Is Mariah Carey Pregnant With A Baby Boy?


It would seem that the rumors of Mariah Carey’s “pregnancy” just won’t die down … because now instead of merely reporting that Mimi is pregs, some folks claim to know that she is not only pregs but pregs with a boy:

Congrats, Mariah! An insider tells that the diva and her husband, Nick Cannon, are expecting a son in March next year and are set to announce their happy news very soon! Mariah Carey is four months pregnant with her first child — a boy! — a source close to the star tells The Grammy award-winning singer and her husband, Nick Cannon, have been tight-lipped about her pregnancy, but she is expected to make an official announcement in the next couple of weeks when she begins promoting her new holiday album, Merry Christmas II You (which is being released on Nov. 2). “She’s having a boy, but the reason that Mariah didn’t want to say anything is because she is 40, and she’s superstitious,” the insider says. “But she’s going to appear on Oprah and The View, so she’s planning on making the announcement soon” … Mariah took fertility drugs to get pregnant, according to the insider, who says, “the fertility drugs were the reason for her weight gain earlier this year.” She has also given up drinking alcohol — “she stopped drinking back in March or April this year,” the source says.

HMMM … considering how healthier Mariah has looked in recent months, it wouldn’t be too hard to believe that she has been doing fertility treatments but … I won’t believe Mariah is pregs until either she or hubby Nick Cannon confirm the news or she starts baby bumping out. So, yeah, let’s just toss this report onto the pile with the others. That being said, it is possible that some or all of this latest report is true so … we’ll just have to wait and see. What do y’all think … does this report of Mimi’s pregnancy carry any more weight with you than the other reports do?

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  • nicole

    i do hope she is…shes always wanted kids, and she seems like shes in a great place right now and would be the perfect time to have one.
    that being said, i’ll wait for any offical annoucement from the couple. (and keep my fingers crossed its a little girl :p)

  • Nicola

    If she’s only four months, it would be very unlikely to know the gender yet, so something’s off on that story.

  • Hannah

    She would know the gender. You find out (assuming the baby is showing its goods off) at 20 weeks. I am due beginning of April and have my big ultrasound where I potentially find out the sex in a few weeks. If she is due in march a month ahead of me she would have had the big ultrasound at around this time.

  • Hannah

    remembering that 4 weeks does not equal one month in pregnancy world.

  • Franki

    hmmmm, I would love this to be true, I do believe her weight gain was from fertility treatments and to agree w/ Hannah, she could see at around 20 weeks and so *could know* right now…

  • sfmom

    Most women wouldn’t know the gender until after 20 weeks (around 5 months), but given that she’s 40 and did fertility treatments, it’s likely that she had the whole workup of genetic tests, one of which can tell the gender of the baby (the CVS test)…it’s not outside the realm of possibility that she already knows what she’s having.

  • Panti Christ

    NO PPL – that is no child, that is her husband!!! lol

  • Lynne

    @Nicole: Actually, Mariah never really wanted kids until she married Nick!
    @Panti Christ: LOL :\

    I think it’s possible that she is pregnant but just not that far along.

  • Alicia

    This poor woman. I have been one of the many fans speculating, so I’m not innocent, but it must be frustrating to go through such a personal experience with the world watching. I’ve had four miscarriages, and the next time I get pregnant, I’m not telling anyone until I feel ready. It’s a shame that she doesn’t have that option … fortunately, she’s got more money than all of us combined, so that’s got to be some comfort :P

  • nicole

    @Lynne – really? cause im pretty sure i remember alot of interviews before nick ..where she said she wanted them…like back when her niece was born….

  • Randal

    @Lynne: Mariah has always wanted kids. The hold up has been that since she came from a broken home, she wanted to make sure she was in a loving, stable marriage before she had any kids.

  • Marcus

    I definitely hope that she is preggo because if she isn’t and she is just getting fat I might need to advise her to push back from the table.

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  • Brittny

    @Marcus-damn you beat me to it! Either she is pregnant or needs a diet!

  • Aislin

    Actually is it possible to tell the gender of a baby at 3 months pregnant (with a slightly lower accuracy rate but only an experienced doctor would be able to tell), but most people don’t get the definitive scan until 5 months, however if Mariah’s had difficulty conceiving and given her age she may have been given extra early scans and heck if she’s paying for it why not.

    I hope it’s true, she deserves it :)

  • Fin

    Thandie Newton said on The View today (10/26) that Mariah left the cast of For Colored Girls because she got pregnant – and Thandie took over her role as one of Whoopie’s daughters.

  • i think she has a girl o be honest… she should have a girl so she can be mimi jr.

  • sam

    I hope she is because she is getting old !!!