First Look: Kristen Stewart In ‘Welcome To The Rileys’


Earlier today we learned that filming on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn will begin in a couple of weeks but lead actress Kristen Stewart has already wrapped filming production on another of her films … and Hit Fix brings us our first look at K. Stew in a very un-Bella-like role in the film Welcome to the Rileys:

As I understand it, K. Stew plays a character named Mallory who is a very troubled young stripper. Thru a serious of events, Mallory gets nurtured by co-star James Gandolfini’s character (Doug Riley) who takes it upon himself to help turn her life around. It remains to be seen if Stewart can bring the tortured nuances of this character to life on the big screen but I guess she’s gonna give it her best shot. In case you’re still interested, you can check out the trailer for Welcome to the Rileys after the jump …

It’s an interesting story … one that might actually get me to see it in theaters. What do y’all think … does this look like a worthwhile film to you?


  • mel

    looks interesting … im going to watch it :D

  • krissy

    It was very well reviewed when it went to festival. THR said, “An oft-told tale gets brightened by three fine performances.”

  • Amanda S

    this trailer has been out for months…

    • @Amanda S — Yep, it has.

  • Danielle

    @Amanda, it doesn’t matter if the trailer has been out for months. This is the first time I’ve seen it, as I’m sure this was the first time for many other people.

    Regardless, the movie looks touching and I will be going to see it if it makes its way to Edmonton.

  • Jen

    I can’t wait, it looks great. I really like Kristin Stewart, I think she is very true to herself. And maybe she is not smiley all the time, but at least she’s not being fake!

  • Lauren

    Yes, I plan on seeing this. I hope it’s released in my area. I love James Gandolfini and Kristen is one of my favorites. Besides, Sundance is good indicator of a movie that I would like. Thanks for promoting independent-style films!

  • Panti Christ

    Is it me, or does it seem like Kristen Stewart has been dying to play someone who’s f’ed up for a really long time. She tries so hard…yawners.

  • Tracy

    No Panti it is not just you. I’m just not impressed with Kristen’s acting. She always plays some kind of tortured soul. It would be nice to see her is a comedy or something different.


    I’M GOING TO SEE THIS MOVIE SO HARD! ; ) I can’t wait, really. As much as I find Kristen Stewart to be a douche bagel with douche cheese I am heavily interested in this movie. Woot times two, man! ; )

  • nicole

    @Panti & @Tracy – agreed.

  • Bec

    Watching Kristen is exhausting!

  • adrinila

    I’m really waitng to see this movie I <3 the trailer, and even when I LOVE Kristen for her Role as Bella, I wanna see th movie 'cause I really like the story!!

  • sam

    I don’t understand, her acting seems the exact same as every other movie. Pass from me.

  • Katb

    I love James Gandolfini!!! I don’t know about Kristen, she looks as K.Stew-y as ever, but I’ll still watch it, seems interesting :)

  • Diana

    I want to see the movie since it looks so interesting but I feel like the trailer gave away too much of the storyline. Anyone else feel the same way?

  • SantaBarbaraBabe

    Hmm. Something about Kristin makes me cringe. She plays the exact same roles all the time. Her characters emotions never vary from the angsty teen vibe she gives off.

  • korpsy

    She reminds me of Effy from Skins in these pics.

  • bob

    I will see this. Kristen is AMAZING in those pictures. and the trailer looks so interesting.

  • emily

    @tracy she has been in a comedy before I think it was called Adventure Land or something. That was a comedy right? I never saw it but heard good things.

  • Tracy

    @Trent and Emily..You are right ….I did see Adventure land but I saw the same tortured soul. Kristen didn’t play a funny role she played a torn teenager that was sleeping with a married man. Tortured soul who sleeps with a married or older man….hhhhmmm…Sounds like Welcome to the Riley’s….I think her role is similar in “On the Road”. So that is at least 3 movies. Right?

  • Kristel

    I love Kristen’s acting in most of her films. I loved her in “Speak”, “The cake eaters” and “The yellow handkerchief”. The Twilight-saga isn’t her best work but unfortunately it’s her most well-known work and has made a great number of people prejudiced against her. This particular film sounds interesting and based solely on the fact that Gandolfini and Stewart have been cast, I’ll go and see it. Fingers crossed that I’ll be seeing the same talent that was evident in her earlier and “smaller” films.