David Beckham Is Reportedly Launching His Own Line Of Underwear


David Beckham, who famously wrapped his bulge in Emporio Armani Underwear as the company’s spokesmodel last year, has decided to wrap his bulge in something a bit more personal to him. According to new reports, Becks has decided to launch his own line of underwear so that his fans and admirers can wrap their bulges in his goods. Ahem. Here are the deets about this exciting new prospect:

David Beckham is planning to get to the bottom of the fashion industry by releasing his own range of underwear. The soccer hunk fronted an underwear campaign for Emporio Armani last year, which saw him strip off in a series of racy adverts. He also starred in a promo with wife Victoria Adams for the brand – and now the sports star is set to follow in the footsteps of his fashion designer spouse by creating his own line of underpants. A source tells Britain’s News of the World, “David is 35 and knows he won’t be playing football (soccer) forever. But he’s an icon for men all over the world and he wears pants like no one can – so makes sense for him to launch his own.” David Beckham was later replaced by Cristiano Ronaldo by Armani, and Victoria was replaced by Megan Fox.

Thank you sweet baby Jebus for this! I mean … I can’t even wrap my head around the notion of being able to buy and wear David Beckham’s underwear … I mean, not his actual underwear underwear but a line of underwear that he has designed and presumably will model. Oh yes, this sounds like a Beckham business venture that I would HAPPILY endorse, support and give my money to and I’m certain there are many others who would do the same. To be honest, I’m not sure if I totally believe this report (after all, News of the World isn’t a bastion of journalist integrity) but it sure sounds like a great idea to me. What do y’all think … would YOU pay good money to get your hands on David Beckham’s underwear?


  • DJ Vegas

    As much as I love me some Becks. And Becks in his skivies even more. But I can’t say he wore underware like “no other” LOL. Now if it said he wore underware “no longer” Id stand behind that! ;)

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    No.I do not wear used socks in my crotch.

  • Kitti

    Yes, please!!!

  • Laura

    is that a pic of DB? he’s got sleeves tattooed on both arms, so i feel like it’s not…

    • @Laura — Yes, it’s him pre-sleeves.

  • Mr,.Gyllenhaal

    OMG…that picture above made me fully forget what I just read!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!