Robert Pattinson Goes Swimming In His Underwear


Robert Pattinson, who is currently in Brazil with his leading lady co-star (and rumored paramour) Kristen Stewart filming the upcoming sequel The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, was spotted on a little swimming excursion with K. Stew (not pictured). After trying on a pair of swimming board shorts, R. Pattz decided instead to strip down to his underwear and take a dip wearing only his skivvies:

In the first pic, the one where Rob is wearing the board shorts, it looks like he is in his pale Edward Cullen vampire make-up so perhaps he was filming a scene there. The rest of the photos are clearly of Rob wearing only his (Hanes?) underwear … so my guess is that the underwear photos were taken when he was NOT filming scenes for Breaking Dawn. To be honest, who cares why he was stripped down to his underwear … I just hope he decides to do it again and that the photogs are around to snap photos again. I also hope that he decides to wear better fitting underwear, preferably in white ;)


  • A

    Definitely Hanes!

  • nicole

    well…they have that whole water scene on the honeymoon…so maybe it was after filming that scene?

  • Lauren

    Best part of these pics (not shown) is Kstew picking up his clothes that he stripped off. Srsly adorable! All playful and domestic at the same time.

  • Guest


  • There are also bunch of KStew in two diff white bikinis taken at this same shoot.

  • Josephine



    You know, his body really annoys me. I mean, Taylor Lautner went through a grueling process to get his body stacked and perfect when Jacob went through that transformation, right? Well, Edward Cullen is described as being fairly muscly (not some skinny white boy) and having big arms and just being…hard. You would think Robert Pattinson would – I don’t know – actually WORKOUT and try to be firm and tight, but instead he gets ABS painted on his stomach during “New Moon” instead of working to get them. His abs in New Moon were fake and if you’re going to deny it then you are swimming the denial river.

    • soulGlo

      What? Should Summit have recasted him? Hell no…

  • Samantha

    @CHASE, dunno if this is true or not – but he and Catherine Hardwicke said he did do that for Twilight. Apparently he got ripped, and it just looked weird on him because he lost so much weight around his face or something?
    I don’t remember, but it was talked about on the Twilight Director’s commentry, I’m pretty sure.

  • Ryan

    @Chase — you’re revealing a lot of ignorance when it comes to this issue. First of all, there’s *nothing* wrong with Patterson’s body. It’s probably a better body than 90% of us have. More importantly, though, not everyone is capable of having a body like Lautner’s, including Patterson, who has a much leaner frame.

  • nicole

    yeah i agree with Ryan…with a frame like Robs, he couldnt support the muscle…it would just look werid.

  • Gracy

    Rob Pattinson: Fighting – Halt the movie!!


    @Ryan – Oh come ON. I don’t believe I’m being ignorant. In the book it clearly states that Edward is well toned and what not, and I think having to spray abs on his stomach is just stupid. You can have abs without have to gain a lot of weight, etc., and I’m sure he could have gotten a personal trainer/nutritionist to help him in that department without making him gain too much weight.

    • merlyhaggard

      I have the DVD’s and in a special feature for New Moon (I think), some members of the cast actually think that Rob’s abs are better than Taylor’s

  • Anne

    @Chase Rob does have abs the pictures in the boxers show them. In the red trunks you can tell he’s breathing out so his abs are extended. As for Taylor, even he said in the scenes his abs look so tight he’s flexing. Not everyone needs to be ripped. I adore Rob’s muscle tone and more would look strange on his frame. The most important part of Edward is his beauty which Rob has in abundance.

    As for that spray on nonsense, it’s just that his abs in New Moon were enhanced to show under the makeup. They were not added from nothing. That mega V he has doesn’t come from paint. And if you could just paint them on that would have been done in Twilight. Look at the filming pictures of Rob from the side in New Moon, the abs are clearly there.

  • Jacqui

    I agree with Chase. The role does call for someone with more muscle tone. He doesn’t have to get totally jacked but I think he needs to tone up. When your getting paid the bucks these guys are getting for these pretty boy roles, its not enough to just be naturally thin,

  • Manderz

    @ Lisa L and Lauren, what site did you see the KStew pics on?

  • Amanda G

    I totally agree with Chase. I vividly remember in the movie theater watching Taylor’s muscular body in all of New Moon and then when it got to the end when Rob dis-robed there was a collective “eww” from the females in the audience. Seriously. The spray-on muscles or whatever they did to him looked terrible. He could have definitely toned up on his own.

  • Tracy

    Actually that last shot where you someons head in the water….It is Kristen’s head she is already in water. I saw these pictures on another site they even got a side view of her in the water, before Rob runs and jumps in. Didn’t see any pictures of Kristen picking up Rob’s clothes though.