Rihanna Films A New Music Video In NYC


Red-haired Rihanna was spotted in NYC over the weekend hard at work on the set of her new music video What’s My Name? which will be included on her new album Loud!, due out this Fall. As you can see from the following photos, Ri Ri was rockin’ a very mismatched outfit for the video … an outfit that could adequately be described as “Loud!”

This video would be the 3rd music video from her as-yet-unreleased album … the video for her first single Only Girl (In the World) has already been filmed and we’ve already seen the video for her song Who’s That Chick when it leaked a couple of weeks ago. Rihanna is really churnin’ out these vids, yo. After the jump, check out a photo from the Only Girl music video that Rihanna shared this weekend on her official Twitter profile to see just how hard she’s been working for YOUR entertainment …

What up #RihannaNavy I’ve been busy being the “Only Girl In the World” wanna see more?!?!

While I can appreciate Rihanna’s hard work, I’m afraid I cannot appreciate her styling choices this time around. I really hate her hair, I mean … for real. The outfit she is wearing in the What’s My Name? video is just a mess. I kinda like the hypercolor look in the Who’s That Chick video but it looks like it was filmed months ago and it’s very unlikely that Rihanna will go back to that shorter hairstyle now that she’s doing this fugly red head thing. I’m so not feeling any of it … so I’m gonna hafta hope the music more than makes up for the styling.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Janelle

    She was chosen as one of the best dressed in People… this doesn’t convince me of that title! what’s up with that hair?! D:

  • Kendra

    I LOVE the hair! And besides the control-top pantyhose, I really like that top outfit..I think she looks super hot! Am I really in the minority? Crazy..

  • nicole

    the hair wouldnt be so bad except the extentsions look cheap, the colour is wrong for her…and you can cealrly tell her hair is fried.
    as for the outfits….something tells me this whole album is gunna be a hot mess.

  • Panti Christ

    I have a sudden craving for a Wendy’s Classic Single with cheese meal.

  • beth

    yeah girl looks like a damn clown. blech.

  • Vanessa

    Hot mess right here

  • Panti Christ

    p.s. that’s the gamble when you’re a risk taker. Don’t worry, she’ll try something soon and hopefully it will work!

  • Matilda

    Hey, I have that jacket! It’s from h&m!

  • Doo

    I know it’s fashionable to wear socks with high heels but to me it looks plain ugly

  • Amanda G

    I still think she looks like a clown…sorry…

  • krissy

    The outfit might have worked better if it wasn’t for the control top hose. As for the hair, I think she is just having fun during the grow out period. I like the bright red, it is fun and different.

  • debho

    Okay, some of you are blind. lolol She isn’t fashion forward or even quirky. She’s ridiculous. Off to clown school for you RiRi. Should pass with flying colours.


    Actually this is only her second music video from this era. “Who’s That Chick” was only a promotional thing with Doritos and Rihanna confirmed via Twitter that the song is in no way associated with her new album.

  • Gwen

    is it me or is there something wrong with her legs ?

  • J

    Umm since when does Hair got to do with fashion/dressing style.
    Yeah it may be out there and diff but i’m just kinda glad she had long hair again.
    I reckon she pulls it off well TBH – no one else could get away with it. But yeah sometimes it looks stupid, but the single cover for ONLY GIRL is stunning and suits it very well.
    Ri-Ri suits any style, short or long colour or natural.