Watch: Kylie Minogue, ‘Better Than Today’


Kylie Minogue has released a music video for her new single Better Than Today, her 3rd from her new album Aphrodite. Here are a few screencaps from her very colorful, 80’s video game inspired video:

Better Than Today was the first song that we got to hear from Aphrodite many months before the album was released this Summer. Kylie performed the track live for the first time ever on her For You, For Me North American Tour last year (watch video of that performance HERE) and it remains one of my fave tracks on the album. After the jump, check out the fun video in full …

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! And don’t forget, Kylie will be performing LIVE at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC, NY next week and my guess is that she will be performing this very track on that very day:

Tune in, y’all! America is about to get a massive does of Aussie hotness when Kylie performs LIVE on Thanksgiving Day :D



    I’ve been loving her new album a lot lately!

  • DJ Vegas

    I do find it interesting how the wigs on the shoulders thing blew up right after her tour last year. Love the video! Love Kylie!

  • Jeff

    Love it. ‘Aphrodite’ is a great album. This video is one of her best. The homage to the opening scene in ‘Rocky Horror…” is fantastic.

  • Lorraine

    love love love the song and video! She’s so spectacular. I hope I can catch her on her US tour.

  • Shazzer

    This is my favorite video from ‘Aphrodite’ so far if only because it totally takes me back to last year and getting to see her live for the very first time. She is so fabulously talented.