First Look: ‘Glee’ Does ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’


Back in July we learned that Glee was planning to do a episode based on the cult classic film The Rocky Horror Picture Show … and today we get our first look at promo photos for the ep! Here are a couple of our fave Glee characters Finn (Cory Moneith) and Quinn (Diana Argon) in Rocky Horror drag as Brad and Magenta respectively:

Finn’s look started out “pretty bland, like the nerdy character Brad is,” says costume designer Lou Eyrich. But once Cory Monteith put on the black-rimmed glasses and got a side part in his hair, he transformed. “Cory’s just a big goofy nerd and so is Brad,” says Colfer. “He was perfect.”

“Here, Quinn [Dianna Agron] is one of the partygoers for our big ‘Time Warp’ dance scene,” says Eyrich. “When the hairstylists told us they wanted to give Dianna a pink wig, we gave her a pink top and glittery hat. To make it more youthful, we used a high-waisted pant from H&M and a gold cummerbund.” Quinn does double duty in the production, joining Santana (Naya Rivera) as dual versions of kinky-wigged domestic Magenta.

After the jump, check out 3 more promo photos and see what Rocky Horror characters Kurt (Chris Colfer), Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Dr. Carl (John Stamos) will portray on the ep …

“Riff Raff is the best character, and everyone was amazed at how incredible the makeup was,” says Colfer. “I was mistaken for a blonde woman a couple times. All I kept thinking was, ‘You did this to yourself, Chris.'”

“At first, Sam [Chord Overstreet] is wearing tiny little gold shorts, but then they decide that’s maybe not appropriate for a school play, so he ends up in these gold board shorts and tank top,” explains Eyrich. Overstreet was shocked when he saw what little he’d be wearing. “He was a really good sport but hit the gym extra hard,” adds Eyrich. But Colfer has no sympathy: “Ha! Take that, new guy!” Glee Rocky Horror Picture Show

When Puck drops out of the production, John Stamos’ Dr. Carl fills in — crashing his motorcycle through a stage wall. Since it’s difficult to imagine hunky John mimicking a role played in the film by Meat Loaf, Carl does “his own sexy version of Eddie to intimidate Will [Matthew Morrison],” says Eyrich. “It was actually John’s idea to do a take-off on Elvis’ leather-suit look from his 1968 TV special.”

As I’ve made clear before, I don’t really like The Rocky Horror Picture Show but I must admit, these promo pics give me hope that the ep will be fun despite the fact that I’m not a fan. I cannot wait to see which Rocky Horror characters the other Glee characters will portray. This looks fun. What do YOU think Rocky Horror fans? Are you impressed?


  • Hank

    John Stamos in leather is always fine by me……yum!

  • Mr,.Gyllenhaal

    I think this is going to be awesome!!!!

  • CB

    So does this mean that Will is Dr. Frankenfurter? Uh… and they were worried about the Rocky costume? This should be interesting. I love me some RHPS!

  • Nicholas7


    Nobody cares about your opinions. Just report the facts. Give us the hot goss. Post the pics. Post the vids.
    Stop whining about all the things you don’t like… it gets old!
    Rid your blog of your negativity! Thanks! :)

    • @Nicholas7 — “Rid your blog of your negativity!” LMAOOOOO! I’ll see what I can do :) I am curious, tho, of this “negativity” you speak of … please enlighten.

  • Adam Bomb

    Hey, most of us DO care about your opinions, Trent. Disregard the haters :)

    I could NOT be more excited for the Rocky episode!!!!

  • aimie

    i have never seen the rocky horror picture show so i have no frame of refrence for these pics… but hopefully the glee episode will make sense. lol.

  • Kendra

    Oohhh!! I’m so excited!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rocky Horror Picture Show and can’t wait to see what they do! I’m a little disappointed Chord isn’t wearing those teeny gold shorts like in the movie, but John Stamos makes up for it in his leather-daddy outfit..Yummers!
    And seriously, Trent..You’re such a jerk all the time!! ;)

  • liz

    UGH i love RHPS. it’s a cult classic that should stay as is. not on a main stream tv show. it takes out that little something special that RHPS has :(

  • Carrie M


    Response to NIcholas7— The whole reason I even read your blog is for the opinions!! I can get the gossip and the facts anywhere. I love your comments, keep em coming!! also– Rocky Horror is my all time fav and I could NOT be more excited for this! Can’t wait till the first video clip!!!

  • Damn that Stamos for looooooooking fine as all can be.

    Have mercyyyy!

  • Aylee

    Exciting! I wonder who’s going to play the part of the Sweet Transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania?

  • Winona

    This is going to be fantastic!!!! John Stamos as Eddie…

  • luka

    @liz COMPLETELY agree. Leave Rocky alone! I bet most of the cast hasn’t even seen it.

  • gabe

    @NIcholas7 -last time i checked, this is trents blog. he can state whatever opinion he wants..i usually tend to agree with what he writes. There are plenty of other blogs out there, but i come here because i love the way he writes. feel free to leave PITNB!

  • @ Nicholas7 – This is Tent’s blog and last time I knew . . . blogs are all about opinions from the blogger. If you want straight “gossip” then I suggest you head over to or

    I have never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show so I really can’t comment on whether I like it or not. I love Glee tho! So I can’t wait :D

    • @everyone — Thanks for the support, y’all … but I just don’t even understand the “negativity” comment in the first place. I rarely blog about things I don’t like, mostly because it’s more fun to blog about stuff that I love … like Glee. Rocky Horror may not be one of my faves but I’m looking forward to Glee’s take on the film.

  • T

    I’m excited…lov Rocky!

    So what happen to “Puck”?

  • roxster

    LOL of COURSE Uncle Jesse wants an Elvis inspired look, can’t wait!

    I’m confused…I don’t even see any negativity in this post? Dunno what sparked it. And even when Trent doesn’t like something he’s pretty nice about it and usually writes it off as its not my cup of tea but others may like it…..

  • nicole

    more stamos?! woooo
    and really….doesnt every blog cover a persons opinion? even TMZ drops an opinion. and if it bothers you that much…go to another blog? one person wont be missed here.
    love you trent!

  • HeatherLea_1340

    I could not be any more excited for this! When will it air?

  • SuzieB

    Ummm @Nicholas7 I’m thinkin you contributed a bit of negativity there. ; )
    @Trent – don’t you go changin’ a thing!

    And – I’m with y’all – Stamos in Leather… have merrrrrrcy!

  • Rochelle

    So excited! I’ve loved RHPS since I first saw it! The music is just so fun…. i can just imagine Emma or Rachel singing “toucha toucha touchhhhhhh meeee” to Will/Dr.Carl or Finn

  • Lauren

    I have never seen Glee, but I might this ep….Love RHPS…..the Glee cast looks amazing….

  • I really wanted Emma to sing Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me, but if it’s a school play version of the show… not sure if that’s in the cards…
    Can’t wait. Looks wonderful

  • Janelle

    Nicholas7 : this is possibly one of the most positive blogs out there. That’s the whole reason I come here. Take YOUR negativity somewhere else!

  • taikwan

    Actually I miss the negative (when need be) bitchy comments of yore, Trent. There used to be much more “editorial” comments about the biz and people who play there and I loved them.

  • Taire

    so I haven’t watched Glee this season so far (I’ve been far to commited to NCIS), but I think i’m going to have to make an exception for this Tuesday. I <3 RHPS, and the cas of Glee doing it…well that can't be bad.

  • Bretta

    I don’t watch this show, but I LOVE RHPS and that Quinn girl is DEF not dressed as Magenta in that photo…it even says so in the text. She’s dressed as one of the Time Warp party goers. It simply says that she ALSO plays Magenta.

    I’m surprised that all these supposed RHPS fans that commented didn’t notice that uh, that looks nothing like Magenta..

  • Val 2.0

    Looks like Nicholas7 dropped an irony bomb.

  • Don’t care for Glee.
    Love Rocky Horror.
    I’m curious to see how they do on this. I’ll try and watch, if I can remember when it will be on.

  • Sherri

    honestly, quinn looks like columbia in that promo pic. if they were going for magenta maybe a wig? long black fuzzy haired wig. chris looks amazing as riff. god i can’t wait for this ep!!!!

    and yes. stamos + leather = yum lol. only when he flashes that smile though lolol

  • Helcy

    @CB mercedes is franknfurter
    i wonder how that will work out…

  • Jackie

    I love RHPS, don’t like Glee, but I maaaaaay just watch this one.

  • I heard Mercedes was going to be Dr Frankenfurter.. I wonder if they are going to be obvious and cast Artie as their buddy in the wheelchair

  • I love both and can not wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Danielle

    i don’t even watch glee but i totally want to see this ep especially since i’m going to be Magenta for halloween. :)

  • kurtxsam

    i thought kurt shouldve been Frankenfurter :( but i guess riff raff is ok too
    maybe puck will be frank?? >:) that would be really nice…

  • amber

    I LOVE GLEE! Im watching Rocky Horror Picture show right now and I am soooooo mad that kurt doesnt get to play frankenfurter!!! Mercedes as him doesn’t make ANY sence!! I was very dissapointed hearing tht!!! But other than that I am so excited to see Sam play sexy Rocky *licking lips* mmmmm soooo excited!!!

  • katelynn

    for anyone who is freaking out about quinn playing magenta, she isn’t. santana is playing magenta. if you want to see all of the pictures of the cast go to and they have most of them!