Checking In With Sarah Michelle Gellar & Charlotte Grace


Earlier today we learned the unfortunate news that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is being remade in a new film completely without creator Joss Whedon’s input and so in order to try and wash away some of the bad taste regarding that news, here are a couple of new photos of BtVS alum Sarah Michelle Gellar and her beautiful daughter Charlotte Grace making their way to dinner here in SoCal last night:

SMG and Charlotte enjoyed a lovely dinner date with another mother and baby daughter couple at Katsuya in Brentwood, CA. Can you believe how big Charlotte has gotten already? We don’t get to see the little Miss very much so I’m always so surprised at how big she grows every time we get to see her. Mother and daughter look great … and I’m just gonna go ahead and say that SMG is the only Buffy for me. Period. The end.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • nicole

    oh boy she looks just like her daddy

  • Kendra

    She’s so cute! And I totally agree, Trent..SMG IS Buffy..I will accept no imitations..I’ve been on a huge Buffy watching kick for the past few weeks and have fallen in love with the series all over again..I can’t imagine any other actors playing any of the characters..

  • Ella

    I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s just something not right about that kids face. I don’t know what it is.

  • A

    I agree with Nicole–I think I said out loud, “Someone looks like her daddy!”

  • TooMuch

    Hey Ella, let’s see your face.

    What’s with people making such stupid comments about babies?

  • Chels

    I hate when they do this to beloved shows/movies

  • Leisha

    What about Kristy Swanson? She was a great Buffy.

  • Charisma

    I guess Sarah is a stay at home mom now. She hasn’t been in anything in a long time and her imdb page doesn’t have anything new coming up. I really hope she would of had a film career after Buffy but with a combo of bad choice and films she don’t

  • How come I have NEVER seen a pic of the baby with Freddie?

  • Kate

    @miss infamous Haha yea, it’s not like he has a job keeping him busy…. :P

  • sasha

    I always refer to SMG as “Sarah Michelle Buffy!”

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