Watch: Rihanna, ‘Only Girl (In The World)’


Last Saturday we got to see a few screencaps from Rihanna’s new music video Only Girl (In The World), the lead track off her new album Loud (due out in November). Today we get to see the music video in full:

I don’t believe the video has been released yet officially but, well, as you know Rihanna’s music videos tend to find their way to the Internets before they’re really supposed to. The vid is pretty straightforward … Ri Ri in the middle of a giant field, belting out her song. The video doesn’t really fit the song IMHO but … I guess it’s a’ight. Check it out in full after the jump and judge for yourselves …

I honestly cannot take her seriously with that wig on … I really don’t like it at all. The song is growing on me tho … the vid, meh. What do y’all think? Is this a hot vid worthy of leading the release of a new album?


  • nicole

    she kind of could have done alot with this video…and iMO she took an easy route. its boring and all you notice is that thing on her head.

  • Ali_Di

    To me it kinda looks like a video an A/V club would do for Art Class.
    The video doesn’t go with the song IMO, except that she’s the only girl in it (though in all honesty, I only watched till the end of the first verse, like the song, not impressed with the video)!

  • I’ve loved this song since I first heard it on the radio and the video (to me anyway) looks visually pleasing, though I do wish that because “Only Girl” is a faster-paced song that there should’ve been… faster-paced action? I’m just happy to see her feminine/happy side come back now after her whole ‘Rated R’ era, which imho, was not my favorite of hers.

  • Mariah

    Her hair, honestly, doesn’t bother me all that much. The song has really grown on me. It’s a hot track. Total club music. And it’s a shame because with such a hot song, the video could’ve been fire. But I’m feeling cold now after watching it. Booooo!

  • Scott

    I absolutely love this song but I agree that the video could have been MUCH better. In my opinion Umbrella was such a GREAT video and is a perfect example of how introduce the world to a new album. If you haven’t seen the “Who’s that chick” video, check it out….great example of a great song and video…LOVE HER!!!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Blah…it is nothing special!

  • hailey

    i think she’s trying out a different look for black ladies.. a lot of the images and the photography direction is quite unique. that includes the red crimpy hair. i like that rihanna is bold and tries to push new looks to the edge. and its hardly ugly. i dont know if its because she’s pretty, or if her style direction is fabooo…the current red hue look has been tried and tested. its ok once.. but its time for a change..

  • James

    UGH Really Ri? The song is SO MUCH FUN. The hair is whatever, I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either. BUT what the hell happened? The video just sucks. It definitely looks like it could not have cost more than a couple of hundred dollars. I get the theme was being “the only girl in the world” but maybe she could’ve had like a posse of guys..just something…anything…

  • LaTigresse

    I think she’s trying to channel Kelis in the days of ”Caught out there” with her bright pink/red hair. I really don’t mind… except that sometimes it looks too much like a wig.

    The video is sweet, I like it but its not memorable….

  • James

    @LaTigresse, that’s funny you mention Kelis because I was gonna say, Kelis pretty much ALREADY made this RiRi video. It’s called Fourth of July. (arid region, then night time with fireworks, the twirling around with her hands in the air in slow mo etc etc etc…).

  • LaTigresse

    @James, You’re right! I had seen 4th of july during the summer but now that you mention it, I totally see what you mean!!! I actually think Kelis’ video suits her song better.

    Btw it’s not the first time someone steals their ideas from Kelis… For example, some of Lady Gaga’s looks direct copies from hers:


    I can’t decide if she’s ripped off Madonna or Janet Jackson. The fashion in this video is pointless and very distracting since it doesn’t relate to the song and it’s just totally unnecessary… I don’t understand her, really. This is her weakest video to date and it isn’t visually stunning like it should be, either. HMMMMMMM…

  • J

    It’s like I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman but for a club song! I don’t mind the video, love the tone and colours. The red hair people have got to get over TBH, she looks hot no matter what. I’m digging the new sound but personally really liked Rated R, seems to be her strongest album yet, hopefully LOUD can top this, but Rated R was probably the best R&B/Pop album last year.

  • James

    @LaTigresse. HOLY crap…that’s crazy seeing those pics. Ii wonder if Kelis just giggles to herself about all those outfits on Gaga. I guess it’s all about the hits, w/o the hits who cares who wore what, no one will remember. I absolutely adore Kelis tho <3.

    @Chase: yup the "Together Again" comparisons are inevitable haha

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