The Upcoming ‘Star Trek’ Sequel Releases A Teaser Poster


Back in January we learned that the Star Trek sequel, once again directed by JJ Abrams, had been given a release date of June 29, 2012 … today we get our first look at the first teaser poster released for the film:

Now before anyone jumps to any conclusions about what this Star Trek sequel image/poster/whatever the hell this thing is, I’m quite sure it isn’t from Paramount or J.J. Abrams Bad Robot. I have a friend who works in (removed for obvious reasons) and this image/poster came across his desk today. If I were a betting man, I’d say the image is for some sort of merchandising item, or for some group that needs to plan very far ahead. But I really don’t know where it originates from. Hell, it could be an image from an upcoming Star Trek calendar. However, with interest in the Star Trek sequel quite high, I thought it would be smart to share the image. Like most of you, I loved J.J. Abrams Star Trek and cannot wait for this sequel.

HMMM … it’s a cool poster, I guess but, yeah, it’s nothing special. It makes sense that this promo poster may have nothing to do with the Star Trek sequel directly but the fact that it reads Summer 2012 is a pretty good indicator that it, at the very least, has something to do with the film due out in June 2012. It’s crazy to think that far in advance but, time really flies … it really won’t be long until the film goes into filming production and then BAM! it’ll be opening weekend. These promo things just keep coming out earlier and earlier, don’t they?


  • holly

    Finger crossed the odd even rule doesn’t work out on this one.


    Such a horrendous poster! And why is it taking so long? Another year in a half and the first one was released in 2009…absolutely ridiculous for a sequel to take such a long time.

  • EldrinSMP

    You are indeed corrrect, it is a poster for the Hallmark Star Trek ornament this year, which happens to be the Enterprise from the Reboot. Already got mine ordered!

  • MzWoods

    I can’t wait to see my boyfriend Zachary Quinto again…and the first one was really quite good…