‘Scream 4’ Releases A New Promo Photo Of The Big 3


Now that everyone is all a-buzz about the big split between estranged married couple Courteney Cox and David Arquette, the folks promoting their upcoming film Scream 4 want to remind you that they will be appearing in a film together next Spring. In the wake of all the couple’s personal drama unfolding in the public eye, the promo team for Scream 4 has released a new image from the film that shows the big 3 original Scream castmembers all together in one photo:

If things are awkward now for David Arquette and Courteney Cox, let’s just hope they settle things come April when they have to promote their flick, Scream 4. The publicity machine actually begins rolling out this weekend when Arquette will join Neve Campbell at the Spike TV’s Scream Awards on Saturday … Separated or not, we’re still looking forward to the return of the ghostface killer. However, Cox will not be making an appearance. Whether or not it has to do with their splitsville status is unknown, but a source says the Cougar Town star never had any plans to attend. Arquette will present footage from the fourth installment of the horror franchise during the awards show with Campbell and new castmember Emma Roberts.

My guess is that things are too hot right now with all the dunzo drama going on for Courteney and David for them to appear at an awards show together as if everything were just fine. I’m certain the couple will be able to make public appearances again together sometime in the future … just not this weekend. The folks at Scream 4 are smart to capitalize on what is going on this week, tho. Everyone’s already talking about Courteney and David, why not remind everyone that they’ve got a movie coming out next year.


  • May

    With new films for both the Arquettes and Christina Aguliera, you have to marvel at the timing of these unfortunate splits.

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  • taikwan

    Courtney has turned bitchy – probably hard to live with. David seems to be easy-going. Looking forward to seeing Emma Roberts who was really good in “IT’S KIND OF A FUNNY STORY”