The Cast Of ‘Glee’ Does ‘GQ’ Magazine


Glee castmates Dianna Agron, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith are featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of GQ magazine. As you my recall, earlier today we got to see these 3 Glee actors in the full performance video of Time Warp from next week’s episode devoted to the music of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but right now we get to see their racy new magazine spread in the new issue of GQ. Here is the Glee coverphoto and some excerpts from the coverstory article:

Glee, the sing-along comedy about high school theater geeks has quickly become the most popular show on television. Now, in it’s second season, the gay-positive, anti-stereotyping, song-and-dance TV sensation has spawned hit soundtrack albums, a sold-out concert tour, a Golden Globe award, and a passionate fan base of self-professed “Gleeks,” propelling the cast further into stardom with every episode. GQ’s Alex Pappademas sits down with stars Dianna Agron, Cory Monteith, and Lea Michele to discuss their relationships with their characters, cast mates, the racy GQ photo shoot, and the “no-trailer-sex” rule on set:

Lea Michele on people’s insisting she get a nose job:
“I was one of the only girls in my high school that didn’t get one. And if anybody needed it, I probably did. But my mom always told me, growing up, ‘Barbra Streisand didn’t get a nose job. You’re not getting a nose job.’ And I didn’t. Fuck those people. That’s why I’m proud to be on a positive show and to be a voice for girls and say, ‘You don’t need to look like everybody else. Love who you are.’”

…on why the camaraderie among the show’s cast needs to last:
“Someone from [another] television show came up to us at an event and said that and I got offended. Our show won’t still be running in season three if we’re not feeling that way, because then we won’t be real, and people will see it. So let’s hope that everything stays that way. Because I need this. I need this family!”

…on the GQ photo shoot for this story:
“I don’t know how they got me to do half the stuff I did. But I was in really good shape this summer, so…”

Dianna Agron on the shoot and rumors that she and Michele are real life lovers:
“When it was just Lea and me, I was like, ‘We’re in skimpy clothes, we’re up against each other. This is feeding those rumors.’ I’ve never been shot in so little clothing.”

…on being the pregnant Cheerleader on Glee:
“I remember Ryan saying, ‘You’re about to get pregnant.’ And I thought, ‘Bring it on.’ When they put the pregnancy pad under my cheerleading outfit, I was walking around the set, and people were like, ‘Only on Glee!’”

Cory Monteith on growing up in Canada and dropping out of high school:
“You have to really look to get into trouble in Victoria, but I was industrious. Skipping school. Drinking. All that kind of crap. Things started off innocent like that. I definitely found myself in some places that I’m very fortunate I came back from…. The last thing I want to do is kind of imply to readers in high school that you too can drop out and be an actor and get on a big show and be -famous and make a shitload of money.”

…on Ryan Murphy’s “no-trailer-sex” rule:
“The first I heard about that was in the media. I was like, ‘Oh, really? Dammit!”

…on what really goes on inside those trailer:
“They all, like, hang out. ‘This sounds really cliché, but it’s true—it’s the high school experience I always wanted. Where we’re all growing into this new life together and figuring it all out as we go. I remember I’d come home from fifth, sixth grade, and I’d watch Saved by the Bell and be like, ‘I hope my high school experience is like that.’ And it totally wasn’t. It sucked.’”

The rest of the online version of this coverstory article can be read HERE. After the jump, check out a batch of photos from the accompanying photospread. The photos were shot by photographer Terry Richardson and they are, as you can imagine, very Terry Richardson-esque …

Wow. Lea Michele ain’t shy, is she? It looks like the Glee kids — well, the girls at least — are lookin’ to shed their wholesome images for this racy GQ spread. What I don’t get is why the Dianna and Lea have to strip down (Lea to their panties) while Cory remains fully clothed … with layers of clothing, actually. I suppose when you hire Terry Richardson for a photoshoot, it’s to be expected that the women will be exploited a bit more than any guys featured in his photos. I mean, the photos are hot … but there’s something about the way the girls are portrayed next to the fully clothed guy that kinda rub me the wrong way. What do y’all think?

[Photo credit: Terry Richardson / GQ; Source]

  • jessica

    so. incredibly. disappointing.

  • roxster

    good point about the guy vs. girl clothing choices Trent. I have to agree with you. In general I don’t get why they had to be dressed and posed so provactively, and contrasted against Cory fully clothed its really odd.

  • krissy

    Trent, it is very nice to hear that coming from a guy. :)

  • Alicia

    Ugh. I know mothers who get a little neighborhood flack for not letting their children watch GLEE … these pictures just … ugh

  • Cara

    I’m assuming the photos are this way because it’s for a mens mag but I see how it can come across as exploitative.

  • Sara

    I agree with you, Trent – there’s something strange about this whole thing, with the ultra sexualized Lea. While don’t get me wrong, she looks hot as hell, it’s a little strange next to fully clothed Cori.

  • Alicia

    I don’t think that Dianna’s images are too bad, but Lea Michele needs to take a bit of her own advice – You don’t need to be like everybody else – so please put some clothes on. Why do super-talented girls feel the need to play into this sexy image thing?

  • Rebecca

    @krissy – Yes, Trent – Thanks for pointing that out as a guy! I’m so used to it, I think it’s just a given now for actresses to also be exhibitionist models.

    On the racy theme, though, does anyone remember “Grease?” That was supposed to be about teenagers and every song was about sex or pregnancy and they were humping all over the dance floor – and it was still only rated “PG” back in 1978!!!!

  • T

    Lea, we see ya…don’t try so hard!

  • patches

    UGH THESE ARE DISGUSTING, what a bunch of trash, what to ruin the whole Glee Image.

  • krissy

    I think Dianna has such a beautiful face. She’s gorgeous!

  • Franki

    I agree Trent, why couldn’t he get stripped down as well…seriously.And gee was Lea trying to be sexy? I couldn’t tell..

  • Nix

    I think the pictures are hot. If Lea is comfortable showing her body in that way then why the hell not? It’s a photoshoot for GQ not Teen Bop magazine… I don’t think that it is up to us to judge what these girls decide to do, if they are comfortable with it then let them be. There is no need to hate on them and call them trash.

  • Ace F

    Lea M. is the hottest girl on TV. Luv the photo spread.

  • Sandy

    Lea Michele bugs the hell out of me.
    Glee needs a little less of her.

  • Anna

    I am sure it has to do with the fact that Cory doesn’t look as good undressed as the girls do? Just a guess. But that pic of him by himself fully clothed definitely looks out of place in comparison of the others.

    One thing that does bother me is Glee being described as “anti-stereotyping” because I actually think they portray women pretty bad on the show… they have already had a pregnant cheerleader, wife faking pregnancy to win husbands affection, OCD teacher with crush on married man, dumb as rocks cheerleaders, one of which has breast implants. Now of course I think this is all hysterical, but just because the show is “gay-positive” doesn’t mean they are “anti-stereotyping” in my opinion.

  • Katie

    Its GQ, not Vogue, i am pretty sure the girls are supposed to be kind of racy.

  • LISA L

    I think Dianna looks gorgeous and sexy in these photos… Lea– not so much. More along the slutty lines than sexy.

  • A

    I agree, Trent. Although Diana Agron and Lea Michele are doubtlessly gorgeous, I get so tired of seeing this crap in the media.

    I have no problem with sexy photoshoots, but it pisses me off that women are ALWAYS wearing less clothing than men.

  • pws

    It’s pretty obvious by now that Lea Michele is really comfortable in her skin but man, does she need to take it down a few notches. She’s quite pretty but her idea of a sexy face just ends up looking sad and slutty. Dianna looks quite beautiful though. Cory has always struck me as a really nice and down to earth guy so it just amuses me that he’s portrayed as this skeevy dude in the shoot (hands on the ass, lecherous smile). Oh well, at least it’s in GQ and they’re of age. I do wish they could have gone with a different approach with the shoot, and do something that’s beautiful sexy rather than trashy sexy.

  • Janelle

    Dianna looks so uncomfortable with this shoot. I’ve seen her interviewed and she doesn’t seem like someone who would be thrilled as Lea is to do this shoot. I bet she came in and groaned when she found out what they were going to do. Lea just turns me off with the interview and the photos. This is not something I would embrace.

  • Jen

    Lea is the girl who was a dork and just realized she is hot. She is flaunting her new body and newfound confidence. I don’t think there is really anything wrong with the pictures besides the fact that Cory should definitely be showing more skin or not involved at all.


    I think this photoshoot is tacky, tacky, tacky! I mean, WHY? I thought “Glee” was a show that wanted people to feel comfortable in their own skin and show all kinds of stereotypes coming together but then they do a 180 and make them look like pornstars or some crap. Disappointing, indeed!

  • B

    Terry Richardson is such an ass – I wish we would all stop supporting his ass-ness (no offense to donkeys).

  • kana

    Glee wants everyone to be celebrated for who they are, soooo… they send the three skinny white cast members to a men’s mag to strip down and act out a tired, hetero sex fantasy.
    Makes perfect sense to me.

  • JRad

    That’s quite a bit of American Apparel clothing

  • Cee

    I am kinda over how in love I think Lea Michele is with herself. Dianna looks lovely. She is just demure and so much less harsh than Lea… oh, and Cory. Yeah, is it just me who thinks he looks like an extra? hehe

  • Janelle

    My second two cents: GQ usually has more tasteful spreads when it comes to a woman stripping down…epic failure for hiring this “photographer”.

  • Ella

    These guys are all of age guys. Glee has fans of many ages. How many children do you know who read GQ?
    That being said, I think the photos could have been sexy without Lea in her panties-she is trying a bit too hard. Also, why are the ladies half-dressed and Cory is the only one wearing clothes? I know it’s mostly a men’s magazine, but come on.

  • rossy

    Bottom line: SEX SELLS! Magazines have been following this motto for decades knowing full well that if the subjects on the cover & photo-spread inside are… “conservatively” dressed & in more “wholesome” poses less issues will be sold than when featured more provocatively.

    It’s the same with music videos, isn’t it? All jiggle-wiggle half-dressed women in the background while some guy(s) sing… and then there’s female solo artists (some of whom are actually talented!) who “sex-up” their videos in order to get more notice. If these videos featured women fully clothed standing around in the background, or solo female singer did the same – how many viewings would it get? No one would watch.

  • Ria

    lea’s desperation is such a turn-off. her miley poses don’t make up for her man-face

  • Couldn’t agree more, Trent! Though I wouldn’t be surprised if Lea was down with it. Like someone else said, maybe she should take a bit of her own advice.

  • BCDanielle

    Wow, classy pictures…I totally agree with you Trent, I think these could have been done in a more sexy, yet understated way. PS- Cory is my hometown homeboy, haha!

  • Kammie

    Terry Richardson is a creep. Something about his personality has always rubbed me the wrong way. There are tons of stories about him directing girls and even famous models to do disgusting things and using intimidation to get his way. (“I can make sure you never find work in this city again”) Yeah, Lea is very comfortable in her skin, but before you go on about what a skank she is, keep in mind that it’s not the model calling the shots.

  • Dandash

    I have been dying to see an Archie-live action movie and the cover looks like the perfect cast!

  • toya


  • Zee

    Totally agree with you Trent! These two look completely hoed out (specially Lea =S)! I’m not impressed in the slightest =(!!

  • A

    Trent what do you think about the Lea/Dianna rumors? Do you think there’s any truth behind them?

  • mimi

    ugh, i am SO SICK of terry richardson. he is such a creep.
    anyway i think dianna managed to look absolutely gorgeous and tastful. totally agree with the comment on lea looking like the girl who was the dork and realised she suddenly got hot. she looks like a slurry.

  • cmc

    You know what’s funny? I like the Lea in the photos much more than the Lea in the interview. She’s very grating, just like Rachel. Sigh.

  • Dave

    It’s a mens mag !!!! Not like they are naked in playboy or something. Don’t think it’s really gonna keep people from watching the show. Souds to me like there are a lot of jealous people out there.

  • toast

    Terry Richardson is a hack and fails at all this photo related. He is basically just a name and a pervert pedo freak. I guess we will just wait for him to keel over from some random disease. This cover is SHAT and fails at sexy. If you are going to do a pervert shot then do it right.

  • rjp3

    they are all adults and leah used to simulate sex on Broadway every night … it is GQ for goodness sake

  • Angie

    What a contrast between Lea and Dianna. Dianna looks pretty, tasteful. She does seem a bit uncomfortable with the shoot. And I would be too, what a stupid photoshoot.

    Lea, however.. looks desperate, slutt-ay, trying way too hard.

    Gotta say. Lea really really annoys me, both on Glee and off.