Newly Single Christina Aguilera Returns To The Performance Stage


Christina Aguilera, who famously filed for divorce from her husband Jordan Bratman a couple of weeks ago, returned to the performance stage in Las Vegas, NV this weekend at a benefit concert which as held in conjunction with Justin Timberlake’s annual Shriners Hospitals for Children Open golf tournament. Xtina first strutted her stuff on the red carpet before she went up on stage to perform her hit ballad Beautiful. Here are a few photos:

I understand Justin himself performed as did Sir Elton John and T-Pain … but I think the biggest name on that stage was Xtina Aguilera, particularly because of what’s been going on in her private life. As you can see in these photos, Xtina looked amazing … and she seemed very happy to be performing in front of an audience again. After the jump, check out fan-shot video of Xtina’s performance in Las Vegas over the weekend …

I think it is very smart of Xtina to throw herself back into her work right now … and performing at a benefit that raises funds for children’s hospitals is just genius. Her new film Burlesque will be hitting theaters very soon so she’ll likely be very bizzy making the promo rounds in the coming weeks. I don’t think there is every a great time to end one’s marriage but it would appear that Xtina managed to find a pretty good time to end hers.

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  • Monica

    It saddens me to see another marriage end especially when there is a child involved.

  • allison

    she looks a hot mess! bleh!

  • horrible hair & makeup job

  • Rita

    Is it just my hearing or is she sort of off-key? Rough!

  • Shannon

    Why is no one talking about how different she looks?!?!?! Did she fall on her nose when she cut her lip? Something is off, but not quite sure.

  • Bee

    Well she has admitted to liking women more than men so this is to be expected.

  • Sandy

    Meh, so over her.

  • Amanda G

    I love her, but I’m so over her clown make up…. Is she putting out a 3rd single or giving up on Bionic?

  • debho

    Awful hair and makeup. And looking a little too chunky to be wearing that get up. And yes @ Rita, she’s off key. All in all, not a good day. She should have stayed home. lol

  • MM

    Blah, can’t stand her. Go away forever please!

  • 898jh

    I love that she can authentically sing her songs live. It’s so refreshing. Love her. <3

  • 898jh

    “awaiting moderation” – Makes me not want to post comments.

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  • Samantha

    Its not that she’s off-key, she’s just lowered the key for some of the song. That’s why it sounds funky. She does that when her voice can’t handle the high notes, lots of vocalists do. If she’s super stressed *presumably she is* her vocal chords wouldn’t be as limber and would make it harder for her to use her full range. So singing in her lower register keeps her voice from cracking/getting damaged.


    Her voice is definitely deteriorating and it’s a shame because she’s only (almost) 30 and that’s too young. I guess excessive amount of oversinging has finally taken its toll on her. It happened to Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson, and now her. Christina has never had a vocal coach except for Linda Perry, but that’s about it. HMMMMMM… and I definitely think she got some plastic surgery as well – possibly Botox in the forehead or some lip injections because she’s lookin’ weiiiiiiiiiiiird as fack.


    And Trent, just out of curiosity, my comments come up as waiting moderation sometimes as well and I’m a regular poster…?

  • Jerseyhater

    God, how I “love” peanut-gallery music critics. lol.

  • give it up

    unoriginal and desperate….give it up girl

  • Xadax

    Original and Evolving (always flipping 180)… shut up delusional monsters! Get your sources right you fucking idiots!

  • J

    I don’t think RS cared when they listed her as the youngest artist and the only under 30 on the Greatest Vocalists. No one comes close.

  • Jen

    She always looks like a mess. She wears waaaaaaaaaay too much makeup.

  • Ana

    She looks great!

  • TheCrew

    Bionic was great. She is great. Keep in mind we are hearing this through someones recording device far from the stage…of course it may sound a little off.