Watch: SNL Digital Short, ‘Shy Ronnie And Clyde’


Last December, Rihanna was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live (with Blake Lively hosting) and last night she appeared as the SNL musical guest again (this time with Jon Hamm hosting). As you may recall, Ri Ri featured in an SN Digital Short with Andy Samberg that introduced the character Shy Ronnie to the world (which you can watch again HERE). As you can guess (or may have seen if you watched SNL last night), Rihanna and Andy teamed up again for a new Shy Ronnie video on last night’s ep:

While this video isn’t as funny as the first one (mainly because the first one was original and new), it’s not bad. I’ll admit it, I laughed a couple of times. In case you missed seeing it last night, you can check it out in full after the jump …

As I said, it’s cute but not quite as good as the first vid. And something tells me that this isn’t the last Shy Ronnie digital short that we will ever see. What do y’all think?




  • nicole

    i didnt find it funny at all…maybe if they didnt use rihanna again?…mind you…i didnt find the last one too funny either.

  • Olivia

    I love it. If this was actually a real song I’d buy it :)