Tom Cruise & Jeremy Renner Get Wet For ‘Mission: Impossible 4’


On Friday we got our first look at actor Jeremy Renner on the Prague set of Mission: Impossible 4 filming his first scenes with lead actor Tom Cruise. Today we get to see new photos that show that shizz got seriously serious on the M:I 4 set … Jeremy and Tom had to get in the water to film in the freezing Prague weather:

HMMM … yeah, I’m not sure what the showering situation turned out to be but … you gotta give it up to these guys … I’m certain it is no small feat filming scenes like this when the temps are near freezing. Here’s hoping the guys managed to get warm as quickly as possible after filming … in any way possible.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Ama

    Haha, these photos would be so boring/uninteresting without the speech bubbles. Great stuff.

  • Meghan

    LOL. Hysterical captions Trent!

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