Beyoncé Announces A Thanksgiving Special


Now that Hallowe’en is over, we can look forward to the next holiday on the horizon … no, not Xmas like all the shopping malls and stores want you to believe … but Thanksgiving. And what better way to celebrate the holiday that reminds us all to give thanks for all the wondrous bounty, prosperity and love in our lives than with a Beyoncé Thanksgiving Special!

On Thanksgiving night, November 25, the ABC Television Network will air a 90-minute special “BEYONCÉ’S I AM… WORLD TOUR” at 9:30 PM/ET. Travel the planet with one of the most dynamic forces in music, as Beyoncé Knowles takes you on her 32-country, 6-continent tour. Viewers will hear her perform her biggest hits in the world’s greatest venues, and will see what it takes to mount an over-the-top mega-production: the backstage moments, choreography, costumes, and life offstage. The special features guest appearances by Kanye West and her superstar husband Jay-Z. The show weaves together more than ninety of Beyoncé’s performances from Croatia to Abu Dhabi to Africa, Australia and China: the sheer, backbreaking work of producing one of the most dazzling visual acts in the music world, complicated by a performer who will tolerate nothing less than perfection. Beyonce, the 16-time Grammy winner, is famous for doing it all: costumes, music, dancing and staging. This time, she also directs: both the special and a full-length theatrical film of her tour. With previously unseen material from thousands of hours of intimate coverage, this shows Beyonce as those she is closest to see her – unfiltered, real, living a life at full throttle, without compromise. This is Beyoncé’s second consecutive primetime Thanksgiving night special with ABC.

HMMM … I guess I don’t remember spending my Thanksgiving with Beyoncé last year but I might tune in this year. David and I LOVED every single second of her I Am … Tour when we saw here here in LA so I’m deffo down for watching it again. Those of you who missed out on the tour can buy the DVD but it might be more prudent to just set those DVRs to record this Thanksgiving Special at the end of the month. This year, when you’re thinkin’ turkey … think Beyoncé!



    LOL @ that beyond photoshopped cover. Her legs look like they’re pasted on. Embarrassing.

  • Panti Christ

    I hear she will be performing well known hits like “I am…Tom Turkey”, “Crazy in Lunch” and “Put a Timer On It” and I also hear that her mother is sewing feathers into costume this very moment!

  • Elise

    I caught my dad watching this last thanksgiving. haha

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  • Amanda J

    So… is this the same one as last year? Or different? I can’t really figure that out. Different, I think.. but I’m not sure.

  • toast

    I am curious, so will probably record it.. or watch