Conrad Hilton, III Carries On The Fine Hilton Family Tradition


Conrad Hughes Hilton, III, the youngest child of Richard and Kathy Hilton, seems to be following in his older sister Paris Hilton’s footsteps … which does NOT bode well for the young 16 year old boy. An anonymous Pink reader sends in a photo of Conrad posing with what looks to be a questionable herbal substance with a cigarette tucked behind his ear and a water pipe bong in front of him … naturally, this photo was posted on Twitter:

The person who sent in this photo maintains that young master Hilton likes to party a lot which is totally believable if you consider the kind of role models he has in his life:

You may be well aware that older sister Paris Hilton has been photographed many times with questionable substances and was just recently arrested and convicted of cocaine possession in Las Vegas, NV. Of course it is impossible to know if his reputation as a partier is actually true or not and it is also impossible to be certain what Conrad is posing with in this photo … tho, I think we all know what is really going on. THIS photo of Conrad soundly asleep at his desk in school is proof the kid ain’t gettin’ enough sleep … I wonder what he’s doing to keep him up all night long?

Kids … they can be a handful, can’t they?


  • Nate

    Conrad pic looks shopped.

  • DJ Vegas

    Do they prescribe pot for chronic stupidity now?

  • Taylor

    For goodness’ sake. He’s 16. 16-year-olds experiment with pot. Stupid of him to allow a picture to be taken with it, but I don’t think he should be harshly judged.

  • Janelle

    Better pot than hard drugs. I don’t smoke but really, it’s just pot. I’d rather a 16 year-old smoke pot than drink alchohol. No harm in his marijuana if he’s not driving or something.

  • Mac

    I do believe that is a pink lighter under his arm ;~) (you can spot it if you look just below the dog in the pic)

    SPARK IT UP, 420<3

  • Kendra

    I’m drooling over that nugget right now..

  • LizzyB

    pot is no big deal…it’s the hxc drugs that are a problem…

  • Ella

    I’m with Kendra. I want some.

  • jay

    “water pipe bong” hehe that cracks me up.

  • ragwritinslave

    that foto ‘shopped to hell & YOU are a moron for postin’ it ..
    it’s not makin’ you look too reputable ..

  • SeriousGlamourGurl

    i agree with ragwritinslave this pic looks totally ‘shopped. The edges around the substance don’t look right and the whole pic just looks off.

  • I don’t think the photo looks fake at all,it looks very real! Is it that hard to believe that this kid is smoking some weed ? Everybody smokes weed,you just don’t know it it could be your lawyer,your neighbor, the ems, could even be your Dr. I am just saying ! Theres lots of ppl that believe this stuff is like taking herbs that its all natural!! I agree with ppl hes only 16 smoking some weed thinking hes just so cool in this photo!! Go gangster!!

  • Ama

    I forgot Paris Hilton even has a younger brother.

    Didn’t he already get in trouble for having weed on him in the past?(or some kind of ‘illegal’ substance)

    I don’t exactly remember, so I may be wrong. This photo(whether it be real or fake) doesn’t surprise me much.

    • @Ama — Paris and NIcky have 2 younger brothers … Barron, the older one, got busted before. This is the youngest brother Conrad, who is upholding the family tradition, it seems.

  • Mr,.Gyllenhaal

    I think it is funny…if some 16 year old wants to burn up and doesn’t get behind then wheel then oh well. Hey, think about how bad he will get the munchies and how much money he has so he is kind of helping out economy:)!!!

  • BlackKettle

    Erm, Trent: is there any good reason why I should view your site with my adblock turned off?

  • Panti Christ

    That dog is SO gonna tell on him!

  • Ama

    @Trent- oh! ha ^///^ well… I’m very behind on the Hilton family then ha.

  • Tracy

    Pot today something stronger tomorrow. It is sad these rich kids have everything and they just throw it all away.

  • greer

    the bud in his hand def looks shopped..good lookin boy.

  • kenhp1

    Another Hilton that will be famous for nothing. He is 16 years old and already a pothead. This is his first real accomplishment I have heard of. What a shame.
    He should have his bare bottom paddled over the knee until it is cherry red for this photo. He knew about it and has shamed himself and his Family. No one should smoke pot until they are 18 years old.
    No discipline is exactly the problem we have in America. We allow kids to do anything without punishment. Then, when they are sentenced to 10 years in prison they wonder what they did wrong. It seems much more humane to tan his bare behind over the knee than to wait and see him go to prison.

  • qwertyuiop

    whatever…i love this family…fake but hot!!

  • canela

    Throw the slob in jail and lose the key,