Watch: Willow Smith, ‘Whip My Hair’


Willow Smith, the 9 going on 10 year old daughter of Jada Pinkett and Will Smith, has just released the music video for her debut single Whip My Hair. The track has been circulating online for a while now but the music video hasn’t been made available … until now:

I have to tell you … this song is amazingly infectious. It’s a bit repetitive and silly … but I bet you any money, it’ll stick in your head after the first listen. After the jump, check out the video for Whip My Hair and try not to love it …

Fun song, yeah? OMG … I love it. The video is really cute, too. While Jada and Will’s other child, Jaden Christopher, is trying his hand at acting (he starred in this Summer’s Karate Kid remake), it looks like Miss Willow Camille is going for the music biz. This is a great debut single for a little 10 year old. Miss Fierce is already fierce, y’all.

UPDATE: And, just for fun, here is the Sesame Street version of the song:



  • bob

    I don’t know if my computer is being lame, but I can’t see any video..just a white box.

    • @bob — Refresh the page, the video wasn’t working. It should be now.

  • bob

    Never mind! haha I got it to work…and I LOVE it!

  • ella

    I think it is disturbing that she is 10 year old and acting like that.

    • @ella — What? At what age is it appropriate to whip one’s hair?

  • Kait

    I cant stop humming this song!

  • ella

    SHE’S TEN??? my god.. this makes me sad about my life she’s way cooler than me haha… love this song!!

  • Juneh

    I love the video!! But then again a 10 year old should be at school, not making songs.. I guess ‘normal’ doesn’t apply when you’re the child of Will and Jada Smith ;D

  • Sandy

    It’s official. Will Smith’s sperm is gold.
    This kid is fierce! She’s waaay cooler than me!
    @Ella What is disturbing about her whipping her hair?

  • ella

    It is so not about the hair. It is the way she is acting/dancing. Ten seems really young. I am not a prude at all but having two girls of my own, it just seems like she is growing up too fast. I grew up in a major city and had to grow up fast but I was still playing with Barbies at 10.

    I just watched the video again and I am still blown away that she is 10. She did a few stripper drops! She is 10.

    Can’t get over it.

  • steffa

    @ ella
    i totally know what you mean about it.
    the song is catchy, absolutely… but shes 10.
    i think what really gets me is that everyone thinks nothing of it!! it would even be iffy at like 15, but more understandable

  • krissy

    I actually really like the song. I like the part towards the end where she kind of belts, “your hair, YOUR HAIR!”.

  • Sarah

    I liked the Sesame Street version of the video better lol

  • Tricia

    Stripper drops? Seriously? I re-watched this three times to be sure I wasn’t missing something. I have worked with youth in Chicago, Philly, and DC and she is just dancing and “whipping her hair back and forth”. She is not scantilly clad or touching herself or rubbing against a boy – she is wearing a painter’s jumpsuit for most of the video. This is just a cute kid’s song with some jumping around. You can drop to the floor without it being a “stripper drop” – I doubt most 10 year-olds even know what that is! Jada seems to run quite a tight ship over there – I am pretty sure should would not let anything even remotely sexy be connected to her 10 year old. Move on parent patrol – or better yet – watch it again with your kids and “whip your hair back and forth”!

  • Sandy

    Amen on that Tricia!
    I’ve seen 5 year olds doing moves that are in rap videos. This is nothing.

  • ella

    And this is what I mean, 5 & 10 year old kids are too young. Good luck Sandy & Tricia with your kids.
    I think the song is fine, the whipping of the hair is fine, but she looks like she is trying to be way older than she is and placing herself with older kids. Also, why would you put a 5 year old in a rap video? Really?
    Think of it this way, if you are a man older than 18 (around 30) watching this video would it make you uncomfortable? If that was your daughter? Again, she is 10 and not 16.

  • Panti Christ

    In re: adhesive rhinestones – it looks like she has some some spit on her lip but it’sssnot.

  • ItsAlanisbitch


    SHE IS 9.
    not 10.

  • regina

    how cute! love the paint idea. when i heard it on the radio i had no idea it was willow smith. also thought the song would annoy me, but yeah by the end i was hooked. this is kinda amazing.

  • Ama

    Personally, I see nothing wrong with this video nor the dance moves. However, I can see how it can make others uncomfortable and sadly I have to say that is probably because everyone is over sexualizing things as of late.

    I would have a problem with it if she was dancing in a sexual way, while wearing barely nothing. I think she is dressed age appropriately in this video.

    With that being said, I do have to say this-Will Smiths children take after him completely in looks.

  • ella

    Holy crap, she is 9! I don’t think I am out of line, she is in 4th grade. Elementary school. Do any of you answering have 5-9 year old girls?


    I might get some flack for saying this, BUT… If this were a white 9-year-old girl singing this song and acting the way Willow Smith is doing then people and the press WOULD EAT HER ALIVE. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Rihanna was 17 and was wearing barely ANYTHING and the press didn’t care. Miley Cyrus dresses the same way and the press hounds her. The media tore Britney apart when she was underage and if Miley’s little sister did this video then people would call her a slut, gross, slander her parents, etc. The press would not dare hate on this video because they would be called “racists” and because she’s Will Smith’s daughter. I don’t want people to attack me for my opinion, but it’s true.

  • Is whipping your hair back and forth the new headbanging?

  • ItsAlanisbitch

    lol @ CHASE

    That’s because those girls were using their sexuality to promote their material.

    I don’t see it in Willow’s case. She’s appropriately dressed and nothing is sexual about the lyrics/video.



  • Ama

    @Chase- Honestly, I think that might be because some of these dance moves, are tied to the culture this individual comes from. Where as celebrity performers who are ‘white’ do not have this sort of dancing in their culture. They most likely do moves like this, because they are attracted to it, or how it shows off their body. Not because they were raised with it. I know that sounds weird, and I am probably not wording it as best as I should. But that is probably why they are not receiving as negative replies as when a white performer does it.

    Personally, how a person dresses when they do these moves are how it comes off for me. Such as when Miley Cyrus was pole dancing, doing ‘sexy’ moves, I was appalled by it. More so because she was dressed in barely nothing when doing it, I’m turned off by dances when any race is dressed in barely nothing while doing the dance. What they wear can make it either trashy or artistic and acceptable. I know that sound contradicting but it is just how I feel on the matter.

    But with that being said, I can understand your opinion.

  • Sandy

    @ItsAlanisbitch Agreed. Honestly, if Noah Cyrus were to come out with a song as catchy as this and didn’t dress and/or dance like a $2 ho, I’d have no problem with it.
    Unfortunately, that usually is not the case.


    @ItsAlanisbitch – Maybe you’re right, but what about Rihanna using her sex appeal as well? What about Beyonce using her sex appeal and dressing raunchy as her other fellow pop stars but she never gets called out on it, does she? Not really. Beyonce uses the whole sexy/good girl image quite often.

  • Erica

    Well, as a mother of a 8 and a 10 year old, I don’t think this is at all sexual. I’ll let my kids watch it. I had to look really hard for the supposed “stripper drops.” Willow is dressed appropriately, not at all sexy, and jumping around having fun. It would be different if she was dressed in booty shorts and tight tops, but she’s not. Seriously, this is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

  • Jenn

    she sounds like a young Rhianna to me

  • maribella

    I think it’s really cute and I can see it being played on the Disney Channel.
    She doesn’t look sexualized at all. Maybe a little sassy and displaying a bit more attitude than we’re used to seeing from a 9 year old, but she’s performing.

    The song did get stuck in my head after the first listen, which was annoying because all I could remember was the chorus, and I sang that one line for 3 hours. :/

  • debho

    What I find offensive is the song….it’s pretty awful. rofl The dancing is fine…like most people have stated, she’s dressed appropriately, not in shorty shorts and teeny tiny top. My first thoughts though were “is that really her singing?” Sounds much older than a 9/10 yo voice.

  • ella

    ok ella #2 here (i always post under this name which is why i’m not changing it even though there is another ella in this conversation). this video is SO not sexual at all. lots of kids do HIP HOP DANCING, which is what this is. it’s so not sexual. i don’t even know how to argue this better because i have no clue what you’re even talking about. the only thing that i can think of is that lots of oversexualized dancing we see is based on hip hop, so maybe you’re associating all hip hop dancing with over-sexualization?
    I’m usually the first person to call out the representation of young girls as being too sexualized, but this just ain’t it. leave the poor girl alone.

  • meg

    I’m a 26 year old woman and don’t know what a “stripper drop” is …
    I didn’t see much wrong with the video. The song … well, I’m not a fan.

  • Ashley

    I have had this song in my head for a week! It’s really good. I have a 5 year old and I could care less if she heard the song or watched the video. It’s a little girl dancing in age-appropriate clothing. People make wayyy to big of a deal out of stuff lately.

  • jessica

    lets hope her parents and everyone else around her doesn’t make her feel (unconsciously) like she and her brother need to complete, compete, etc. in order to be noticed in such a high profile family.
    Ten years old and probably already a heartbreaker!

  • Shan

    I think everyone is over-analyzing this! Kids have dreams of being actors, singers, dancers, athletes… etc. What is so wrong about letting her pursue her dream? Yes, being the spawn of Will Smith may give her more opportunities than “normal” children, but I think she’s pretty talented too! I don’t think this video crosses the line in any way.

  • Alexandria

    All this pooh poohing and debate about what is wrong and right, and no one has commented on how adorable that little baby dancing is. I’m just sayin’.

  • Lyss

    OMG! This is the song in a video that my friend forwarded to me a while back. I never knew it was Will Smith’s own pride and joy.

    Here’s the video
    Still cracks me up haha.

  • periz

    ummm i dont get why everyone thinks that this video is in any way inappropriate. i mean seriously “stripper drop”? what the hell is that? also @CHASE good point about the rihanna/miley thing… i guess on my part i have never thought of rihanna as being young. i still forget that she is fairly young. but with miley she started on disney as a roll model to little girls so that is probably why people are pissed with her change in style.

  • krissy

    @chase, Britney NEVER wore that many clothes! lol. When we see Willow walking around braless at 16 and posing for Rollingstone in bra and panties in front of dolls, then we will have something to complain about. A fully clothed girl dancing is not inappropriate. (And Rhianna and Beyonce waited until they were “legal” to amp up the sexy.)

  • mississippi vunderboy

    This song is the bomb i can’t wait till it hits the clubs big time……the only thing that worries me is that the er rooms will be filled with people with neck injuries lmao and i might be one if i keep watching this video lol

  • NPR Fan

    Interestingly, the original Sesame Street segment this plays over is also in the news:

  • Amanda G

    I suffered through the whole video to see if I could find the ‘sexual’ part of the video and thankfully I saw none. No idea what anyone is talking about in regards to that. On a side note, what an awful song.

  • Kendra

    I’m already pre-disposed to disliking anything that comes from the Smiths..I can’t stand them as a couple and I think their kids are almost as obnoxious as they are..I know..It’s horrible and I’m a horrible person for being so judgey, but..Meh..In the words of every Top Chef contestant, it is what it is..

    • @Kendra — Actually ……………. I’m in the same boat with you. BUT, this song changed my mind. Willow is so cute and anyone who can infect my brain with such a catchy song kinda rules, in my book :D

  • anna67

    Is that her mom(Jada) as the ‘disapproving’ teacher who then whips her hair? LOL!
    Gosh,she has so much confidence.I was too shy to barely speak at that age.I do hope they’re very careful about this.She’s a BABY.Make sure it’s fun and not a job and doesn’t interfere with her schoolwork or give her access to nightclubs or other negative influences that impact badly on her sense of self.Both Jack Wild & Drew Barrymore were allowed admittance unchaperoned to drinking establishments and fed booze and drugs before they were 12 by showbiz folks who thought it hilarious to do so.Children,however mature or outgoing need protection from preying opportunists that exist in this world.Have fun,Smith family,but be safe and smart about it.

  • Mike

    Awesome, fabulous, EPIC! I see nothing wrong with the video, or dancing…I am 24 and I didn’t know about the supposed stripper drops. All I see is a young girl with big dreams and even bigger talent. Is a 9 year old who wants to be a singer suppose to sing about rainbows and lolly-pops and just skip around in a circle? Also I think it all comes down to the parents. I think if the child comes from a loving, tight knit family with good morals and values then the kid will not stray…none of this every celebrity is a bad role model and over sexualization crap. It is mostly what the parents do (or don’t do) that will affect the child the most. Great Job willow. See you at number 1 on the BB hot 100

  • Oh my! Does she ever look like her poppa! Wow!!! I’m never gonna get this song outta my head. While I was initially shocked it came from seeing and hearing something completely unexpected. I can see where folks would be up-at-arms considering her age but if this is the baddest thing she does until 18 while living in H-wood, her folks should consider themselves lucky.

  • DaniVt

    I get Ella’s point as well- although Willow herself doesn’t necessarily dance in a “sexy” way, I think there are sexual overtones in the video, especially in how the adult woman dances. Also, is there a line in there about “all my ladies” or something like that? That just made me laugh, why is a 9 yo calling out to all her “ladies”? Why not her girls? Also, the song is annoying!

  • toya

    It’s a children’s song by a CHILD. Move the fuck on…damn this world is to PC!!


  • A


    I love how people are saying that this video is inappropriate for her age. How is this inappropriate?

    Are Americans just generally prudish or something?

  • megan

    I think it’s adorable. I wanted to be a singing superstar from age 5. The songs I sang back then, were pretty bad; this is just cute!

  • Mariah


  • Not my thing but how is this so offensive?

  • F

    Does it make me a bad person to want to slap her when she does her “shake ’em off” hand motion? I can’t stand kids with “attitude”.

  • Ash

    Is the guy who gets his white jump suit changed color first Tyler fr Taking the stage?

  • she is so cute.

  • Jordan

    I actually like this alot. Very fun, and Willow is completely adorable. I love the last shot where she just smiles real big at the camera. And I actually was impressed with how appropriate the dancing was. To me, it didn’t seem risque or anything like that – just seemed like a little girl dancing around, having fun.

  • jhye

    cool as

  • Laura

    Apparently having famous parents with a ton of money can make people think you’re talented. I’m a like Will Smith but not his children

  • Colleen
  • Jamie

    I think it’s great! Saw the video earlier, but had to check it again for the “stripper drop,” have to say- I couldn’t find it. Part of my health program for my second graders is to get moving for a solid five minutes by dancing to music- I think they would love to dance to this song. So fun!

  • Sheigh

    So disturbing for my eyes!
    I can focus anytime…so coloring and dancing in too many directions!
    And I also wonder how many wigs are fallen down during the repetition ?

  • cmc

    @Colleen omg she even stole the trademark PITNB stars!

  • Nicola

    Bet she had a headache after all that hair whipping.

  • Anne

    Oh lord. This song IS infectious. Loves it.

  • shanny

    Catchy hook that I hope won’t infect my brain this week. I can’t believe she is only 9 or 10- I think I was still playing with Barbies back then.

  • Shannon

    For Ella (#1) and all others I believe this is what a proper “stripper drop” looks like…

    Hope this helps!

  • G

    Annoyingly catchy now my 3 year old son is whipping his hair back and forth! Lets hope he dosent bang into the desk!

  • Joe Smo

    We all know her voice doesn’t sound like that. Thanks to software such as Autotone, anyone can sound amazing. Don’t believe me? Download the software and ask a 50 year old smoker with their vocals taken out and a voice box to sing you this song.

  • peteski

    excellent example of ‘hairography’ (a la Glee)!

  • hailey

    i love the song… its really fun and catchy

  • Shilla

    the video is okay, cute song and I love her voice. but I think that she’s way too young for the show-biz.

  • Janey

    It’s very different to what most child stars are releasing, not your Miley Cyrus type of song and I like that. I do, however, think that it is wrong for a ten year old to be starting a showbiz career.

  • Chris

    She says “Whip my hair back and forth” sixteen times in a row for the chorus.

  • Kammie

    Other than all the hooplah about whether or not this song is appropriate, has anyone ever noticed that you never see or hear about Trey, Will’s oldest son?

  • periz

    @shannon, you just made my day. thank you for that :)

  • ella

    @ Toya, why so angry? Just giving my opinion. I never said that I hated her or the song I just think she is young.

  • stacy
  • Ashley H.

    I need to say this to all the haters on this video… WHO CARES? That little girl is doing her thing and the song is stuck in my head now.

  • Meg

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this video, and the kid looks like she’s having a great time. If you look at the youtube views people are definitely loving it.
    HOWEVER… IT’S SO REPETITIVE! The only line I can even remember is “I whip my hair back and forth”…. over, and over, and over….

  • patches

    ugh this song is LAME and sorry, I don’t want to listen to a little girl singing on the radio, next will be toddlers in diapers still doing duets with rappers

  • Shannon

    @periz, you’re welcome! ;) I like to think I’m funny sometimes!

  • HateTila

    Please call out that skank bitch Tila Tequila for jacking your stuff. Can’t stand her.

  • mimi

    i feel like i’ve arrived in beaumont and i’m facing a crowd led by reverend shaw!
    what is all this about her “being too young for show business?” are you saying only people older than 18 can sing, dance, act in hollywood? children have a place in the industry, provided they have good supervision, they still receive their education and that they are sheltered from the more mature aspects of the industry.
    her video and her song is completely innocent. people are always too ready to jump to conclusions about children being over-sexualised. there is NO reference to sexuality in her lyrics or in her dancing. she’s a little kid having fun for christ sake. she cant help if her voice sounds older than 9 – christina aguilera had the same criticism made about her. the lyrics are about HAIR – not boys or kissing or anything. she’s wearing a painter’s outfit, not almost lingerie. there’s no “stripper dancing”… i honestly dont see what the problem is.

  • amanda

    this sounds like something rihanna would do.

  • love the video

  • mani

    Everyone who has a problem with this video are the fuel for the lyrics in the song. People who refuse to let their children become individuals.[ look at her interviews] You pound cookie-cutter paradigms into your children and wonder why the majority of the population lives mediocre lives full of the “what-could- have-beens”
    Destiny’s Child started singing at 9[first hit at 15] and they are the most succesful girl group of my generation. Their lead singer is infamous.
    Childhood is about innocence and having fun which is what this video is all about.
    Please tell me what is sexual about anything she has done.

    And the only reason the media attacks white woman and not black woman for “being sexual” is because black woman are stereotyped as being hoes. so when they do something it’s what they are “supposed” to do.

  • Emma

    Willow looks like a 9 year old having fun. The song is probably aimed at other 9 year olds. It could be worse…did anyone ever hear of the MiniPops? A bunch of kids singing popular Top 40 songs, some of which were NOT appropriate for a child.

    And have you ever actually looked at Will Smith’s song lyrics? They were clean as he did not want to offend his grandmother! I think Willow has a good chance of being brought up properly and not turn into a train wreck (like Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan).

  • Cecilia

    hahahahahahaha this is HILARIOUS that some people think it’s not age appropriate…. she’s 9 and dancing around whipping her hair…. there are NO so-called stripper drops……… OMG. HILARIOUS people!!! Do you have to pick out the bad things, she’s having fun! LIKE A KID DOES!

  • Kelly

    I think this song is pretty amazing for a 10 year old! Willow is one talented girl!

    I dont understand why people are so concerned about her age, this is a very age appropriate song. The video is not racey or inappropriate! I can’t believe that people find this video scandelous, i agree with @mimi people are too ready to jump to conclusions, the lyrics have no allusions to sexuality, drugs, or anything else inappropriate for her age. she is fully clothed and her dance moves are appropriate.

    I think this is a great video, and the song is fabulous, I hope willow keeps up the good work!

  • Kelly

    p.s. i cannot find any “stripper drops” in the video, just saying

  • perla

    i love your video willo smith i want to do a song with you i have a very good siging voice thx bye from perla

  • omg ella shutup please. she is 9 and firece and smart. this song iz for gurlzs her age i have a 10 month old and if she wntd to become a singer at 9 i wud let her. if thats her dream and wat she wnts to do. my god think positive. LOVE YOU WILLOW SMITH. SUCH A CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • no stripper moves your funny.

  • she’s not ten she’s 9 and she can sing and jaden iz sooooooooooooo cute

  • she iz 9 getcha factzs right jus sayn

  • she’ll be ten on october 31rst….

  • sexxie sexxie beckeh

    this song is catchy i love it!!!!!! lmao

  • sexxie sexxie beckeh

    nd theres nothing sexual bout her dancing its hip hop!!! duh!!!!!!! lmao

  • irug

    This is unfair! I live in London an i cant see it! Someone please post one on youtube!

  • M Bell

    What a surprise….more bad music coming from someone too young to even understand the lyrics of their own songs.

  • yoo00ho00

    All you have to do is look at what has happened to young kids which have been put in the spot light in the past. 9 times out of ten they end up pretty messed up. I don’t think its right.. The music business is ruthless and fueled by drugs.. not something a bloody 9 year old should be mixed up in. Makes me just a little bit sick tbh

  • black

    This is da hardest song I ever heard

  • hey i wish i can talk to you on the fone or on the internet u sound really cool and i love both of your songs. i hope you write me on yahoo talk to you soon willow. ;)

  • i love this vido

    • hay willow is it hard to work lioke that .iam your age and i am big fan ………………………………………