Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Make Their Way To Brazil


Twilight co-stars and rumored lovebirds Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have made their way to Brazil to film new scenes for the upcoming sequel film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. Those of you familiar with the books know that vampire Edward Cullen (Pattinson) and human-turned-vampire Bella Swan (Stewart) get married and go on their honeymoon in Breaking Dawn. It looks like R. Pattz and K. Stew are in Brazil to film those honeymoon scenes … which, if memory serves, will include a fairly racy sex scene:

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart arrived in Rio yesterday to continue filming the final instalment of the Twilight series. Wearing her usual getup of skinny jeans and a jacket, Kristen looked comfortable yet chic whilst Rob kept it low-key in beige trousers and a jacket. The couple were surrounded by security as they made their way through the airport, and in typical fashion avoided any public display of affection. Filming on the movie officially began three days ago in Baton Rouge, Lousiana. And it looks like the pair are in for a steamy time, as they will be filming Edward and Bella’s honeymoon scenes on the Isle of Esme.

While I wasn’t particularly impressed with any of the Twilight books I have to say that I really did not like the final book, Breaking Dawn. For me, the strength of the book series is found in the relationship between human Bella and her forbidden love for vampire Edward. Once she becomes a vampire and they have the freaky sex and really freaky baby birth, well, the whole thing kinda goes to shizz. That being said, I can’t help but be curious to see how they end up bringing the strange tale developments in Breaking Dawn to life. Is that wrong? I can’t be alone in my belief that Breaking Dawn is terrible, right? Are you looking forward to seeing the film get made?

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  • Bee

    I have to agree with you 100% Trent! The last book was absolutely horrible! I can’t believe I wasted my money buying it! The entire magic of the series was lost about 100 pages in, and then Bella became totally un-relatable to the majority of her fan base (teenaged girls 13-18?) as soon as she got knocked up and married. Then the rest of the book was leading up to a battle that never happened. I have never really enjoyed any of the twilight movies, and don’t often willingly waste my money to go see the crap flicks, but I most certainly will not be conned by my twihard friends into seeing this piece of junk!

  • Verodemort

    I can’t believe they are splitting it into two movies either! Breaking Dawn was just plain silly but like you, Trent, I am curious to see how they convert from book to film. Its going to be wacky, but wacky good or wacky bad, I have no idea! Guess we have to wait for the trailer…

  • Aylee

    Yep, Breaking Dawn was the worst book I’ve ever read in my life. But maybe the movie will benefit from the fact that it’s split in 2 so I would imagine that they would have to add much more substance to fill up the movies than was in the book?

  • Tiffany

    I tried getting into Twilight but I couldn’t finish the 3rd book and didn’t even want to bother with the last book. I can only imagine how ridiculous it gets in the 4th book considering how silly the first three were. I AM curious though how the sex scene will play out and people’s reactions to it. I don’t think I’m curious enough to pay for/watch the movie myself so I’ll be looking forward to your “That was ridiculous” Breaking Dawn review!

    And besides, I’m MUCH more excited for Harry Potter to even bother with the Twilight franchise.

  • Ria

    breaking dawn was the same as the rest of the series…awful

  • Amy

    Loved Breaking Dawn! I thought the last 2 books were the best!

  • Amber

    I thought Breaking Dawn was the worse book of the series. The whole pregnancy thing was ridiculous, the way Jacob imprints on their child (way creepy), and how, yeah, there was all this hullabaloo about this big epic battle…and then it just didn’t happen. Very anti-climatic. Lame.

  • Syslak

    I think she didn’t become a vampire until she was in the middle of labour. Female vampires can’t get pregnant.

    Irregardless, the book was terrible. I remember thinking “Have the freaking baby already!” and after that, it continued to be boring. So so so painful.

  • f.t.

    Noooooo, Breaking Dawn was the best of that bunch – it hit the pinnacle, CRACKfiction at its finest. Lost in some weird vampcamp world, the last book went straight for harlequin-cronenberg territory. Of course, perhaps I remember enjoying it because I was pregnant and crazed. My easy birth was no teeth-section, but things get freaky when you are that hormonal. Sleep deprivation and Meyer ravings. Twi-mum territory. Though my fav rereading was Nabakov – two old monsters hilariously chasing a virgin through the States, the original Twilight!

  • Chris

    Yes, “Breaking Dawn” was a truly atrocious book! I’d enjoyed the series until that point.

  • Poppy

    None of the books were well written but Breaking Dawn was truly awful. It was obvious to me that Stephanie Meyer was just trying to tie it all up in a nice pretty bow for the ending but what she ended up with was just pure crap. And seriously? How many times can Stephanie Meyer have a character murmur?! All the characters in those damn books are going around murmuring. Ugh!


    I hated BD! If that book were a movie I’d high five it in its face. I mean, what the hell was Stephanie Meyer thinking when she wrote it? It was truly and utterly awful…and why does Bella get everything she ever wanted, hmm? Someone important should have died in the book and something else dramatic should have happened, too. Fack that book. Srsly.

  • Jade

    I confess, I love all the other Twilight books and movies, I go at midnight all dressed in my “team Charlie” t-shirt, etc., but I hated this book more than I have ever hated anyhing in my entire life! The day it came out, I told everyone to leave me alone, I would be reading all day, after Bella discovered she was pregnant, I lost my mind!!! Then Jacob imprinting on the creepy baby, kill me immediately!! I have not gotten over this horrible book, I don’t know what to do about the 2 movies, my only hope is that they threw out the book and made up a different story.

  • Ash

    I actually enjoyed this book the most! Don’t really know why but I guess because I couldn’t figure out how and when Edward/Bella would ever have peace and be happy the way they wanted to. That’s what kept me reading it again and again :) Each layer to the book just kept me interested in the ending, there’s a lot to the movie and I just hope they do a great job with it. Each movie has gotten better in the series but with the last one they have to get everything right. No awkward wardrobe/make-up and random visual additions to the book (i.e. the running scene in New Moon where Bella is a vamp) But another book series that I LOVE and can’t wait to get more of is Mortal Instruments! might want to check that one out!

  • MzWoods

    Have to agree…I think the series is good for what it is (teenage fantasy romance)…but that last book was just a mess…I was going with it up until they started talking about battles and then it just went over my head…though I did feel better that Jacob would finally have someone and be happy…and that Bella had a power so she wasn’t left out….other than that it was crap…

  • The last book was all over the place. I waited so long to read it and then was super let down.

  • Leigh

    I loved all the books The movies are a tribute the books
    hope there are more books in the future. and if you think its crap dont read it.

  • Roze

    I hope they totally re-write the last movie into something less ridiculous

  • Aislin

    Disliked all the books (they are far too overhyped for what they are), but breaking dawn WAS terrible, it seemed like a badly written fanfiction

  • Kristín

    Bella didn´t turn into a vampire untill the baby had come out of her. So she was human when they had sex on their honeymoon, she was human during her pregnancy and she was human when she gave birth. I loved it when she came a vampire because it was her destiny, she rocked at beiing að vampire :D Then she stopped being so whiny!
    I am curious though about the final fight scene how they will bring it to the movie because it´s a mind battle not a physical one so that´s hard to portray in a film…But yeah as you may probably tell i love the books all of them, it´s not well written books perhabs but they are entertaining and i couldn´t stop reading, just fell in love of all of those caracters :)

  • Teecey

    Quite possibly the worst work of fiction ever. It doesn’t fit in with the three other books at all. It doesn’t fit in with the teen romance genre either. What a mess “Breaking Dawn” is. Any of you who actually think it was the best in the series really need to revamp (pun completely intended) your reading lists – even if it’s just teen fiction. I can’t believe they are breaking it up into two movies mainly because I don’t think it needs to drag on any longer. Aren’t we over Bella and Edward at yet? Stephenie Meyer was just mailing it in. There isn’t even a climax in this book! Time to let it rest, folks.

  • jill

    I think Eclipse was the best in the series. Breaking Dawn is all over the place. Bella (from the previous books) is not the kind of girl who want a baby at 18. I know she has some sort of a moment when she feels its kick or something, but still. The characters are so wishy-washy is made me dizzy. Jacobs part could of been cut down to 3-4 chapters. But i did like that all of their friends came, it was nice to see new characters. Renesmee could’ve been sent to the circus because she was annoying me the book.

  • Kristy

    Jacob is the only one in that series who goes through any kind of character development, and I think it’s WAYYY creepy that he imprinted on Renesme. I kept picturing them being older and he saying, “Yeah, I used to want to bang your mom.” Awful book.

  • Susie

    @ Kristy: Maybe Jacob can sing “Stacy’s Mom” to her.

  • Sue B

    Well, I liked them all. If you didn’t like the books, why did you continue to read them??? I actually have stopped reading a book I didn’t like :-)

    • @Sue B – The books were very poorly written but I was curious to see how the whole saga would end. The story isn’t bad, just the writing.

  • Tracy

    I agree with you all. The books were okay but BD was the worst. Even the actual love scene went flat because SM cut from Bella walking out to meet Edward on the beach, then cut it was the next morning a feather were every where. I never could understand why they want to split the book up into 2 movies there was just not enough material for 2 movies. I’m guessing they are going to add some scenes to make it more exciting, but to me that would just be plain fake.

  • MaddieJ

    Totally agree with you Trent! All books were horrible. The writng was bad bad bad. Reminded me of the stories I would write when I was 10. It seems like she wrote with no map of where she was going… Kind of just threw stuff in there. Buuutt the books are so successful, she must have done something right!

  • Jenna

    Hey Trent. I actually liked Breaking Dawn, apparently I’m in the minority though. I think I started to get slightly annoyed towards the end with the like million new vampires that they introduced etc, but I definitely enjoyed it up until they found out that the voltori were coming to kill them. New moon was my least fave of the series.

  • sandy

    I REALLY got into Twilight and felt a little funny since I’m (possibly) a little older than their demographic. I couldn’t put the first books down. Breaking Dawn was SO disappointing, not them getting married and all that jazz. It’s the baby and the fact that Jacob “imprints” on her. The whole pregnancy thing was strange but the Jacob/Renesmee thing is creepy.

  • I’m with the majority here. I like the books (a fan, but not a TwiHard), but I CANNOT stand BD. I even blogged about why the book is so horrible. I can name many, many reasons, including unrealistic happy endings, Bella being a “perfect” vampire (not a newborn), freaky baby who ages, but won’t die, Jacob pedo-like obsession, anti-climatic war, a bijillion new vampires, wtf with Alice and Jasper, TMI into Jacob’s mind…. and the fact that this book just dragged on and on and on. I’m interested to see how the movies will be because it will def be more interesting than the book, although I have little expectations for them. Two movies? Can’t the ending just be quick and painless?

  • I don’t think I’ll be seeing this one. I love vampires and werewolves (oh sorry: Incubi and shapeshifters, as Edward and Jacob suddenly became in this 4th book. P.S.: An Incubus is a “demon” that needs sex to survive so since Edward was a “virgin” he could NEVER be an Incubus. A “virgin incubus is just an oxymoron to the fullest).
    But I feel like people are being “strung along” with the promise of “sex” between Ed and Bells (for the romance fans) and the “teasing” of conflict/battle (for the vampire/werewolf fans) and the final book didn’t anybody “anything”- no conflict, no sex, just poorly written and “unedited” material (as usual). I feel like people who bought BD got DUPED, meanwhile it sold 70 million copies and the author got rich. She knew it would sell no matter “what” was in it, but she didn’t get “my” money because I got the series from the library (except for Eclipse). Twilight book 1 was entertaining and it should’ve stopped right there without the rest of the series IMO.

    As for Midnight Sun, can’t believe actually expected to earn $ by charging her fans for that! I feel really sorry for her fans, really sorry because she is milking them for their $ by expecting them to buy the SAME book TWICE (Midnight Sun is just Twilight again from Ed’s POV and he and Bella spent most of the original book together). That sounds like pure Fanfiction, just like Breaking Dawn was, so go to and read the FF for free.

  • everything in all twilight book’s and movie’s, i just do not like Jacob, and his imprinting on the baby. It’s just something about that i just don’t like.This is not for kid to see or try to understand. they want to cut the love and sex with bella and edward? no way.