Jake Gyllenhaal Is A Closet ‘Harry Potter’ Fan


Yesterday we saw a few photos from the world premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 in London, England but those photos were missing a very important attendee of the premiere event. Our dear Jake Gyllenhaal was in the hiz yesterday at the Odeon Leicester Square for the HP premiere but he did not walk the red carpet … instead, he sneaked in a side door in an attempt to avoid detection:

It’s unclear why, exactly, Jake was so shy about being seen at the Harry Potter premiere … mebbe he doesn’t think that liking Harry Potter adds to his sexiness (he’d be wrong about that) or mebbe he was just embarrassed to be seen lookin’ so slick in his suit but so wrong in those fug shoes (which is understandable) … but no matter what the reason, his secret is out! Tho, you may recall that we saw a photo last August that hinted at Jakey poo’s deep love for Harry Potter … now we know for sure. As if Jake Gyllenhaal couldn’t get any more attractive (er, minus the shoes).

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I LOVE THIS!!! Thanks for sharing…see we have so much in common. Shit, I will even be his Ron.

  • Laura

    I was passing by this photo, and before I read a word, I thought, “AW YEAH. JAKE GYLLENHAAL AND HARRY POTTER. LOOOOLLL”
    Then I realized it WAS Jake and Harry Potter.
    Then I realized it was because he went to the premiere, I just thought he was wearing a Ravenclaw scarf. :P

  • krissy

    Ah, Jakey. I just find him so endearing!

  • holly

    I can imagine a very bored Jake buying some of the toy wands to pretending to zap people with them.

  • Annie

    Taylor Swift wasn’t secretly there too, was she?! Ugh, hate them together…


    I don’t understand. HP is the shit and there’s nothing to be ashamed about it! Twilight, however, is a different story. Literally. ; )

  • Kristy

    Um … is that a Ravenclaw scarf??? =D

  • Ahnawake

    Maybe he will drop Taylor swift and hook up with Emma Watson!