Lindsay Lohan Finds Some ‘Rest’ Before Going To Rehab


Yesterday we learned that Lindsay Lohan had checked herself in to an in-patient rehab facility outside of the LA city limits but today we get to see a photo (that CLEARLY wasn’t a staged photo op) of Lindsay enjoying her last moments of freedom before she packed up her bags and made her way to rehab. RadarOnline managed to get their hands on a photo of L. Lo that features the troubled starlet reading a self-help book written by Matthew Edlund titled The Power of Rest: Why Sleep Alone Is Not Enough. A 30-Day Plan to Reset Your Body which, I’m assuming, is meant to show the world that Lindsay is ready to rehabilitate her life:

Lindsay Lohan spent her last night of freedom before rehab reading a self-help book — and only has the exclusive photos of the troubled starlet from inside her West Hollywood apartment. Wearing a loose fitting black sleeveless dress with matching sunglasses, LiLo was snapped on her balcony at dusk reading The Power of Rest, written by Dr. Matthew Edlund. It’s the latest statement from Lohan who is attempting to undergo an image makeover, before a critical October 22 court hearing that could end with her sent back to jail for 30 days for flunking a drug test … According to our source, Lohan is “tired of being the party girl” and turned to the self-help book for guidance to deal with a “terrible” and disrupted sleeping pattern. “Lindsay hopes to use this book to help restructure her sleeping patterns so she can function better,” said the insider. “She has been shooting films into the wee hours of the morning since she was 11 or 12 years old and then sleeping in trailers while on the set … She was recommended the book by both a doctor and a friend and hopes it will guide her in the right direction.”

My guess is that the implied message of this CLEARLY not-staged photo is to show the world that Lindsay’s problems lie in her inability to sleep properly and not in her rampant and uncontrollable substance abuse? I mean … yeah. To be honest, the mere sight of Lindsay holding a book is a bit comical to me … especially the sight of her holding a book opened perfectly in the center while she reads standing up, leaning against a balcony railing … with her sunglasses on. I mean, that’s how I read books, don’t you? I suspect the real truth about this photo lies in how much it cost for her to pose for the snapshot. I understand Lindsay has been selling staged photos to the paparazzi in order to make some extra money. I’m not sure how much she got for this photo but I hope not a lot … for a CLEARLY not-staged photo, it’s not very good.


  • Connie


  • A

    This is really beginning to feel like a hopeless situation.

  • lo

    sleep it off lindsay, that will help.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    PATHETIC!!! She is ridiculous…also, look at how big her lips are. She is so lucky she has to go to rehab so those things can deflate!!!

  • Kammie

    Wait, she can read?

  • Janelle

    Staged like her rehab.

  • Kells

    y’all know she’s staging this so she can go to her doc and claim sleep issues so they’ll write her a script for some ambien or tamezapam (valium) or lord knows what else… but seriously, that is a FUNNY picture… like it was taken to be funny, but you know she didn’t mean it to be.

  • Denise

    Wow, she must think her fans are really stupid – that they would buy into this whole idea of her reading a self help book while wearing sunglasses, on a balcony, standing up, leaning over the rail, etc.

  • Sara

    “She has been shooting films into the wee hours of the morning since she was 11 or 12 years old and then sleeping in trailers while on the set”

    Considering that she hasn’t really been in more than 5 min of a movie in the past 5 years, that argument really doesn’t hold! I love this idea of “oh she’s just so busy working” as if the rest of us don’t live in the same society where she’s NOT doing movies and NOT being hired for anything significant because she sucks at life! :P

  • Tricia

    Is this more funny or sad? “Here I am casually reading my self-help book at sunset on my balcony in this comfortable standing up position with my arm resting on this cold hard railing when, oh my goodness, mister photographer, where ever did you come from?” This make me think she is getting no good advice at all. My 2-year-old nephew comes up with more convincing stories than this! (“Mommy always lets me have 10 cookies for breakfast.”)

  • CB

    LOL @ Kammie! My first thought was “yeah, like anyone believes she reads.”

  • Laure75

    @Tricia loooool!
    maybe Lindsay’s problem is just that she’s really dumb and therefore always makes bad life choices…

  • johanna

    two words: QUE ESTUPIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (translation: what an idiot)! sounds much better in spanish…. lol

  • kim

    Give me a f-ing break. Lou Taylor is normally no slouch… I don’t know where this crappy advice (visits to homeless shelters to hand out purses, this book nonsense) is coming from. The only thing that would make this picture better would be if the book was upside down.

  • Kammie


    I didn’t even bother reading the article that came with the pic the first time, but now I’m like “what?” Lindsay is “tired of being the party girl”? When did she decide that, this morning?

  • KS

    Dear Lindsay,
    *Please* stop with the lip injections, you’re looking as ridiculous & fake as this photo.

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