A Photo Of Kanye West’s Penis ‘Comes Out’


For the past few weeks there’s been talk of a Kanye West penis picture that has been floating around and today Media Takeout got their hands on said photo and present to the world an intimate and NSFW side of Kanye that few have had the pleasure to see:

Remember those lil NEKKID pics of Kanye West that people were talking about. Well guess what just LANDED in our inbox this morning . . . WOWZERS!!!

Now … as a fan of pop culture and celebrity, I feel compelled to share the wealth (as it were) with all y’all … which is why I’m bringing it to y’all’s attention. But, you’re gonna hafta click HERE to see the EXTREMELY NSFW photo of Kanye’s biz. I’ll give you the heads up that the photo doesn’t show all of Kanye’s ample manhood … just the shaft … but I will divulge that there is a lot of shaft to see. Check out the photo at your own risk.

And for those of you who give it a gander … you gotta let me know what you think.


  • Mariah

    Um…okay. I guess his ego is as big as his…umm…little ego?

  • Rebeca

    yea, I guess now I know why he’s so “cocky” (I couldn’t help myself!!)

  • bayouboy


  • Andy

    Wow! Yet another reason why Kanye > Taylor Swift


  • Taylor

    Jeez ever heard of waxing or shaving?

  • Kara

    Kanye is always so into his image… I would have expected more manscaping.

  • heather

    Meh, it’s a penis. And I’m no fan of “scaping” anything… I prefer us the way we’re made without all the artificial trappings of so-called fashion. :)

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    That is an ugly thing.Now anybody that knows “richards” realizes Kanye’s is half hard.Like that and at that distance from the camera,even a tinny-winny looks amazing.Such a fake.It looks like a t*rd or a disgusting,half-meted c hocolate bar.Maybe that was his idea.Ugh….

  • RJ

    Me likie.

  • kittkatt

    Like snookie said about pauly “its like a babys arm”

    He could take the clippers to it and trim it down a bit. Yuck

  • Sara

    WHOA that’s a surprise. LOL

  • nicole

    well..ahem….hello kanye. ;)

  • Ashley

    Interesting but when they cut the picture in the middle it could be someone else.

  • Naomi Black

    Oh my cock!!!

  • Yabby

    That’s it???

  • nicole

    @Ashley – thats true…except there wearing the same chain..
    if anything im curious about how much of….him….is missing in the second pic.


    I’m assuming he’s hard, right? And also, it’s vein-y! Ewwwwwww.

  • Kendra


  • brian

    hot! i wish we had the whole thing! glad he has pubic hair

  • Katie

    i think i just threw up in my mouth a little. not because its a peen but because it’s kanye and i do not like him. ew.

  • Liz

    damn, trim some of that stuff back, please!

  • dave b

    Holy awesome – I aint saying I’m a pole digger, but that’s another reason to pray dude comes out (& then comes over…)

  • Jenn

    looks like any other penis…

  • Blanca


  • Jerseyhater

    meh…not much to look at. I bet it was on some gay website, too. All those black guys are on the “down-low.”

  • Rick999

    Now I see why Kim Kardashian can’t get enough of this guy even though she keeps denying it.

    These pictures make them look like they really dig each other.

  • Tracy

    eeewwwww!!!! I do not like Kayne and this does not change my mind….

  • Cindy

    Nice….and honestly, I don’t hate Kanya anymore. He is who he is!

  • AnnaBear

    Wow! as for the girls saying “ewww”…ummm Sorry but I am a red blooded heterosexual american woman and a Penis is a hot hot thing. and ….. Kanye… Wow!!!! that Nice

  • Jenna

    Well Hello Kanye!! I may start being a fan again :)

  • tiffany

    if the picture is only a small taste of a lovely penis, that would be fantastic.but for some one so into himself he sure doesn’t manscape. but we all know it better have a nice peen on a guy that can use it. also does not make up for a dreadful person. period he an assbag.

  • Nicola

    Boo, it has been removed!!

    • @Nicola — I reposted a new link :)

  • Nathan

    So much better than Brett Favre and Pete Wentz and 90% of the other celebs that put their manhood onto the internet.

  • JennT

    I think he paid a body double, in other words, I will for sure believe its his penis when BOTH of his heads are in the same frame….

    It is lovely though!

    Why so much hair hate? I loves the fuzz!!

  • rOXy

    We all know he has one so I wondered why we clicked. To see if it was noodle-y? To see if it was exhaust pipe-like? I would have loved if he had prank dressed it for Halloween, perhaps like Jack (as in the Box). Trick or Treat Bitches!!! ahhahahahaha

  • I’m still wondering, who he (originally) sent it to… :)

  • ewe


  • Rick999

    Guess how much that penis picture sold for?


  • Gaby

    I just always thought that he woud be clean down there, I guess I was wrong

  • s


  • Johnny

    No wonder that song is called Power. So good.

  • HA!

    Looks like a turd coming out the wrong end….

  • antonio

    please work out first before you show us all your good please ….. black man

    • your racist as hell!

  • dre

    my goodness im so glad i finally got to see this

  • omg wat da hell is going on

  • who do u wanna spill it out 2 anniiwaii

  • SG


    • fhuk you he is entertaing in bed, he sexxxyyy assss !

  • Kassss

    I guess i expected smaller, because he is so cocky. He is really into keeping himself clean cut, I was shocked he didn’t shave, or at least groom. AND its not hard….kinda sad….

    • kkkkk

      lol “cocky”

  • Jorge

    That thing is huge.

  • Dani

    Is that it? Mine might be only a tiddler in comparison but I was expecting something more impressive after all those comments.
    Maybe I’m normal after all.

  • ashanti

    dat makes me want tu hav so many babies

  • matressmaid

    Makes my mouth water.

  • Stacy

    HAHAHH he has a small penis