Lisa Loeb Launches ‘The Lisa Loeb Eyewear Collection’


Last December we learned the fantastic news that musician Lisa Loeb, known for her always stylish eyewear, would be designing her own line of eyewear called the Lisa Loeb Eyewear Collection. Today, all these months later, we finally learn that Lisa has officially launched her new eyewear collection for sale to the public:

@lisaloeb4real — Yay!My eyewear line is out! now available – let me know your favorite eyewear store so we can sell them there!

If there is any person on Earth who should have their own line of eyewear, it’s Lisa Loeb. Lisa has named each of her designs after album titles (Firecracker, Hello Lisa, etc.) or song titles (Lucky Me, Probably, etc.) from her immense catalog of music and, as you can see in these beautiful promo photos (shot by my friend Justine Ungaro), Lisa’s new line of glasses captures and represents her smart, sexy and classy sense of style. Head on over to Lisa’s eyewear collection website HERE to watch a great promo video of Lisa talking about her designs. Then click HERE to find a store that carries the collection or HERE to order online. I just love Lisa so much … this sounds like the PERFECT new endeavor for her. Leave it to Lisa Loeb to make glasses look so sexy and fun!


  • Margie

    It’s about time!

  • Jennifer

    She’s too cute. Damn me for having perfect vision- I’d so buy these!!

  • Winona

    This makes me want to get new glasses OMGNOW… but there not sold in Cincinnati… :-(

    • @Winona — Go to the website and enter your local eyewear shop, if they end up carrying Lisa’s glasses YOU get an autographed CD from Lisa herself :) Also, you can order the frames online and get them fitted with your lenses at your local shop :D

  • nicole

    that second pair is really cute! i might have to look into these

  • krissy

    Those are really cute! I like glasses that aren’t too large, especially if you have small face.

  • Nathan

    The red ones look a little like they could be part of a Sally Jesse Raphael line.

  • Aylee

    I am currently wearing a pair of glasses that look almost identical to the 2nd pair of glasses she’s wearing in the pictures! Not so original I guess but I do like the other ones.

  • Panti Christ

    Oh HOW CUTE is this!? I love it!

  • Jacqui

    OMG I must have a pair!

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  • Hello love, thank you for the shout out. How about a date soon? :) xo