Is Janet Jackson Engaged To Wissam Al Mana?


The latest rumor making the rounds today is that Janet Jackson and her billionaire boyfriend Wissam Al Mana have gotten themselves engaged to be married. Considering that Janet Jackson is a very private person and this report comes from In Touch Weekly, I would caution that you take the news with a huge grain of salt. That being said, wouldn’t it be fantastic to see Janet Jackson wed in outrageously opulent style at some point in the future?

I see if the press couldn’t give Beyoncé a baby they’re going to try and give Damita Jo an engagement ring. Indeed, In Touch says that Janet Jackson is engaged to her billionaire boyfriend, Iranian businessman Wissam Al Mana. The couple started dating this spring and in recent weeks, the two have been spotted enjoying each other’s company at the finest resorts in the world. Allegedly, Wissam got down on one knee and proposed to Janet with a 15-carat diamond ring. Since they are “soul mates,” Janet said call me Mrs. Al Mana – allegedly. While it certainly makes sense for anyone to marry a billionaire, I’ll believe they’re getting married in ten years when Janet finally acknowledges that they’ve been on at least three dates.

Yeah … no … I ain’t buyin’ it. Besides, even if this were true … we still couldn’t be sure. Janet Jackson has been married and divorced before all without any of us knowing about it until after the fact so … yeah. Rather than getting all excited about a wedding that may never happen (or we may never even know about), let’s just send our love to Janet and Wissam in the hopes that they are very happy together.