‘Britney/Brittany’ Set The Record As The Highest Rated Episode Of ‘Glee’


Last night Fox aired the AMAZING Britney Spears Episode of Glee titled Britney/Brittany and managed to set a new series ratings record. Britney/Brittany managed to pull in more than 13 million viewers and became the show’s highest rated episode ever!

ABC’s “No Ordinary Family” got off to an impressively strong start Tuesday night while Fox’s “Glee” rose in the ratings to a series high thanks to its eagerly anticipated tribute to Britney Spears. “Glee” drew 13.3 million viewers and a 5.8 preliminary adults 18-49 rating — dominating the night, rising 4% from its mammoth premiere last week and scoring the pop-drama’s biggest rating ever (yes, higher than the show’s Madonna-themed episode) … Here’s interesting factoid about “Glee” from the Fox ratings department: “This is the first time in 17 years that the highest-rated entertainment program of premiere week grew in Week 2 among adults 18-49 and total viewers (since Fall ’93, ‘Seinfeld’)” … Fox won the night.

Folks … that is the power of a Living Legend. Congrats all around. As those among the 13.3 million of you who watched Glee last night already know, our dear Britney Spears made 3 different cameos thruout the episode:

She appeared in the hallucinated performances of her hit songs Me Against the Music, Baby One More Time and Stronger. After the jump, check out video of Britney’s brief but memorable cameos on Glee last night …

Bow down to the Queen, y’all. Personally, I loved her cameo in Baby One More Time the most even tho she had more lines in the Stronger cameo … but overall, I loved the ep entirely. Yes, there were some cheesy bits but it was a fun ep that paid homage to Britney is a very cool, very fun way. My guess is that Britney will have a much larger role the next time she appears in Glee … and that ep is likely to score even higher ratings than last night’s ep did. What did y’all think? Did yo love it as much as I did? How amazing was it to see Britney honored in such a fun way? LOVED IT ALL!!!

PS: Wanna watch the whole Britney/Brittany ep again? Well, you can watch it in its entirety right here:



  • Lauren

    I loved it but I wish she would have played the Madonna part in MAGTM and danced some. It was my first time watching Glee and I probably won’t watch it again unless she’s on it.

  • Heidi

    Britney was AWESOME and looked great! I loved the comment she made about ranch dressing on pizza. She is right, it is delicious! I just wish they made her parts longer!!

    • @Heidi — Yes, I agree … I wanted more Britney too but I think this was just the tribute ep, Britney will likely be featured more in the next Britney Spears Episode.

  • paige

    Loved it.
    Heather Morris totally stole the show. I know its not fair, but I couldn’t help compare everyone else’s dancing to hers. She nailed it. She even did the over-pronunciation lip syncing!

  • Nicola

    Brittany’s lines are always so funny!
    I did enjoy the episode…because hey, it’s Glee, but it seemed more like a tribute episode than a story progression thing. Which isn’t a bad thing, I guess. Heather Morris was super with her dancing, and the cast version of Toxic gave me chills! Looking forward to the next Britney episode if they can do her songs so well a second time.

  • Kendra

    No surprise..I LOVED it! LOVED Britney in the Cherrios uniform..I loved the version of Toxic that they did..I’m glad they made most of the songs fantasies because, from the previews, I thought it might become kind of disjointed like the Madonna one was..Heather Morris was ridiculous! I’m so stoked she got so many lines, and all of them awesome! One of my favorite parts was Sue freaking out over the sex riot..Ha!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I loved it too!!! So fun and great music! I loved the shows version of Stronger. I thought was cute!!!

  • SantaBarbaraBabe

    The only thing I didn’t like was the song at the end, “The Only Exception.” The show was supposed to be dedicated to Britney, not Britney and Paramore. It felt completely out of place! Other than that, Britney was fabulous and I loved Toxic!

    • @SantaBarbaraBabe — OMG, I totally agree … that Paramore song, while lovely, was way out of place. I choose to totally ignore that it exists.

  • Becky

    I LOVE Glee, but I thought it was really weird seeing someone other than Britney in her videos. It doesn’t matter how great the dancing is, nobody compares to Britney and I found myself comparing everything in these new videos to her originals. I much preferred Artie’s version of Stronger and the cast’s version of Toxic, because they did something different with it! (Just like last week’s version of Billionaire)

  • I was really looking forward to this. And being a HUGE Britney fan, I had extremely high expectations. I was blown away! Every cover was amazing. My favorite by far was the I’m A Slave 4 U dance routine. It was so GOOD! I really liked that Brittany’s full name is Brittany S. Pierce. Hahaha!

  • Margie

    I adore Glee but last night’s episode was not that good. It was kind of a letdown for me. The storyline was all over the place and with the title of the episode being Britney/Brittany, I thought it would showcase more Brittany. The musical numbers were great but Glee is great at musical numbers and story and I missed that last night. However, I’m looking forward to next week’s ep as well as any future eps.

  • roxster

    @ Margie: I agree! I was starting to think I was the only one underwhelmed by the episode. . maybe just because it was hyped SO much? Heather Morris was a superb dancer, but I knew that would be the case since she IS a dancer first and thats how she got her start. Personally, I wasn’t impressed by her singing. And I though Lea Michelle’s was over the top in the baby one more time video….and then there was far less Britney then I thought. She didn’t even have lines in the Baby One More Time (cause the teacher doesn’t) and then her other two appearances were very brief, I expected to see a tad more of her. Didn’t anyone else find it odd she didn’t sing or dance at all? Almost like they figured she would pale in comparison dancing next to Heather or singing next to the other girls who you’d have to admit would out shine her (I just kept having flash backs to her Ellen singing and couldn’t fathom that next to Lea Michelle).

    I LOVED the Toxic cover, primarily because they returned to their roots as a glee club….most of the songs we see on the show are a sequences of some sort so we get the cast members singing with backing tracks and instruments. . . obvs its impossible to do everything as a true a capella glee club would, but when they do do it, they do a great job with it (Don’t Stop Believing being the prime example).

    • @roxter — “Didn’t anyone else find it odd she didn’t sing or dance at all? Almost like they figured she would pale in comparison dancing next to Heather or singing next to the other girls” LMAOO!! No, not at all. People, this was a tribute to Britney’s music. When they did this for Madonna, she didn’t even make a cameo. Britney’s inclusion was a bonus.

  • jen

    Last night’s episode was the best hour of television in a long time. I absolutely LOVED Artie singing “Stronger”.I can’t WAIT for the next Britney ep where she is supposed to play a bigger part!! I’m so glad my girl is back in a big way!

  • cmc

    I love love loved the ep!!! Brittany is so hilarious. Every one of her lines is just perfect. And her deadpan delivery just kills me. And Trent, I must admit I’ve been eagerly awaiting your take all morning :)

  • Margie

    Thanks, Roxster. I’m not a Gaga fan but her episode made sense, added to the show and wasn’t a throwaway. I was completely underwhelmed.


    LIVING LEGEND!!! BRITNEY’S EPISODE SCORED MORE THAN MADONNA’S! Which means Britney is in demand STILL and people STILL want more from her! Let’s face it: Everyone loves Britney Spears and if you don’t then you have a serious problem. Srsly. I liked the episode but I dunno if I’m a Glee fan quite yet. I will say that Brittany is my favorite character on the show and yes, the Paramore song was way out of place and very WTF. I don’t really get the character Artie, either. He’s kind of…eh. Anyways, how clever was the Britney S. Pearce? Brilliant!

  • Lynne

    I love, love Glee! And I loved last night’s episode! Heather Morris is an amazing dancer! Get it, girl! While, I’ve always been a less than causal fan of Britney’s songs, I’m very looking forward to the next Britney episode! :)

  • johanna

    I LOVED every second of it, except the paramore song, didnt make sense. toxic was AMAZING! i wanted to jump through the tv and be there! Will was also great in toxic! i especially loved heather morris…. i personally think her dance moves were better than britney’s… she TOTALLY rocked every song she sang/danced. and did you see her body? WOW! great great episode. britney was great, she looked fabulous and her lines were soooooo her! yay for glee. trent, i was thinking about you the whole time watching it.

  • johanna

    oh and how about john stamos, how awesome and CUTE was he?????? and, i wonder whether brittany’s full name was given to her on purpose? you know, brittany s. pierce (?).

    • @johanna — I’m certain that her name, Brittany S. Pearce, was her name all along ;)

  • paranel

    I loved it. I have never watched this show before and will not watch again unless of course if Britney Spears is back on it. Heather did a great job, but the girl who did Oh baby baby was terrible.

  • Sara

    BEST GLEE EP EVER!! I honestly am not huge fan of Brit but I really loved the episode and they picked some great songs of hers to do. I really loved when Brittany came back to Glee and “realized” that she’s better than everyone else and deserves more solos! lol. Oh, Glee, you’ve become my TV obsession!! :P

  • johanna

    hey trent! i see what you’re saying but what i wonder is if when they were creating the character, whether her name was given to her b/c of britney spears or it was just a “coincidence.”

  • Tracy

    I freaking LOVED this episode. It was SO much fun and my favorite line was when Brittany asked John Stamos if he was a cat. LMAO.

  • I’m jealous, i cant watch that episode like all of u. Here in Holland just started with the first episode. So, I still need to wait to see Glee on Tv, hahaaa..
    Anyway I hope this is Britney’s strategic to drop new album or song soon! It was very good promotion. Now everyone is talking about Britney!! Smart act!! love her!

  • Shan

    This was my favorite episode by far!!!!! Watching Hit Me Baby One More Time was like a total blast from the past, had me reminiscing! The only part I didnt like was Artie singing Stronger…. wtf?? I honestly think if that character was no longer on the show it would be better. He just annoys me for some reason! Other than that, AMAZING! Brittany S. Pierce rocks lol

  • roxster

    @ Trent: eh I see your point about the episode being a tribute, but it wouldn’t have been unnatural to have her dancing along next to heather in that first fantasy….I know they only had her for a limited amount of time though…..I’d expect in the next episode we’d see more of out her then just a few lines. The only things that seemed natural coming out of her mouth was her advice to dip pizza in ranch dressing, so bringing her back just to act is more a ratings stunt.

    • @roxter — LOL. You’re free to believe it was a “ratings stunt” (one that paid off, I’ll give you that) but it’s clear the ep was meant as a tribute to Britney’s music … just like they did for Madonna. Even if Britney doesn’t sing and/or dance the next time around, the ep will be a huge draw. The bottom line is Britney is still a huge star :D

  • Amanda

    I’m surprised that nobody has brought up the many commercial breaks. I understand this was a tribute episode, but I think they could have fleshed out the story more if they weren’t breaking for a commercial for what seemed like every 4 or 5 minutes, which made it frustrating to watch. But I will say Heather Morris was so fun to watch!

  • Mike

    I LOOOOOOVED the episode. I think Artie did a great job with Stronger and thought Heather did an amazing job with her dancing. Toxic was done really well, and it felt like the first time they have acted like a glee club in a while. Brit was hella funny too. I hope she is a guest on the show again

  • Stephanie

    Ohhhhh this episode was everything I’d hoped for and more. EXCEPT THE BABY ONE MORE TIME VIDEO. two reasons:
    the ribbons in her pigtails. WTF? I was 9 when that video came out and all I wanted were those little fluffy pink things Brit had in her braids. Not droopy ribbons.

    lea michele’s dancing. Love her, but it was horrendous. However, she got all the expressions on Brit’s face in the video nailed.

  • KellyK.

    I’m not gonna overanalyze every little detail. Loved the whole thing!

  • Illise

    Im not a huge Brtiney Spears fan but this ep. was amazing i loved it the only problem was baby one more time, leah’s voice is way to dramatic to sing britney lol but the rest was amazing, Brittany rulz i loved me against the music and im a slave 4you

  • Dominic

    Am I the only one that finds the Glee kid characters rude and self indulgent, ever other one lineer is sarcastic and disrespectful. They act as if they know everything, so annoying and self indulgent. And the Britney girl on the show, I just dont get. Is she a copy of Lucy Luis character from Alley Mcbeal or what, she speaks like she has mental problems

  • ariel

    living legend? i like her, but living legend??

    • @ariel — Yes, Living Legend. For shizzle.

  • Val 2.0

    Ariel – Thank you.

  • MaddieJ

    Love love loved this episode! I’ve watched it a couple of times already! I was giggling with excitement when it came on last night:) I agree
    that it was a little cheesy at times, but that’s why
    I love Glee. It’s what I expect. It’s one of those
    shows I can turn on and not have to think, just enjoy. I always end up singing loudly after watching and always have a smile on my
    face. Last nights ep did that to me, and then some!

  • DJ

    That show sucked!!! The writing is terrible, all the performances are bad karaoke versions that rip off the videos under the shield of “homage”.

    The writing is pathetic. The stories and individual episodes are so disjointed and half-assed and thrown together. Characters are all over the place. This is why they didn’t win the Emmy… cuz they SUCK! What the hell was a Paramore song (and a BAD Paramore song at that) doing in a Britney Episode???? BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD!!!

    Britney rules, was nice to see her on there. And I love the Britney S. Pears thing. But this Montana chick??? As Madonna??? Hunt her down and destroy her! End our misery.

    Have a nice day, y’all!

  • nicole

    personally i thought this episode was over hyped and it wasnt that great. there was no flow to it. the segway into the songs was horrible. ‘Slave 4 U’ was just :| ….then all of a sudden theres a paramore song?
    the only thing that saved this episode was ‘Me Against the Music’ and every line that Brittany had.

  • LISA L

    LOVED LOVED LOVED!!!!! I wish I turned off the TV at the last 3 min because Rachel’s Paramore solo was a weird way to end last night’s episode….. I was on a Britney high and then…. eh? Haha

    I love that Britney only made quick cameos… three! That was two more than I expected!

    And Stronger? Didn’t expect that one!

    ONLY thing that bothered me… the nerd with the fro. I thought that was inappropriate and quite gross….. no need to see anyone masturbate on TV… or stimulating one. And his O face… ew. And I’m 26y/o.

  • Roze

    Loved it but I have to agree with a few people here about the last song that was just outta place. Would’ve been perfect if she sang something at the end like “not a girl/not yet a woman”, “sometimes” or “everytime”

  • XadaX

    Better than that lame Lady Gaga Ep or even Madonna’s, Like A Virgin was annoying!

  • Yessica

    I loved how Glee explained the greatness of Britney by doing a tribute to her. The Paramore song completely through me off. But it was the first time I ever heard the song and so glad I did. My hubby and I can’t stop singing it. However, another Britney song would have made more sense.
    I agree, Britney is a living legend.

  • roxster

    @ Trent: I didn’t mean this episode was a ratings stunt. I think it makes sense to do a tribute episode to her, but having her back for another non-tribute episode would be the one that I think could come across as more of a ratings stunt , depending on how they use her. I just think it’d be odd to have her back in some capacity and not use her talent.

    • @roxter — My guess is that Britney will have an actual part in the next ep, she will be featured as a character or herself … much more substantial than this week’s 3 tiny cameos.

  • roxster

    oooh I think it’d be really interesting to see her as a character. that’d prob make more sense then as herself haha

  • Masher

    Last season, I never thought I would say it, but here we are and I have to say that I have Lea Michelle fatigue. She was so amazing to see and hear at first, but I have grown tired of the same facial expressions and over the top vocals. She didn’t fit in well with last night’s episode. It was a great episode though and Sue’s zinger’s set me to giggles as usual. The one about Will’s vests!!! lol

  • jennie

    Loved it Heather killed it and as a dancer I can say her choreography was actually a lot harder then the original!


    @jennie – No offense, but I don’t thiiiiiiiiiink so. The original Me Against the Music choreography is very, very challenging and shits all over the new MATM choreography.

  • with all the respects… I love Glee… but….. episode B S tribute… was just a lot of NO to me

  • Scarlett

    Was I the only one that thought ‘The Only Exception’ should have been replaced with ‘Sometimes’? The lyrics fit Rachel/Finn just as well if not much better. It would have made it an all-rounder.