Britney Spears Reportedly Films A Music Video


Now … take this bit of info with a huge grain of salt BUT … Britney Spears was reportedly spotted making her way to a music video shoot here in SoCal on Wednesday afternoon. We don’t know what the music video is for nor do we know *for sure* that it was a music video shoot at all … but the studio she rolled up on is one that is used to film music videos so … there you have it:

It is quite possible that Britney wasn’t filming a music video at all and was simply working on another video project (a commercial, an awards show video, etc.) but, then again, I suppose it’s also possible that she is secretly working on a music video for the first single off her new album which she *might* drop on us as a complete surprise in the coming weeks!!! Yes, it is highly unlikely that we’ll be hearing new music or seeing a video before the year is over but, then again, Xmas miracles do happen. Irregardless of whether or not she was filming a music video per se, it’s quite clear that our dear Britney is working hard on something. I cannot wait to find out what it is ;D

[Photo credit: X17]

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  • Mike

    I think we MAY get a new single in December and a new album in February/March. The album is to drop before the end of Sony’s fiscal year which is prior to March 31st. The first ingle was most likely recorded recently when she tweeted she just did a “monster” song and Dr. Luke confirmed the last chorus was being done this week.

    • @Mike — I hope you’re right … I wanna believe but I can’t get my hopes up. Still … I **really** hope you’re right :D


    We most likely won’t get a new album until March because January is the slowest sales for albums out of the whole year and February picks up but March is when things start to get healthy with album sales.

  • That single is pretty much done. Now all it needs is final production and hopefully that wont take long, thus giving us our lonooooong awaited single in December.

    I also dont think she was filming anything in those shots above. A few days before these photos she was shopping at BCBG in Topanga and I think the brand invited her to their corp office for some celeb goodies.

  • @chase thats becasue my bday is march & I buy all the albums hahaha