Jared Leto Strips Down For The New 30 Seconds To Mars Music Video


A couple of weeks ago 30 Seconds to Mars frontman (and sometimes actor) Jared Leto posted a shirtless photo of himself along with the caption “Real Men Wear Skirts” on his official Twitter profile … today we learn that his shirtless served a purpose. Jared and 30StM were filming a new music video for their new single Hurricane and the skirt sans shirt look was necessary for the video shoot. Here are a couple promo photos that were shot on the set of the Hurricane music video set:

As some of you may know, Hurricane is the song that 30StM recorded with Kanye West on guest vocals … and while Kanye will be heard on the track in this music video, it’s not entirely clear if he will appear in the video as well. My guess is that yes, Kanye will appear in the video because we all know how unshy Kanye is about appearing anywhere. If they’re smart, 30StM will stay mum on Kanye’s possible appearance in the vid until Hurricane gets released. To be honest, I could care less if Kanye West is in the video or not … as long as Jared is gonna be shirtless in the video, I’ll deffo be checkin’ it out.

[Source, thanks Kammie}

  • allison

    are those tattoos real?

    • @allison — No, they are just painted on words.

  • Kammie

    They’re actually lyrics from the song :) Trent, have you heard it yet? I was surprised to realize I like the Kanye version better than the version that ended up on the album.

  • Dana

    Did he make a deal with the devil??He doesn’t age and could pass as a 25 year old.


    He’s muscly, but waaaaaay skinny.

  • holly

    are these from a few weeks ago or has he gone blond again?

  • Susie

    That man is so sexy but DAMN if he doesn’t look just like my stepbrother :(

  • azuresque

    @holly probably from weeks ago.

  • jus

    @susie can i meet your stepbrother? :P

  • darren

    something is wrong with this man. i’m only 24 and i feel like shit comparing myself to him.

  • Chris

    Ok, I want to lick him all over *le sigh*
    That made my day, thanks!

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