Hugh Jackman Hits The Hay In NYC


Despite the fact that NYC is currently dealing with a massive infestation of bed bugs right now, Hugh Jackman thought it would be a good idea to lay down on a discarded mattress he encountered on the street while out for a stroll with his daughter Ava Eliot:

Now, I love me some Hugh Jackman … a lot, actually … but I cannot even imagine the grossness that he may’ve come in contact with by laying his entire body on that mattress. Forget the bed bugs (even tho their numbers are reaching new heights in NYC these days), the mind boggles at what other substances could’ve been seeped in that mattress … on the street! Let’s just hope, for Hugh’s sake, that he didn’t come into contact with anything …. infectious. Ew.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

  • Sylvie

    I want fuck him also if covered with bedbugs…Anyway to get an infection you have to live long in a place infested
    no one is contaminated for a few seconds on a mattress.

    • @Sylvie — Not true. All it takes is one second for a bed bug to get onto your clothes … which you then bring into your home. Ugh. So gross.

  • Totally gross except for one thing Trent.
    What bed bug would dare to tread on Wolverine?!?
    Of course should he have been infected, I stand at the ready to help pluck them from his nakey bod. All for the greater good mind you. ;P

  • Cinner

    Uhm, this is reality and so are bedbugs. NO WAY would that mattress touch me or would he after touching it. It makes me itch just looking at that pic

  • Tracy

    LOL!!!! Too funny Trent….BUT YEAH!!! eeeeewwwww!!!!

  • azuresque

    Never thought I’d associate the word gross with Hugh Jackman, but that IS gross!