Chris Pine Does ‘Details’ Magazine


Chris Pine, who stars as the young Captain James T. Kirk in the newly rebooted Star Trek film franchise and will be seen in the new film Unstoppable later this year, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Details magazine:

As of yet, Details has not made available any part of his coverstory interview … but in addition to this first look at his hawt coverphoto, they have also released a few photos from the accompanying photospread. Check out those photos, after the jump …

Apparently the coverstory article will be made available next Tuesday (hopefully with a few more photos) but this sneak peek is just the right kind of thing to keep me satisfied until then. Chris Pine looks good in these Details photos, y’all. He can beam me up anytime.


  • trena

    YUM! That made my Thursday. The man is hot!

  • Nicola

    Hot hot HOT. He looks a lot hotter these days than his Princess Diaries 3 and Just my Luck days :P
    Hopefully there will be another star trek film…and like classic Kirk, he’ll get his shirt torn to shreds within the first ten minutes…

  • woodroad

    He does bulge well in that first picture

  • Juneh

    Hello there!


    He’s very good-looking! Also, am I the only one that thinks Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend, Liam, looks A LOT like him? They could be twins. Srsly.

  • Aylee

    Sigh, so pretty!

  • saw him in L.A. in the stage play “The Lieutenant of Inishmore” a few months ago and he was amazing.. didn’t know he could do black comedy so well.. looked like he lost weight from his “Star Trek” movie but still so cute..

  • Panti Christ

    I didn’t know I was a fan until just now! ! !

  • J.

    Well, that’ll get me through my afternoon classes. Yes sir.

  • Val 2.0

    I’m not entirely familiar with Pine’s career. Was he a model before he was an actor? These pictures look very “model turned actor turned model” to me. Nothing wrong with that, mind you. He’s VERY easy on the eyes. Just wondering.

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  • Lashes2004

    Its funny u say he looks like Liams twin because Liams actual brother played Pines dad (aka, the dad of captain james t. kirk) in the beginning of the awesome new Star Trek movie:-)