Illegal Aliens


David very rarely insists that we go to the movies, I’m usually the one dragging him out to the theater, but last night he really wanted to see the new indie film Monsters and I happily complied. I had heard about Monsters over the Summer and was unaware that it was even in theaters (which is the really annoying thing about indie films, there’s never any promotion) … but Monsters IS playing in select theaters right now … we saw it … and really liked it:

Monsters is like a hybrid of Cloverfield and District 9 wrapped in a beautifully shot indie film. For the most part, I really liked the film … but it moved a bit slow for me to totally love it. I really loved the hyper-action of Cloverfield and was hoping that this alien film would be more like that. Instead, the monsters are not really featured all that much in the film … and when they are, they’re not all that scary. Monsters tells the tale of a world were alien creatures came to Earth 6 years ago and have flourished in most of Mexico. The US builds a massive wall along the border to keep these illegal aliens out (get it?) and protect itself. I will say I was very impressed with the way the film looked and really liked how it ended, for the most part. But the action film fan in me wanted a bit more … oomph. Still, Monsters is a fantastic indie “horror” film that I think needs to be seen on the big screen. BUT, if you can’t get out to see Monsters in theaters (or if it’s not playing in your city) you can watch in on On Demand at home. While Monsters wasn’t the best alien film I’ve ever seen, I really enjoyed the Hell out of it.

Tonight David and I will be having a lot of fun here in LA … we will be making our way to Santa Monica, CA to attend the first night of Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary celebration called Small Gift:

Basically, it’s a Hello Kitty Carnival! It looks like fun … and the only other event of its kind is in Miami, FL so we’re gonna check it out here while we can. Then we are going to see Skyline … which looks like the action-packed alien movie I’ve been looking for.

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!!

  • Jill

    Trent- it’s clear that you go to a lot of movies. Is there a bed-bug problem in LA? I heard New York is out of control and we have quite a problem here in Cincinnati as well. People who are aware of the problem tend to stay out of the movie theaters, it’s a perfect breeding ground :(

    • @Jill — I think every city has some sort of bed bugs problem but thankfully we don’t have a crazy outbreak here. Tho, now that you mention it … now I’m worried.

  • Jill

    Try not to worry about it. If there was a problem then you would know. The theaters here (even the ones in upper class neighborhoods) close down every now and then to fumigate.

  • Nate

    Let me guess all the aliens find a way into America at the end. They always do! ;)