Plans Are In The Works For ‘Top Gun 2’


Tom Cruise may be bizzy these days filming a new Mission: Impossible film in Prague but word has it that he has agreed to sign on for a sequel to his classic 80’s film Top Gun. According to a new report from New York magazine, Paramount Studios is interested in making a sequel to Top Gun that would be updated for the times but will feature Cruise as possible a “grizzled Top Gun flight instructor”. HMMM. Read on for the deets:

Reinflate your beach volleyballs, don your aviators, and apply some Coppertone to your shaven chests, lads, for the sequel to Top Gun is nigh! Vulture has learned that Paramount Pictures has made offers to both producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Tony Scott to follow up their action classic, and has a missile lock on Oscar-winning screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) to update the script, one in which Tom Cruise’s Maverick would play a smaller role. Maverick would be confused and slightly depressed by the state of Top Gun these days, anyway. Last June, at a junket for Disney’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Bruckheimer let slip that he had been “recently approached again to start talking about [a sequel]” but noted that “the aviation community has completely changed since we made the movie a long time ago.” Since 1986, the TOPGUN syllabus has been changed so the focus is far less on the spectacular and dramatic air-to-air dogfights that defined Top Gun and far more about teaching U.S. pilots to drop very large bombs on very small ground targets. But we’re told by a source close to the project that McQuarrie — who is friendly with Cruise — has found a way to incorporate Maverick, and what’s more, we hear that Cruise has agreed to take a smaller role in the film, provided it’s not too “obvious” a part, i.e. Lieutenant Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell as grizzled Top Gun flight instructor. McQuarrie is in big demand these days, having impressed Twentieth Century Fox with a hot script for the Wolverine sequel. And to be sure, Paramount would no doubt like to see Top Gun become a franchise, too: The original film grossed $353 million worldwide, or roughly $699 million in today’s dollars.

The good news here, I suppose, is that this film would be a sequel rather than an outright remake … the bad news, I guess, is that Hollywood is absolutely incapable of coming up with any new ideas. That being said, Top Gun is truly one of the iconic films of the 1980’s and I would prolly be interested in paying to see a sequel if for the mere nostalgic factor. Top Gun was the film that pretty much cemented Tom Cruise as a HUGE movie star and set the pace for the rest of his career. If done right, I can see how an updated film about US Navy pilots might be a hit … tho, I doubt it will spark the big Navy trend that the first film did in the mid-80’s (ie. I doubt the bomber jacket fad will take off again this time around). I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this news just yet … let’s wait and see if anything more comes of this initial talk. What do y’all think … would you be interested in a Top Gun 2?


  • Lacey

    I will see it…but only if they re-do the volleyball scene.

  • Linda

    I loved that movie! Would love a sequel. But Trent, weren’t they Navy (as opposed to Air Force)?

    • @Linda — Whoops! Ugh, yes the Navy … I’m kinda out of it this AM.

  • Hannah

    Yep, they were navy pilots. I will probably end up seeing it because my husband is a huge airplane nut and loved the original. Personally I can see it being a generic hollywood movie.

  • Grace


  • Darcy

    Definitely Navy Pilots, not Air Force… my father was a Top Gun pilot, and he was in the Navy.

  • Kammie


  • Mr,.Gyllenhaal

    Sequel go for it…could be okay! I would watch it but whatever…what about a another film in the Iron Eagle series:)

  • chadSF

    I loved this film when it came out and I agree with you that this is one iconic film of the 80’s. But at the same time, I am totally with you when you wrote “Hollywood is absolutely incapable of coming up with any new ideas.” Not too crazy about this but we’ll see how this unravels. I do wonder now if they’ll have Zach Efron in the role of Tom Cruise.


    I never seen the first one. Is it good? Also, Tom looks good with darker hair.

  • Masher

    I totally dated myself recently with my Mom’s Group. I was comparing Liam Hemsworth’s abs to the guys in the Volleyball scene in Top Gun and the girls I was with had these blank looks on their faces! lol They need to make a sequel so the younger generation (augh!) will take a look at the original and not make me feel so old!

  • pam

    I have a few casting suggestions for volleyball scene: Jared Padalecki and Taylor Kitsch !!! yum

  • I guess they need a little ‘Nellie Bottom’ to ‘break in’ the next ‘Top Gun’!