Les News, 110110

Slash calls off divorce, Paula still hearts 'AI', Urkel meets Urkel
  1. cmc

    Oh, poor Lily Allen…so heartbreaking :(

  2. nicole

    - my heart breaking for lily. i cant imagine what shes going through
    - i cant wait for Mimi’s christmas special!
    - i kinda like that ricky martin song, im glad he came out with something like this instead of going back to where he was before.

  3. Sara

    I think you mean Tom Sturridge, not Todd… and the man in the photo is deff not Tom Sturridge, apparently he’s some rando.

  4. Sara

    That’s heartbreaking about Lily, on the radio this A.M. they just said she was sick, poor girl.

  5. Monica

    I’ll take Kellan….yum

  6. Ash

    Its so sad about Lily’s lost. But its not a miscarriage, its after 20 weeks so she had a stillborn :(

  7. Panti Christ

    I usually just crack a buncha jokes up here, but I wanna be honest and say I am so sad for Lily Allen and her guy. I hope she’s got love n support to help her through!

  8. krissy

    My heart goes out to Lily. After 6 months, that is just so tragic.

  9. Leisha

    I’m so, so sad for Lily (and her partner of course). What a nightmare… :’(

  10. Lulu

    So heartbreaking for Lily… as said above though, it is not a miscarriage at this point.. :( She will have had to birth the baby. So so sad.

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