Celebrities Create PSA Videos In Support Of GLBT Youth


In the wake of so many suicides by GLBT youth due to bullying in recent weeks a bunch of celebrities have banded together or filmed videos on their own to spread the message of hope to the young people who fell hopeless. Much like Dave Navarro did on his official website last week, all kinds of celebs have decided to speak out in order to spread hope. A flurry of It Gets Better videos have been popping up recently in an effort to spread the message as far and wide as possible. Here is a video which features Anne Hathaway, Kristin Cavallari, Jenny McCarthy, Shay Mitchell, Ashley Roberts, Candice Accola, Ian Somerhalder, Candis Cayne, Erika Jayne, Greg Grunberg, Rex Lee, Julie Benz, Michael Chiklis and Kat Graham:

My good friend Pauley Perrette, who stars on NCIS, decided to film and release a video of her own:

As did Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden:

This message that life gets better is so important because it is so easy for young people who feel hopeless and alone to think that no one understands what they are going thru as they figure out who they are … even worse, many believe that they are unloved, unwanted and will not be missed if they decide to take their own lives. It is my sincere hope that these messages of hope can reach the people who need to hear them the most. The Trevor Project was set up so that young people in need of support can call at any time of the day or night to find the help that they need. Information on The Trevor Project can be found on their official website HERE or they can be reached by calling 1-866-4UTREVOR (866-488-7386). It truly may seem hopeless sometimes … but things do get better.

Pink reader Sarah points us HERE to see the rest of the It Gets Better PSA videos. Check ‘em out, post ‘em on Facebook … help spread the message.

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    What a great message!!! That is awesome and I really hope kids or anyone who is troubled in life and not just with GLBT issues but anything realize it DOES GET BETTER!!! Awesome ad, it really made my day!!

  • Sarah


    These are all part of the It Gets Better Project started by Dan Savage (of SavageLove) and his husband Terry. You can find them all here:



  • roxster

    Its so uplifitng to see celebrities speaking out, whether its with an organization like the trevor project or just deciding to sit down in front of their web cam or computer and make a video or post a message. Like it or not celebrity culture has an influence on American society and on kids in particular, who will react and listen to them more then a news story or special run on CNN or NBC or any other outlet. Hopefully this not only lets kids that are struggling know there is hope and help, but also makes other kids think twice before picking on someone, and motivates their classmates to speak up when they see someone being bullied…either stopping it or reaching out to support the victim. bullying for any reason is unacceptable, but with all the discussion around sexual orientation because of Prop 8 and Dont Ask Dont Tell its upsetting to see another aspect of how societies lack of acceptance is impacting others, and even worse to think that perhaps seeing the adults and lawmakes vote and argue over the rights of glbt people has made kids turn around and think they should mirror those opinions.

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    AWESOME.As a gay guy in my old age now I know what represed feelings and sense of detatchment is all about.But is true: It does gets better and do not give up.There is someone for everybody out there,Do not disdsapoint him.He is waiting.Look for him.He is yours.Courage.

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  • HeatherLea_1340

    My friends and I are all wearing purple to school on October 20th to show our love for The Trevor Project and the recent suicides. :)

  • jessica

    kathy lee and sarah silverman also have videos…

  • LISA L

    AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys also did a “It Gets Better” video a few days ago:

  • Sam
  • Megan

    A girl at my university recently committed suicide by jumping off the top story of our 8 story parking garage. I can’t stop thinking about her and wishing i could have known her and helped her. She committed suicide because she thought she was alone and had no one who loved her and here is some girl she never even meant who cries over her death. There are always people out there to help and life does truly get better, i’m so happy that celebs are out there trying to get that message across.

  • periz

    i love joel and all the rest of the guys of goodcharlotte, they really truly care about people and its great to see. and @HeatherLea_1340, me and my friends are to!

  • Karen

    These videos are so moving. Yesterday I saw one by Tim Gunn that was really beautiful, as well.

    I wish these had been out there when I was a kid and adolescent — and I’m straight! (And I’m 37, so the internet didn’t even exist!). When you’re young, or even when you’re older but seriously depressed, it’s impossible to know that things do change. The messages in these videos are really wonderful.

  • Deanna

    I’m sure the kids out there who read your blog and idolize your work/lifestyle would love to hear from YOU how it got better. I think there should be a Trent/PITNB “It gets better” video added to Dan Savage’s Trevor Project!