Tom Cruise Surfaces On The Set Of ‘Mission: Impossible 4’


Tom Cruise is bringing his Mission: Impossible character Ethan Hunt back to life in Prague this week as principal filming has begun on the upcoming sequel film Mission: Impossible 4. Here are a few photos of Tom in various spy costumes on the M:I 4 set:

It’s been four years since he last graced the big screen as secret agent Ethan Hunt. But Tom Cruise looked right at home as he reprised his role for Mission: Impossible IV. For his first day of shooting in Prague he was seen in a series of different outfits and at one stage was even sporting a bruise on his forehead, which appeared to be the handiwork of the make-up department. In another scene he was virtually unrecognisable as he dressed as a Russian soldier, complete with the sort of moustache that would make Tom Selleck envious. For another guise he was in modern day dress in a Bruce Springsteen T-shirt, with his hair looking windblown. And it’s clear the new installment is going to offer even more spy adventures than the first thee … Lost star Josh Holloway has joined the cast and will star alongside Cruise, Oscar-nominee Jeremy Renner and British actor Simon Pegg. It will be released in the U.S. in December 2011.

Blah. As much as I hate to admit it, I am kinda a big fan of the Mission: Impossible films. Despite the fact that Tom Cruise kinda bugs, I’m a sucker for action spy films like this (including The Bourne Identity films, Salt, etc.) … and I’m curious to see how Simon Pegg and Josh Holloway will fit in in this new movie. I’m actually quite grateful that Tom has tuned down the crazy in recent years … it really makes speaking favorably of him less of an embarrassing thing to do.


  • canaussiegirl

    They were scouting to film at my work in the New Year when they move production to Vancouver…….. I hope we get Jeremy Renner and Josh holloway. Tommy-Boy can stay home!

  • kransyi

    for a man of his age. he is still very hot ;)

  • jen

    There was a time when Tom Cruise was the man. Seems like ages ago.

  • lhaworth

    As far as I’m concerned I couldn’t give a damn about an actors beliefs or opinions, I care about the amount of talent and work ethic they bring to a film and Tom Cruise is extremely talented(how many of his films are CLASSICS?) and as far as I can tell a nice human being. Seriously how many assholes have surfaced within just this past year? Makes Tom’s couch jumping and matt laur argument harmless. He looks like a loving person and a good father.

  • nicole

    i will see this for one reason only…and that reasons name is Josh.

  • Louisa

    lhaworth, there is absolutely nothing harmless about Scientology. I suggest you educate yourself. And Tom ‘looks’ like a loving person and good father? Puhleeze! Are you five? Ask his second wife, whom he unceremoniously dumped and from whom he has cut off his children in the name of Scientology just how loving and harmless he and it are!

    Ignorance is no excuse when there is a lot of information available on the web about Scientology and the evil that has been committed in its name.

  • Dominic

    @lhaworth exactly Im sick of people giving him a hard time, I mean like really what has he done to anyone, nothing, Im sick of the cliches and the cynics picking on him

  • Amanda

    You know what, I went through a period strongly disliking Tom Cruise because of how crazy he was acting, but thinking back on it, I was probably too harsh. Sure, his beliefs are a little out there, but even though they strongly differ from my own, I can’t fault the man for staying true to them. At least he’s respectful and not hateful like some others. He’s a good actor with many awesome movies under his belt. I’ll definitely see MI4.

    Besides, he looks hella hot in those pics.

  • Kris Avalon

    Looking forward to seeing this film. I liked Mission:Impossibe 3 the most. Simon Pegg was in the last Mission Impossible film. This will be his second return along with Ving Rhames, who has been in all the films.