First Look: ‘Twilight: The Comic Book’


The cast of Twilight will be featured in their own comic book courtesy of Bluewater Productions. Here is our first look at Fame: The Cast of Twilight which will be available for sale on December 1:

Back in August we learned that the cast of Glee was getting the comic book treatment and now the cast of Twilight get their turn. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner have all gotten their own individual comic books but this one is based on their collective Twilightness. After the jump, check out another photo from Fame: The Cast of Twilight

If you would like to see more preview photos from this Twilight comic, head over to Celebuzz HERE. All you rabid Twilighters are gonna wanna haul your cookies down to your local comic book shop to pick up your (multiple) copies of Fame: The Cast of Twilight on December 1.


  • Since it’s about vampires they should’ve called it “Fame: I’m Gonna Live Forever”


  • Sara

    LOL they really busted up RP’s face!!

  • Ama

    Is that the writer of the Twilight book(s) in the background of the second image? Why is she there? I mean, I know she produced the Twilight books but I had no clue she was part of cast. Bleh, I’ll be glad when this whole Twilight hoopla is done with and forgotten.

    The artwork of this isn’t all that impressive to me either, most likely because it was just traced from photos. but eh.
    (Sorry for being so negative, wasn’t really my intention but ^^; )

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