Victoria Beckham Uses Twitter To Promote Her Line Of Sunglasses

She also uses hubby David Beckham to pimp out her shades as well ;)

Victoria Beckham posted a photo of her new line of sunglasses on her official Twitter profile along with the announcement that the glasses will be available for purchase next month:

Get on the waiting list at Harvey Nicks!New #victoriaBeckham glasses drop at the end of Nov! X vb X

Yeah … I saw this photo and thought, That’s it? Then Vicki B. posted another photo … of hubby David Beckham modeling a pair of the glasses. That photo caught my eye, check it out after the jump …

Yum!! Now that’s more like it. I’ll take 10 pairs of Victoria Beckham Sunglasses.


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  1. Zee

    Those sunglasses look really nice =)! They probably cost a fortune though =(!

  2. Sara

    Sooo basically she ripped off several Rayban styles? :P

  3. CHASE

    I refuse to pay anything over $50 for a pair of sunglasses. I believe in $10 sunglasses; you get just as much compliments as if you paid ten times the amount. Pfffft.

  4. sarahh

    i like them but they are probably over $50 which i am not willing to pay for…

    i agree chase: i get mine at chinatown for 3 for $20 ahaha

  5. Paul From Toronto

    Do we know if they are unisex? I am sure they will be since David is wearing a pair.. Weeeeeeee

  6. Kells

    Ummmm, yeah, if they’re selling them at Harvey Nichols in London, you can bet they’re a smidge over $50. haha

  7. MindyinAustin

    So she ripped of Rayban and Aviator shades? Fail.

  8. rebeca

    WHO cares about the glasses!!!! can we get back to the important part of the post……David Beckham = SEXY!!!!! ~droooollll~

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