Celebs Get Into The Hallowe’en Spirit


It’s Hallowe’en weekend here in the US and since Friday night, a plethora of celebs have been gettin’ themselves all dressed up in fun costumes to celebrate one of the most fun holidays of the year. From NYC to LA (and everywhere in between), folks like Janet Jackson, Kathy Griffin, Gwen Stefani and more indulged their inner child and dressed up for various Hallowe’en events … here are a few photos from this weekend’s fun (thus far):

Last week we saw photos of Paris Hilton picking out her sailor costume at Trashy Lingerie and now we get to see it in action … it’s actually pretty tame, to be honest. Gwen as a sexy Batgirl looks pretty good, as does Kathy Griffin in a sailor costume of her own. Tori Spelling and her family (Dean McDermott, Liam Aaron and Stella Doreen) look really cute together. Hallowe’en is actually today, as you are well aware, but I’m guessing that the biggest Hallowe’en parties took place last night. Hopefully YOU’LL indulge your inner child and will get out there today/tonight to enjoy the fun of Hallowe’en!

[Photo credit: X17, Splash News]

  • 4OH7

    Dude I think everyday should be Halloween. I think the world would be a lot more fun and people would just chill the f* out and have a good time :)

  • jb

    isn’t paris a sailor every year..?

  • Melissa

    Too bad Paris’ boyfriend apparently is an ignorant idiot. Dressing as Native Americans for Halloween is ridiculous. A race of people is not a costume.