Robert Pattinson Shows Off His New Beard In SoCal


In August we learned that Jake Gyllenhaal grew one, then a few weeks later we learned that Zac Efron grew one … today we learn that Robert Pattinson has joined the Bearded Bunch as he showed off his bushy new facial hair at LAX Airport here in SoCal last night:

Things have been getting hairy in Hollywood for awhile now … And Robert Pattinson, it seems, is next to ditch the razor. The star was snapped at LAX Tuesday debuting a scruffy new mountain man look that left him almost unrecognizable as the same shimmer-skinned vampire that he played in Twilight.

I’d have to say that R. Pattz’s new beard is more on the sexy side — like Jake’s, and less on the silly, thin side — like Zac’s. I’m not sure if Rob is growing his bush of beard for a role or just to sexy up his image but … me likey. Do you?


  • PixiesBassline

    I think it looks gross but I am against facial hair most of the time, anyway. It looks like his pubes attacked his face.

  • MelMel

    Eh. Maybe if he trimmed the ‘stache. With the hat and the bushiness he’s looking more like a long-haul truck driver on meth than anything else.



  • erin

    i think he looks like an attractive homeless person. ive seen this in person and its just as awful. i am NOT a fan of the beard movement. A little stubble or the perpetual 5 O’Clock shadow is fine but this full blown beard trend is disgusting.

  • roxster

    don’t mind the full on beard but the mustace is a bit bushy…can’t even see his lip!

  • Jen

    Yeah, I hate it. But as I read the comments I have to agree, I think my issue is with the overgrown mustache. Poor Kristin.

  • DJ Vegas

    You have verry interesting taste in men Trent.

  • jessica

    way too straggly! trim the thing!

  • canaussiegirl

    Is he auditioning for the role of Spencer Pratt in Fame Whores gone Wild?

    This is not attractive.

  • Katie

    I never know whether to be appalled or proud that he’s been wearing a Cal State Long Beach hat. Go Beach! Maybe?

  • Monica

    That stache has got to go!!!!!!!!!

  • Bretta

    I’m wondering if he’s trying to ward off all the INSANELY obsessed fangirls who only “ooh” and “aaah” over his looks, and are like OMGZ EDWARD CULLEN. Well kids, there’s no mistaking THAT for Edward Cullen.

    Eff Twilight. Team Cedric Diggory

  • Katie


  • Chris

    Blech. He looks as bad with his ratty beard as Brad Pitt did with his.

  • jamie-o

    now he looks like my brother-in-law. does that mean my brother-in-law looks like R Patt? um. that’s a connection i’ve never made before.

  • amanda

    ick!! i loves me some facial hair (…on men) but this is WAY too fair. if he threw a wig on under that hat and some sunglasses he could be mistaken for joaquin pheonix, the crazy version. kind of looks like a dirty old man. not a fan… not a fan…

  • Janet

    Yeah, I agree that the moustache is too bushy! Otherwise, I dig bearded RPattz…

  • SuzieB

    He looks homeless. Hate it.

  • Haley

    Okay first off..Zac Efron is hot and his facial hair is not bad at all. He still looks insanely hot. But Robert Pattinson is only hot on his ‘good’ days, which will now be few and very far between. This much facial hair is not good for him..and I am pro facial hair!