David Beckham Doesn’t Take Kindly To Allegations Of Infidelity


Yesterday we learned that soccer superstar David Beckham made his way down to the tropical island nation of Trinidad & Tobago in an attempt to woo the FIFA Executive Committee in an effort to convince them to allow England to be the host nation for the 2018 World Cup Soccer Tournament … but before I update y’all on that front, there is a newly surfaced video of Becks that I want to share. As you may recall, last week new allegations surfaced that claim David Beckham carried on an extramarital affair with a prostitute back in 2007 … allegations which have angered Les Beckhams so much that they are planning to sue In Touch Weekly magazine, the publication which published the story. Before Becks made his way to Trinidad, he played a game for the LA Galaxy here in SoCal and was heckled by a “fan” with a video camera about the infidelitous allegation:

Becks has successfully managed to avoid being baited by the taunts but clearly was ready to show his anger when this fool with the video camera decided to heckle him after the most recent Galaxy game. After the jump, check out the video in full and see what Becks’s angry face looks like — and check out new photos of Becks and his eldest son Brooklyn Joseph enjoying their time together in Trinidad …

To be honest, I’m surprised Becks doesn’t show his anger more often … especially when you consider how much heat gets thrown his way in an attempt to get a reaction from him. I know it’s difficult but it’s just a better idea to completely ignore this kind of baiting from morons.

Becks looks much happier in these new photos of him in Trinidad. Here are a couple photos of Becks kicking around a soccer ball with kids to kick off the Trinidad & Tobago Football Federation‘s 6-Day Festival as well as a couple photos of Becks and Brooklyn at the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Final match:

From here on out, Becks needs to just keep his head in the game, refrain from reacting to taunts and focus his energies on his lawsuit.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • loriannakim

    GO BECKS!!!!

  • g

    Wow. Even extremely pissed off, he still seem some what calm.

  • Kendra

    *sigh* Can you imagine how hot he is when giving Vicki angry sex? Yummers..I kind of wish he hadn’t confronted that scumbag, but how can you ignore crap like that? Especially coming from a so-called Galaxy fan? And you know I’m even more protective of him now that we were hanging out at the Galaxy game a few weeks ago..Hanging out 15 feet apart, but still..

  • Grace

    He confronted the guy but kept his cool: I can respect that.
    He’s human, and hearing people shout things like that probably hit closer to the bone some days.
    I’m sure he’ll be back to ignore them now. He’s weathered other storms before.
    Go Becks indeed!

  • Joan

    He’s so effing HAWT!!!!
    ANYWAYS, there’s always gonna be haters who try to tear down a great thing. When you see Posh and Becks together, they are so obviously in lurve. Anyone watch their special of them throwing the World Cup party? They were so cute and you can tell they are a match. LOVE THEM!!!

  • Joan

    Oh, the special was called Full Length and Fabulous(World Cup Party1-10). Watch it on Youtube if ya havn’t seen it!!

  • kelly

    he didn’t sound wimpy either like he sometimes does. he was hottie, tough and sweaty. :) i’ll take it!