of the action took place during the performances, Nicki Minaj punched up Rihanna’s acceptance for Soul/ Rhythm & Blues Music – Favorite Female Artist by loudly plugging the release of her Pink Friday debut. The singer took the cheeky move in stride, gushing “Don’t we all wish we could have green hair and make it look good like Nicki?” when she took the mic and playfully patting Minaj on the behind as they headed backstage. Pint-size “Whip My Hair” singer Willow Smith, rocking a yellow-and-gray outfit, introduced her “big brother” Justin Bieber, who took to the ivories for “Pray.” Flanked by a huge choir, the teen phenom’s impassioned rendition of the ballad scored a standing ovation … When T-Mobile Breakthrough Artist Justin Bieber picked up his second award of the night, the teen superstar unexpectedly thanked a legendary entertainer for paving the way. “I wanna thank Michael Jackson, because without Michael Jackson, none of us would be here,” the Biebs said … The night closed with an epic performance from a crew of artists once known for their fan-hysteria-inducing powers. Chart-busting boy-banders New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys played a medley of some of their major hits. All nine fellas switched between BSB and NKOTB jams like “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” and “Hangin’ Tough,” sporting club-ready looks and working synchronized moves. The collective closed the set with “Larger Than Life” — a move likely designed to signal that the boys are back.

I’m sorry … as fun as some of the AMAs performances was, I cannot in good conscience condone a music awards show that would name Justin Bieber as the Artist of the Year. I get the kid is popular and that fans vote for the AMAs but to name Bieber as THE artist who musically surpasses all other artists for the year is just … silly. Bieber winning the Arist of the Year award at the AMAs is no different than Bristol Palin winning Dancing with the Stars. Yes, fans should have a say in artists winning awards, but when awards that are meant to reward talent — actual talent — are given out in popularity contests, then those awards of merit really have no meaning at all.

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  • nicole

    so the peformances were all kinda meh…the only ones that stood out to me were Kid Rock,Christina & NKOTBSB>>my inner 12 yr old had a friggin panic attack haha. and pink i liked hers. Rihanna shouldnt have opened the show. 7 minutes was too long for her, but her hair looked really cute.
    as for the awards….well..yeah. im kinda with you Trent.

  • Kelly

    I love Taylor Swift’s straight hair!

  • Kendra

    Is that Taylor Swift in the bottom left pic before the jump?? Holy crap! She looked great!

  • Paul From Toronto

    I dunno.. See I think The Bienz does need the credit. I mean this kid is from Canada (Woot Woot) but besides that, he has been trying to get into the music scene for some time. I mean he played on the streets and was a youtube phenom first before making it big. I have heard him live and honestly he does outshine some of those artists who think they are hot but not.. ie: Katy Perry, Rihanna, Ke$ha. I chose those three bc whenever singing live they are horrible most of the time. Also, when Katy Perry was on American Idol she shut down many hopefuls telling them they couldn’t sing live but look at her, she is just horrific. Anywho.. thats my beef with the beef of the Biebz. I think he is pretty good.. maybe not Artist of the Year but he does outshine some of the popular artists out right now..

  • Paul From Toronto

    Crap.. I should proof read.. I meant to say Biebz not Bienz. ha ha ha


    – Christina looked like a hot ass mess last night! Her vocals were good, but she looked flat-out disgusting. I mean, she looked like Britney circa 2007 VMA’s! A lot of people are comparing Christina’s performance to Britney’s disastrous one…
    – Taylor Swift actually looked pretty! Please retire the waffle hair, BB.
    – If anyone is talentless, that is Katy Perry! I can’t stand that talentless clown. She’s gross and vile. I mean, she ran out of breath before she even reached the chorus and she doesn’t even dance! Her voice is HORRIBLE and I hope she goes away soon. I can’t stand her.
    – Nicki Minaj is such a douchebag! Right before they announce the winners she interrupts and tries to promote her album? Go promote it on your own time you future flop! She’s sooooooooo pathetic.
    – All in all, the show sucked.

  • Paul From Toronto

    Ditto @CHASE on Katy.. She needs to go now!

  • Melissa G

    Totally agree. The award for Artist of the Year shouldn’t be given to Justin Beiber. That shows how now people base the “talent” on looks and popularity and not on actual TALENT!

  • Vanessa

    Agree with comments about Katy. I have never liked that girl, I’m not quite sure what it is… wait, it’s all of it.

    I wasn’t really feeling WIllow’s outfit, sorry girlie, but it was ugly.

    Taylor needs to straighten her hair more often, she looks radiant with straight hair and it makes her look like a supermodel, wow.

    Xtina…. *yawn*

    Nikki Minaj, I can’t stand you. You are trying way too hard and you just aren’t that good. Sorry. Trent’s the only one with PINK FRIDAY! haha

  • Lacey

    Amen Trent! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I was so disgusted with this years Artist of the Year nominees and only one person should have even been nominated (Eminem).

  • kim

    @Chase bitter much? You can bash all those celebs all you want but at the end of the day they are making way more money than you can even dream about. I actually LOVED Christina’s performance. She did amazing and looked fantastic! Sorry you’re not digging her new voluptuous look

    As for Nikki whatever that was completely rude of her to announce her album before the award. Completely tasteless

  • Lynne

    I enjoyed most of the performances; some very entertaining (Kid Rock, NKOTBSB- LOL, OMG!) while others were forgettable (Enrique, Miley, Gavin Rossdale- UGH).

    But I do believe Justin Bieber deserved the “Artist of the Year” award, I mean 2010 was his year. He’s one of the most celebrated artists right now. His music has made a great impact in pop music. I’m not saying his music is amazing or anything, but he is talented. He’s only 16, he hasn’t hit his prime yet!

  • Lee

    Sorry but Justin Bieber had some great music out this year and worked hard to get where he is…this is meant to be a fun music awards show, if you want to talk serious awards, wait for the grammys

  • krissy

    I was really surprised how many ballads were being done. It was quite boring! I thought the best performance, hands down, was Kid Rock. I’m not a fan of his, but he hit every note and seemed emotionally connected to his song. I also thought Christina was great. Katy Perry was HORRIBLE. Her voice is so shrill! Katy, Miley, and Rhianna’s vocal performances were so poor that they made pros like Christina look so much better in comparison.

  • SuzieB

    Umm @Kim do you need glasses? yes Christina is talented and sings well but Damn – looked a hot mess. Looks like she’s been eating away her divorce probs. Yikes! No one shoulda let her wear that outfit! Sparkes + couple extra lbs = NO NO NO!!
    I can’t believe I’m going to say this – but… the AMA’s are about who the fans love etc – not so much talent, or sales etc – it’s a fan award, sooo who votes mostly? Teenage girls!! Sooo was there any doubt that the Biebs would win?!?! He’s talented actually – so can’t hate on him too much.
    ‘m with Lee – for real awards for talent & merit – wait for the grammy’s. : )

  • megan

    I had a teenage melton when it was nkotbsb as well. So excited to see what they do for a concert.


    @kim – I’m not bitter, I am merely stating my opinion, thanks. And I’m sure they make more money than you and I and everyone else here put together so your argument on that is kind of irrelevant, really.

  • Kris

    xtina’s voice is amazing, no female artist compares to her. rihanna, you suck live. nikki, cmon girl, you’re just looking for attention in all the wrong places.

  • R

    Sorry y’all, but I fail to see how a few extra pounds affects Christina Aguilera’s performance. Her vocals are still fantastic and not measured by her outward appearance.

  • -Nikki whoever- that was tasteless. Ugh. She was worst during the pre-show interviews
    -Christina sounded good, but look-wise, very meh; she looked better on Leno and Ellen last week
    -Performances were all okay; only a few stood out, including Kid Rock, Usher, and BEPs
    -Bieber: although I cant stand the kid and doesnt deserve to win, this isn’t the Grammys so I’m going to get all upset
    -Best moment of the night: NKOTBSB!!!!! I was tearing up because their performance was THAT GOOD!

  • Lisa

    Pink was my favorite! She is so fantastic. What a fun, tongue in cheek performance. SHE can actually sing live. Great!!!!

  • David

    The AMA’s is like a C list of who’s who in the celebrity world. There no big stars there anymore. They clapped and stood up during every accepting speech or performance. Plus Justin Bieber winning 4 awards is just a joke

  • Sherri

    I loved the Pink and NKOTBSB performances. Pink definitely got the party started. She’s very fun doesn’t give a damn I love it. As for NKOTBSB whats not to love. I’ll be buying my tickets for the show at the Palace of Auburn Hills, there’s no doubt about it.

    Biebs is from my home away from home Stratford, ON but I don’t think he deserved Artist of the Year. The year was Eminem’s. I just can’t get over the fact that he beat out Eminem 3 times. Also gotta show some love for Kid Rock

  • MiKiE

    I hate awards shows because they give all the attention to the clowns (Britney Spears, Gagag, Justin Wiener, Jonas Brothers anyone? Really, Jonas Brothers?) While artists like Christina Aguilera are completely overlooked. I’m sorry but… Has anyone ever noticed that she can ACTUALLY sing without autotune? That she can dance really freaking hardcore and still hit her notes? *cough Katy Perry* I don’t know I’m tired of fools hyping up lame ass acts then real talent goes unnoticed. I’d like to see Rihanna, Katy Perry, Gagag, Ke$ha, Britney Spears, and many other artists put out an album with zero autotune! Now that’s what I’d like to see! the No autotune awards!!

  • katherine

    @MiKiE – I’d watch a no-autotune awards for sure.
    I’d actually love to see all the famous “singers” like Katy and Ke$ha in the auditions for idol, just singing acapella. THEN we would really find out who has singing ability.

  • dana j

    1. christina looks pregnant. doubt she is but stranger things have happened.
    2. Pink is truly pregnant? I thought that was just a rumor/
    3. I hate not having internet for a while. missed my PITNB :-D

  • Amanda G

    I thought the show was awful. If this is the state that American music is in I think we need to be concerned. Katy Perry, Bieber, Miley and Taylor Swift simply CANNOT sing! Christina sounded good, but she looked horrible and you could tell her mind wasn’t really in the performance. I usually really enjoy Pink, but she gave a half-assed vocal performance. Where the hell was Lady Gaga and Eminem? I swear, they are the only ones saving music lately. And P.S. – Gavin Rossdale should NEVER be allowed to dance LOL

  • robin

    ugggghhh…im so annoyed that nicki minaj cannot take a photo without making a stupid face! is she an eight year old?? i don’t know why but that bugs that crap outa me! lol