Christina Aguilera Is Enjoying The Single Life


Last weekend we got our first look at the newly single Christina Aguilera in Hawaii enjoying a bit of a single lady holiday just moments after she filed for divorce from her husband Jordan Bratman last Thursday. Today we get to see new photos of Xtina in Hawaii lookin’ like she was having the time of her life … sans hubby:

She may have split from husband Jordan Bratman a week ago, but it seems Christina Aguilera is determined to remain in high spirits. The singer looked relaxed and happy – but hardly inconspicuous – in a printed halter-neck maxi dress and straw hat as she spent time in Hawaii. Christina was visiting the island for the Grand Opening of Waikiki Edition Hotel … earlier this week. Christina, 29, was pictured walking arm and arm with two mystery men , no doubt part of her extensive entourage, as they set sail on a sunset boat ride. The blonde is fresh off of filing for divorce but seems to be taking it well and is keeping herself busy.

It would appear that Xtina is really enjoying life, despite the fact that her marriage is over. As sad as these break-ups are, it really sounds like this is the right thing for her … and that she is the one in the driver’s seat in terms of who is calling the shots in this divorce. I mean, let’s be real, Xtina has always been the one calling the shots in her marriage … I wholeheartedly believe that what Xtina wants, Xtina gets. I just hope that everything works out in the best way possible for Xtina and Jordy’s son Max. I also hope that Jordan doesn’t get screwed as the divorce moves forward … he always struck me as a nice guy who truly loved his wife. It’d be a shame if he gets crushed under wheels of Xtina’s powerhouse legal team.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Panti Christ

    HEADLINING NEWS: Xtina hits the high seas in search of some sea men!

  • Connie

    I think Jordan made more than enough money the years they were together he was her Co-Manager..Does anyone no if there will be another video off her Bionic Cd??I love I hate Boys and Elastic Love.

  • allison

    of course she is enjoying single life in HAWAII. But reality is she has a son and now an EX husband to fly home to. Real life is harder when you face it, vacay or not. She’s not just single, she’s a single mom. I’m really starting to get mad at her!

  • krissy

    IMO, it is crazy to get mad at her because she spent a few days on vacation after announcing a divorce. Yes, she is a pop star but she is also HUMAN. Mom or not, everyone deserves a vacation now and then. Maybe Jordan wanted some time alone with his son? Also, one of the guys she is with is her manager. This trip is probably a little bit business and not all vacation.

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    Her face looks so…bloated and weird.

  • It would really be a shame if she cant handle the single mom role. Id hate to have to take down my shrine of her.