Jude Law Pays A Visit To ‘Sesame Street’


Earlier this month we got to see a cute (if a bit odd) video of Colin Farrell on Sesame Street and today we get to check out a new vid of hottie Jude Law on Sesame Street. Jude and some Muppet friends teach kiddies about the word “cling” in this cute new video:

Jude Law acquired a new set of friends when he made a guest appearance on Sesame Street. The 38-year-old actor met a monkey, a mouse and an octopus as he taught viewers of the kids TV show the word ‘cling’. ‘The word “cling” means to stick to. I’d love to show you “cling” but I have nothing here that I can cling to,’ Law said as he appeared on screen. Right on cue a yellow monkey arrived and clung to the Alfie star’s right leg, a blue mouse grabbed his right leg and a purple octopus appeared over his shoulder. ‘Why are you all clinging to me?’ he asked. ‘Because we love you Jude Law,’ the trio said in unison.

OMG … so cute. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind clinging to Jude either ;) After the jump, check out video of Jude Law’s appearance on Sesame Street in full …

Love it. You can tell this segment was filmed some time ago … before Jude grew out his famous Jude’stache for Sherlock Holmes 2. Facial hair or not, Jude looks very cling-worthy in this cute clip … don’tcha think?

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  • Lauri

    Somehow Sesame Street….or anything for that matter, is made SO much better by a nice accent. Sigh.

  • jen jen

    If I could, I would cling to Jude all day. Sienna would just have to get used to me.

  • Sesame Street, Forever…
    my favorite since i was a kid, until now i already have a kid…

  • This is so cool. They don’t do things like this on german Sesame street.

  • azuresque

    Cling to Jude Law? Sounds like fun to me!

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  • holly

    I swear to god thats the same octopus Jake Gyllenhaal had to separate from his head.

  • Jenna Aeger

    Clinging to Jude Law? Awww what a hardship.
    Clinging to him is a life task.
    Because we LOVE you Jude Law. LOL