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  • Sara

    Lily just cannot get a break, poor girl.

  • Leisha

    I agree, poor Lily :(
    Also, i wish people (as in journalists etc for example in the article linked above) would stop referring to what happened to her as a miscarriage.
    I don’t know why (because i don’t mean that a miscarriage (before 20 weeks) is any less heartbreaking for the people involved) but it really bothers me. She lost her unborn child at 6 months… not a miscarriage.

  • Deb Hodgon

    Exactly Leisha…this annoys me too. Lily would have gone through labour and delivered her teeny tiny baby boy. Not the same as a miscarriage.

  • Sarah

    Poor Lilyyy!!! I love her! She’ll make it through, she’s a strong person.
    And can I just say LOL@ Lil Wayne?! Can’t drink for 3 years, that sucks for him!!!