First Look: Daniel Radcliffe In ‘Dazed & Confused’ Magazine

Harry Potter and the Technicolor Dreamcoat

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe – who we learned last week will appear in this year’s Hallowe’en special on The Simpsons — is featured in the upcoming new issue of Dazed & Confused magazine in a pictorial that is sure to surprise his longtime fans … in the photospread, DanRad is all done up in very colorful make-up looking very much unlike the boy wizard character that made his famous:

While this image transformation isn’t quick as jarring as the one he did for his hit West End/Broadway play Equus, I think this is deffo a side of Daniel that we’ve not seen before. This preview of Dazed & Confused magazine comes from The Times of London newspaper which you cannot access online unless you pay a subscription fee. Fortunately, you can visit to see and read the magazine preview for free. I cannot wait to see the rest of this magazine photospread … I am loving this look on Danny boy.


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  1. lydia

    hott i love him!11 cant wait for WIB too

  2. carey

    it might be worrying that I still find him attractive

  3. Jules

    He looks like the character from the Scandal video for the song “Warrior” LOL!

  4. A

    It’s funny, I never found Daniel Radcliffe attractive until I started reading his interviews. He’s seriously awesome- smart and a dirty, liberal atheist.


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