Heidi Klum Wears Mondo Guerra To The Premiere Of ‘Black Swan’


Heidi Klum, whose children enjoyed an adorably fun day at the park yesterday, was a vision in polka dots on the red carpet of the AFI Fest 2010 Closing Night Gala Screening of Black Swan at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA last night. Heidi wasn’t wearing any ol’ polka dot dress, she was wearing the famed polka dot dress that was designed by Project Runway runner-up Mondo Guerra as featured on the finale of season 8. Here are a few photos of Heidi looking absolutely fabulous in Mondo’s dress last night:

As those of you who watched the last season of Project Runway may recall, Heidi was a big champion for Mondo to win this season’s competition but she was overruled by Michael Kors and Nina Garcia who decided that the heinous Gretchen deserved the win. Kors and Garcia famously skewered Mondo for using this dress in his final collection on Project Runway … but it would seem that Mondo gets the last laugh. A couple of weeks ago we heard from PR mentor Tim Gunn, who is squarely on Team Mondo, that it was his belief that Mondo would turn out to be the real winner and that he would enjoy a more successful career than Gretchen would … and this seems to be proof of that belief. I can’t imagine that anyone would EVER wear one of Gretchen’s designs on any red carpet. I absolutely LOVE Heidi Klum for choosing to show her love and support for Mondo and his fabulous designs by wearing his dress on the red carpet last night. I loved the dress on the show and I love it on the red carpet. I suspect we’ll be seeing more Mondo Guerra designs on many more red carpets in the future. Mondo, FTW!!!

[Photo credit: Wireimage]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    She looks amazing…I didn’t watch this season of PR, I just can’t handle it anymore and always forget it is on Lifetime but based of this dress the designer has some mad skills!

  • Kendra

    I LOVE that Heidi is showing her support for Mondo, but he changed it the way the judges asked him to! I kind of wish she had worn the dress the way it was on the runway as a kind of eff you to the other 2 judges..Ahh well..It and she looked great!

  • I love this dress too, but you are also showing your complete ignorance of fashion. Gretchen’s clothes, whether you like them or not, will sell WAY more because more people can wear them. Oh wee, what should I expect from the poor man’s Perez?

    • @wendell — LOL. If you think Project Runway is a gateway for the fashions you find at Ann Taylor then I can only laugh. I’m quite happy to be on Team Mondo while you and your immense knowledge of fashion can be on Team Gretchen :D

    • SGTexas

      The judges weren’t supposed to pick the designer most likely to sell well at Walmart, they are supposed to choose the best fashion designer. I agree that Gretchen plays better in Walmart but for her to win was ridiculous.

  • Panti Christ

    She looks good!

  • T

    He should have won!

  • Although the dress has been altered to incorporate both Nina and Micheal’s feedback… it’s not sleeveless to “break it up a bit”

    If I’m not mistaken.

  • Queenie

    I loved the dress with sleeves but do think it looks better without them! Regardless, the dress is gorgeous! Go Heidi!

  • Margie

    Wendell = FAIL.

    Back to the dress, I guess this is the answer to Nina telling Heidi that she would like to see her wear it. What you think now, Nina?!

  • Rachel

    @Wendell ~ Wow, really? Way to personally insult someone that has never had any personal beef with you and was only expressing his opinions and observations. As for the outcome of project runway, I may not have a model figure but I would wear FAR more of Mondo’s pieces than Gretchen’s. There was only one piece of her’s that I saw a glimmer of anything fresh/attractive and I still really wouldn’t have worn it to be honest. I’m sorry that your unnecessary bitterness secludes you from the rest of society to the point at which you would make such a snide remark to someone undeserving of it.

    @Trent- A poor man’s Perez is Perez- this blog is in a league of its own. Rock on :)

  • krissy

    People are way too catty when it comes to clothing (and message boards, Wendee). I think it is awesome when people wear clothes that represent them, even if I wouldn’t wear it myself. Interesting fashion has a far greater impact than generic items, even if it sells less.

    The thing is, you can look at that dress and say it’s a Mondo! Gretchen’s clothing is so generic, she blends in with the herd.

  • Rachel

    @ krissy- That’s a very good point about brand recognition :)

  • Jessica

    I don’t think Gretchen designs are commercial or would sell at all! She made her models look frumpy and bigger than they really were! I am a size 10 and think that Mondos clothes would be flattering on all sizes and ages. Kudos to Heidi for wearing his design now we need to see Jessica Simpson in a Mondo original!!! I can’t believe that the 2 judges with the least taste were allowed to win the battle of who won this season. Really Micheal Khors what do you know about fashion you go ahead wearing your same black tacky uniform and sunglasses inside!!!
    @trent you are much more classy than perez any day!!!

    • @everyone — Thanks for the love, y’all :) xoxoxo

  • Aylee

    Take that Nina and Michael!

  • Kells

    I wanted Mondo to win so badly.. BUT, it sounds like even without the win, he’s going to do well. (seems unfair that he doesn’t get to benefit from the $$ resources a win would have given him tho) I thought his designs were so much more visually appealing. I still think something was up during the final because they were all arguing, then it went to commercial and then it came back and wham, they had a decision. I’m thinking the dumb-o producers made Heidi back down. BOOOOO……
    Oh, and Trent, <3 you….. I can always count on you to give me a laugh and a smile everyday.

  • Kendra

    The P word should never be uttered on this blog..It just brings with it an aura of stink..There’s no comparison in my book..Trent’s the shizz, yo!

  • MaddieJ

    Yay! Seeing Heidi wear Mondo’s dress puts a big smile on my face. Almost like a big F you to Gretchen as well as to Nina and Michael!
    @Trent- yours is the best blog around! Your somehow able to put your opinion into it while staying classy and still open minded. THIS is why I visit your site every day and have for the past five years :) thanks for stayin awesome

  • james

    Umm? how is this a big fuck you to Nina and Michael? She’s wearing the dress literally the way Michael and Nina told Mondo how the dress should’ve been modified. Heidi, by wearing this dress, is giving Michael and Nina a “told you so” moment to Mondo (and Heidi herself too).
    And yes the dress does look AMAZING sleeveless, it was just too much with the sleeves.

    Ps. love you Trent! <3

  • Erin

    @MaddieJ – ditto! ;)

  • erin

    i think that by doing the look the way nina and michael suggested it shows that mondo recognizes that had he listened, he could have won. also, i think it takes a lot of maturity and class to admit when you are wrong and i think that’s what mondo did by altering the garment. in the end, gretchen NEEDED the money after that mess with her boyfriend and being homeless. Mondo will garner success without it so let’s all just stop arguing and wait with bated breath to see what Mondo will come out with next!

  • SammyKCAN

    There are really two schools of thought here – Marketable fashion for the every-day shopper (Gretchen’s designs) and Artistic Creative Genius that is so far above/ahead of for-profit fashion that it makes the rest look mundane (Mondo’s designs).

    In my opinion, while Gretchen will enjoy success on the retail end of things (which is no doubt why the show’s judges and producers chose her – they have a large $$ investment in the winner and will be looking for returns) and does have styling/creative ingenuity and skills, it is Mondo who really showcased his truly unique and quite ingenious mind/creativity.

    I would liken Mondo to having the potential of being the Salvador Dali of the fashion world, which is just incredible (to me, as Dali was a highly unique creative genious).

    Unfortunately, in the modern ‘for-profit’ world, uniqueness seems to be a dying attribute in favour of the homogenousness of the ‘globalization’ of average/mass-consumption.

    Mondo is my clear favourite, as both Heidi and Jessica Simpson were able to realize his true value to the world (fashion-wise).

    Not only that, Mondo has an excellent character/personality and grew tremendously.

    Creative genious is often found within a troubled mind, and Mondo is truly coming out of his shell – I can’t wait to see more from him in the future!