Watch: The ‘Scream 4’ Teaser Video From The 2010 Spike Scream Awards


The first footage from the much-anticipated sequel film Scream 4 was shown last night at the taping of the 2010 Spike Scream Awards (which I had the extreme pleasure of attending in person myself) as Wes Craven, Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Emma Roberts presented the World Premiere of a new teaser video trailer for the film. Here is our first look at that footage which — I must clarify — was not recorded by me, is filmed at an extreme angle and is presented in low quality … but still is a pretty good first look at Scream 4:

This teaser clip will be broadcast in beautiful HD on Tuesday night when the 2010 Spike Scream Awards air on Spike TV so make sure you tune in to watch. I know there are a lot of Scream fans in the hiz, so I hope you enjoy this sneak peek at the film. We get to see a lot in this first footage … it really looks like Scream 4 is kinda be all kinds of kick-ass! Woot!!

UPDATE: Another more clear, front-facing fan-recorded video of this Scream 4 teaser trailer has made its way to the Internets — check it out, after the jump …

As you can see, this video also features the introduction made by the Scream 4 cast in attendance at the Spike Scream Awards. I think it’s easier to see what is going on in this first teaser footage. Enjoy!



    I JUST DIED AND WENT TO SCREAMLAND! : ) And I thiiiink I have a hunch of who the killer might be!

  • Natalie

    So that totally just gave me chills! I can’t freakin’ wait!

  • Chris

    that was sort of epic

  • Chris

    oops forgot. @ chase. its totally gale and dewey!

  • Philli[

    So Gail is going to die obviously!!!! ughhhhh. As long as sidney doesnt I guess Im ok with it. But seriously, AMAZINGGG!

  • Hannah

    I dont know. If Gail was going to die they wouldn’t have made it so obvious in the trailer. Remember these movies are all about trying to throw people off the trail.

    • @Hannah — I agree, these teaser trailers always throw out a red herring to try and fake us out.

  • jb

    was that Gail at the end?

  • nicole


  • Anno

    Watched them film here in Northville – amazing how many movies are being made in Michigan these days.

  • Kelly

    It was a bit difficult for me to tell, but is Sidney in the trailer much? If she’s not, then that makes me feel like…well, you know.

  • Philli[

    Sidney is in the majority of the trailer. I know kevin williamson would probably never kill off sidney. I along with millions of other fans would be upset, they can do something else besides killing her to move along with the new trilogy theyre planning. Idk, but it looks like Gail is pretty much screwed, shes atleast getting stabbed.

  • Hannah

    If any of the three principals die I would put my money on Dewey. He gets more and more screwed each movie when it comes to the killer there is only so much he can take before he finally bites it.

  • Mac

    THIS LOOKS SO GOOD! I can’t help but suspect Anna and Kristen are the first to get offed, they’ll probably be watching a Stab sequel in the beginning…this has the feeling of the original Scream. SO EXCITED (And obsessed…)

  • I’m excited. With all that ‘pre-filming’ mumbo jumbo crap earlier… So much press for nothing that wasn’t anything. Haha.

  • Kelly

    Hmm. I agree, Dewey always gets it bad. But Sidney seems to be wearing the same outfit in every shot in this trailer, which still just makes me think. I guess we’ll find out :-)

  • Philli[ extended trailer!!!!!!! best quality yet!