Padma Lakshmi Shows Off Baby Krishna Thea


Back in March of this year we got our first look at Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi’s baby girl Krishna Thea, who was born the month before on February 20, and today we get to see how big the little miss has grown. Padma and Krishna were spotted out together in very colorful saris on the streets of NYC … behold:

Padma Lakshmi showed off her adorable seven-month-old daughter on the streets of New York as the former model took Krishna Thea for an outing around the Big Apple. The mother and daughter duo wore blue and pink traditional Indian saris and bindis on their foreheads as they stepped out on the autumn day. Indian-born Padma was happy to pose for photographers and little Krishna seemed to have been blessed with her mother’s natural beauty. The successful author and host of popular U.S. reality TV show Top Chef revealed in March that the father of Krishna is businessman Adam Dell. Before her ex-lover had been named as the father, Padma had kept tight lipped over who he was.

Look at how cute Krishna looks in her little pink sari. What a doll. As usual, Padma looks less than thrilled to be photographed despite what the report above suggests (and despite the fact that she started her career in front of a camera as a model before graduating to the more substantive TV cameras). Nonetheless, mother and daughter look beautiful in these new photos. We may not get to see much of Krishna out in public but when we do, it’s always a treat. So cute!!