Tom Brady Is The New Face/Body Of Under Armour Undergarments


Football star, husband and father Tom Brady has been hired as the new spokesmodel for Under Armour athletic undergarments. In addition to a lucrative payment, Brady will also receive stock options in the company … which sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. Here is a promo photo of Tom modeling an Under Armor shirt and the deets from his new endorsement deal:

Under Armour, the Baltimore, MD-based leader in sports performance apparel, footwear and accessories, announced today a multi-year partnership with three-time Super Bowl champion and NFL Most Valuable Player, Tom Brady. The owner of multiple NFL records and one of the winningest quarterbacks of all time, Brady is the highest profile team sport athlete to join the Under Armour family. As the newest member of the Under Armour team, Brady will appear in various in-store and advertising promotional campaigns. Brady bolsters a formidable offensive line-up for Under Armour, who also reached agreements earlier this season with Pro-Bowl wide receivers Miles Austin and Anquan Boldin. Brady will be wearing Under Armour apparel and footwear for training and will also be debuting a new customized Under Armour Fierce cleat in games in the near future. “Tom Brady represents a lot of what Under Armour is all about,” said Kevin Plank, Founder and CEO, Under Armour. “He’s humble and hungry and continues to be focused on winning and getting better every single day. We’re proud to have him in our brand as he continues to re-write the NFL record books” … “I am very excited to team up with Kevin Plank and the Under Armour family,” added Brady. “It was important for me to align with a brand that shares my values and helps me perform at my best. Under Armour makes cutting-edge products for the next generation and for athletes who compete at the highest level.”

Yes, yes … all of this sounds great for both Tom Brady and the Under Armour company … but what’s in it for us? Well, hopefully we’ll soon get to see photos of Tom Brady modeling Under Armour’s range of athletic shorts like these:

Brady’s bulge + Under Armour = a Match made in Heaven ;)


  • The hair– it is letting me down— Damn you Giselle!!!

  • Vic

    He would not look good in those shorts. Trust me. He’s not built at all.

  • Candice

    I agree with Dawn – his hair looks greasy and he just doesn’t have that GQ look anymore.

  • Katb

    Under Armour has actively ruined my life. Whenever a game of soccer ends, most players have it under their jerseys and under their shorts, depriving us of thighs and abs and whatnot. Having Tom Brady and his ridiculous hair just adds insult to injury.

  • krissy

    He is such a hot man, but that hair! The length makes it look thin and greasy.

  • periz

    ya the hair isnt good. it just doesnt suit him. some men are not meant to have longer hair. most men actually. especially when it looks so greasy as candice and krissy have pointed out. bleck.

  • ganesh

    blah blech yuck! huge forehead, greasy long hair – just not all that IMHO! he may be married to the world’s most gorgeous woman but he is just so not amazing…next!

  • Nikki

    Yuck. He looks like a caveman. He does absolutely nothing for me. *yawn*

  • Austin

    He’s HOTTTT

  • Tom

    He is gorgeous.

  • perfect

    Love him. He defines the word sexy! He’s like a Greek God! lol

  • Chris

    Long stringy hair-Eww.

  • Adam

    sorry! Gisele is ugly, looking tranny and Tom needs haircut.

  • ganesh

    @Adam…yup! you said it so true – afraid to say that about her on this sight for fear of mean comments in return but YES! tranny her and ugh him!

  • jamie-o

    was NOT expecting to see so many veins through the UA, SERIOUSLY!

  • Sarah

    No matter what he’s hair, I think that he is so hot and good looking.

  • SuzieB

    Ugggh he’s still a douche… and with bad bad hair.

  • Meredith

    Great face. Hideous hair.

  • Nunya

    I find it creepy that you objectify every man in your blog.

    • @Nunya — LOL. Sorry ’bout it.

  • jks

    The 2nd pic is not brady- he’s not all veiny and cut like that. For being a professional football player, he’s actually kind of soft and pasty looking. His brain is his biggest weapon on the field.